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The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.13 - Things Fall Apart - Review: Game Change

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Having completely and utterly failed in my prediction of Laurel’s death on Arrow, I have found solace from having correctly predicted The Tomorrow People’s latest revelation. Even from the start, I knew there was something more to Marla, and I put all the pieces together in episode 4.

For a moment, I thought that Marla/Astrid/Astrid’s father might die in that final scene, but this is a much better twist. As the season has gone on, it seemed more obvious that Marla had superhuman abilities, and even when she stormed into Jedikiah’s office, I knew then that I had been right all those weeks ago.

I am really now looking forward to how Stephen reacts. Considering she put him through all the drug treatment, therapy sessions etc. when she knew exactly what was going on with him, I would expect him to be more than a little annoyed. However, this will make things easier for him, as he can now open up about his secret life rather than have to keep it secret.

Before Stephen realised the truth, he had to figure out whether or not his brother Luka was breaking out. The scene where Luka was balancing the fork was a brilliant scene to be included, since it helped convince Stephen that Luka was breaking out. However, Stephen was wrong when confronting Luka, as the only thing he was guilty of was having a bong (how old is this kid?).

While Stephen is now confident that Luka isn’t like him, neither he nor Peter are out of the clear. While we think it was Marla who blocked Stephen out of Peter’s head, she was not there when the camera stopped in mid-air – only Luka, Peter and Stephen were. Therefore, one of the two have powers. Either Peter or Luka have been playing fool.

In the midst of all the ‘who is the Tomorrow Person?’ chaos, Stephen was assigned a seemingly tough task by The Founder. This episode revealed that he is none other than a psychopathic killer, who is willing to manipulate in order to get what he wants. The thing that he desired here was the capture of his daughter.

I found it very odd that Cassandra even let Stephen buy her a drink. Surely, if she blocked Cara out, but let Stephen into her mind, she would know who he is? Of course, there was more to it than her being a rogue breakout who wanted to elude capture. Instead, she wanted to have her powers removed. Again, this seemed strange at first, but once she shed light on what The Founder is really like (not as if we hadn’t made our own assumptions), it all became much clearer.

Of course, there was much more to Cassandra than meets the eye. It turned out that Ultra brainwashed Cassandra. I’m still not quite sure what purpose this served, but I’m sure we’ll find out in due course. It does seem odd that The Founder would brainwash his own daughter, so either he truly has no care for his daughter, or whatever he did to her was incredibly important.

Of course, Stephen making a deal with The Founder was always going to end badly. While Jedikiah is seen by Stephen as evil, he really should’ve listened to his uncle about The Founder. Clearly, it was the wrong move, as not only did he almost get a port in the back of his neck, but he brought Astrid out of hiding and almost cost her her life. Suffice it to say, he won’t be doing that again.

In the meantime, there was a serious problem in the subway. As I said last week, John and Cara’s relationship has been going downhill ever since we met them. Now, despite a kiss between the two here, I’d say they are probably finished as a couple. Cara’s leadership has been under scrutiny from John the whole time – disobeying orders just because that’s what he thinks is the best thing to do. In all fairness, he has been right every time. He saved Astrid, saved Stephen – what more can you ask for?

Of course, much as Cara went against John on multiple occasions when he was leader, a lot of those were the wrong decisions. While I can understand why the group didn’t want John as leader, the fact is that he is a better leader, and makes the better decisions. Sadly, now Cara will be continuing on the path that is likely to result in more problems than solutions for the group. I have no idea what John will do; where he will go. But I wouldn’t give it very long before the group are begging for John’s return.

Some odds and ends:

  • So, Stephen has quit Ultra. Considering they tried to kill his best friend, then the man in charge of Ultra promised Stephen that Astrid would be safe and then tried to kill her (and Marla), I wouldn’t hold out much hope of his return if I were Ultra.
  • This did lead to "Can't you pull some strings at Ultra?" "No I quit."
  • “Respect or obey, Cara?” Ironically, just before I watched this episode, I had rewatched ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ when Cara said this exact same thing to John.
  • "You felt her, the same way you felt me?"
  • “What’s an Astrid?”
  • It was obvious, but when The Founder said that Astrid was free, my first thought was “yeah, right…”
  • So, how old is Stephen? Because I don’t think someone in high school is allowed to buy a martini in New York…
  • I guess John won’t be down in the tube station at midnight… (OK I’m English and I like The Jam.)

The next episode isn’t until February 26th! However, there is a promo available. And my theory of the day is…. Jedikiah is trying to save Marla and Stephen from Ultra (the last scene in the promo comes before the first moment in the promo, and Jedikiah is telling the truth about wanting to help them).

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