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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.14 - The Convention Conundrum - Review & Recap


The guys are pressing the “refresh” keys at the same time to ensure that at least one of them gets to purchase the Comic-Con tickets. This part reminds me of the time where I kept pressing that button until the item I wanted to purchase for Black Friday sale at Amazon.com began. I loved how Penny remarked that there was not going to be enough coffee to drink to entertain herself.

Review & Recap:
Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are still on that “refresh” button. They keep on doing this until Leonard gets a spot to get a ticket. Sheldon tells the gang that Sundays are terrible to go because Comic-Con is not as fun as the other days. What entertained me in this scene was where he retracted his statement by saying that he loves Sundays.  Just when everything was going well, they are disappointed that all tickets are sold out.

At work, Sheldon suggests to his friends that he wants to make his own comic book convention but Leonard wants to invite him to scalp tickets with the gang. Despite Sheldon’s high spirit of wanting to go, he makes a humorous a comment about why scalping is horrible. He also mentions that they could be banned from Comic-Con for life. Despite Howard and Leonard beg him to go with them, he still stands by his decision to not get involved with crimes. Considering that Sheldon has been arrested before back in Season 3, it makes sense why he did not want to take that risk.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon is on the phone with Robert Downey, Jr.’s representative to get him at his convention but gets hung up. It was hilarious when he made a reference about “Iron Man 2”, where he had to sit through the film. Since that happened, he believed that Downey owed him two hours of his life. Sheldon hopes to get in contact with Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, and Bill Nye. However, he is not able to get in contact with Nye due to restraining orders. This restraining order against him actually happened in an earlier episode this season. I am not surprised given that Sheldon loves to stalk celebrities.

Meanwhile, Penny is at her apartment hanging out with Bernadette and Amy. They want to do something grown up and Amy suggests going to a museum. It seemed like Penny was excited until she told her “like a museum but anything else”. It was entertaining how she twisted her statement. Bernadette gives a better suggestion to go to an afternoon tea at a local hotel. I loved how Bernadette treated Howard like he was a teenager when she told them that he had to give him an advance on his allowance for those Comic-Con tickets.

Leonard is at his apartment suggesting to Raj to dress up as Fantastic Four with Howard and Raj and tell others that the Invisible Girl is standing with them. I would not be surprised if Leonard referred “the Invisible Girl” to Sheldon due to him being paranoid of getting banned from Comic Con for life and getting arrested for getting scalping tickets to Comic-Con. That makes sense because he gives the news that he is close to meeting up with James Earl Jones at his convention. Raj wonders how he is going to get him. Sheldon tells him that he read on Twitter that he is going to his favorite Sushi restaurant. He has such excellent persistence because to find one of his favorite celebrities by using Google to find an interview from four years ago, which was conducted in his favorite sushi restaurant. Then, Howard ruins his spirit by predicting that Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) will throw soy sauce on his head. Considering that Sheldon has had restraining orders against him from many famous people, it would not shock me if that happened. Leonard begs him to not stalk Jones because he might get in trouble. Then, he talks back and tells them the guys are the ones that will get in trouble for the scalping tickets.

At Leonard’s apartment, Howard just got off the phone with the friendly scalper and is running late. Conversely, Raj wonders if this is a good idea anymore. Also, he wonders if the scalper wants to steal their money instead of giving them the tickets.

Penny and the ladies are having afternoon tea. It would have been hilarious to actually see the waiter commented that Bernadette thought she was Penny’s mother. That comment from her was priceless. Since it seems that the ladies don’t feel grown up at afternoon tea, Bernadette feels that they should go to the bar. 

James Earl Jones is at his favorite restaurant while looking at the menu. He notices Sheldon. At first, he guesses that he likes Star Wars but he tells him that he’s been in other movies. Sheldon shakes his head at that because he only cares he’s been in Star Wars. Unlike most of the celebrities Sheldon has not clicked with, James invites him to sit down with him. It was hilarious when James called Leonard a real weenie after Leonard told Sheldon that he would think that he was a creepy stalker while James was eating.

At first, Leonard wants to chicken out of buying scalping tickets because they are afraid of getting into trouble that they would never do anything wrong. Leonard suggests that they do not wimp out, which Raj agrees to and pinky swears with him. It was entertaining when Howard stated that he drink out of the whole Pepto bottle as one of his reasons of why he always breaks the rules.

Back at the Sushi restaurant, James and Sheldon are bonding like they were lost brothers. They are having the best time. They suggest to go have some fun since his wife is in New York and his Lion King residual check is burning a hole in his pocket. This phrase means that he has a lot of money to treat Sheldon.

At the bar, Amy comments that it felt good that every six-year-old there felt jealous of her tiara. Penny wonders when they started to feel like grown-ups. Bernadette notes that she thought getting married would let her feel like that, but it does not help that majority of her clothes come from Gap Kids.

Leonard, Raj, and Howard are anxiously waiting for the guy to come to their apartment. Leonard and Raj keep worrying about him. This causes Howard to call them babies. He turns off the light to ensure that the scalper will go away.

At another restaurant, James and Sheldon are continuing to bond and having ice cream together.
Normally everyone would be annoyed by Sheldon asking too many questions, but it’s actually entertaining James.

Back at the bar, Penny wonders what’s so great about being grown up. Bernadette notes that they will be splitting the check three ways. I agree that Amy tried so hard to be mature that they ended up being immature. She is sure that the guys are having more fun than they are.

It turns the guys are not having as much fun. The knock continues and the guys are acting sheepish by not answering the door. Howard comments that he could use two tablespoons of Pepto.

James and Sheldon are riding together at a carnival. He is shouting to everyone that James is nicer than they think. Then, they are singing “In the Jungle” together at a karaoke place. Later on, the knock on Carrie Fisher’s door and then they run because they don’t want her to know who knocked on her door. She answers the door and knows it was James. She tells him it’s not funny anymore. James continues to laugh at Carrie’s reaction.

The episode ends with James and Sheldon being at the sauna together. It was nice that James invited Sheldon and his friends as his guests to go to Comic-Con. Then, James invites him to go to Tijuana. Surprisingly, Sheldon falls asleep as it’s implied that he found it to be boring. He does not wake up until James mentions about Angie Dickinson. He tells him he does not know who she is. Sheldon gets what he wants in this episode but he turned to be annoyed by James at the end.

My thoughts:
The cameos of James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher worked for me. Even though Sheldon tends to be selfish, I am glad that he tried to look out for his friends. For the first time since him and Wil Wheaton finally became friends in Season 5, he finds a celebrity that can tolerate him unlike Bill Nye. It was interesting to see that Sheldon wrote down a list of celebrities of possible candidates to go to his own comic book convention. The references about the different actors portraying The Hulk worked for me, too. If the guys went to Comic-Con, Howard would have gone as Lou Ferrigno, Leonard as Eric Bana, Sheldon as Edward Norton, and Raj as Mark Ruffalo. With the sub-plot of the girls, it seemed like they tried too hard to act like grown-ups. Instead, they were not being themselves and had actually acted immature. Still, the women did have great lines especially when Amy made references of playing with Raggedy Ann when she was 5 years old. I had high expectations for this episode and it failed to disappoint at all. James really stole the show this week!

What did you all think of this episode?

Grade: A

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