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Scene Of The Week - February 2, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, "The Seven Wonders", January 29, 2014, Actors: Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, The Scenes: Fiona and Cordelia at the end & Misty's "hell" trial
The end scene between Fiona and Cordelia.
Sharon Seymour: Misty's "hell" trial in which she has to repeatedly dissect a toad.

ARROW, "Tremors", January 29, 2014, Actors: Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Katie Cassidy, Caity Lotz
The Scenes: Oliver reveals his identity to Roy & Sara shows up in Laurel's apartment
Daniel van der Veer:
It wasn't really unexpected, but it was good to see Oliver reveal himself to Roy. I understand Oliver's decision that it was necessary to reveal his identity in order to save people he loves. Actually reminded me of Ollie having to unmask himself for Tommy. It will be interesting to see how Oliver and Roy's relationship will change after this scene. Also picked by Bradley Adams, Babar Suhail and Sharon Seymour
Virginia Fontana: It's been so frustrating to see Laurel sink further into her addiction-muddled depression, and I hated that no one believed her about Blood's villainy. Plus Sara's "death" is such a huge part of Laurel's inner sadness and it would help to have that taken away. I know she just saw her sister through a drunken haze in this scene, but here's hoping she learns for sure that Sara's still alive in the next episode.

BANSHEE, "Bloodlines", January 31, 2014, Actors: Antony Starr, Ulrich Thomsen and more, The Scenes: Hood confronts the Amish killer & Nola kills the Amish killer & Hood, Proctor and Rebecca find Solomon
Sandi wich: Hood, Proctor and Rebecca find Solomon locked in the grain silo, inter cut with a flashback of his kidnap and Lana's murder. Gripping performances from all involved, and beautifully edited to created a chilling sequence.
DarkUFO: Hood fights with the large Amish Teacher/Killer.
Sharon Seymour: Nola kills the Amish killer with tomahawk.

BONES, "The Heiress in the Hill", January 31, 2014, Actors: T. J. Thyne, Jonno Roberts
The Scene: Hodgins bonds with his brother
Klutzy girl:
Hodgins finds his brother and they bond over their father reading the same story to them when they were younger. Surprised I didn't hate the "secret relative" plot twist and they handled it well.

ENLISTED, "Homecoming", January 31, 2014, Actors: Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young
The Scene: Pete and Derrick show Randy the video of their father coming home
Klutzy girl:
Pete and Derrick show Randy the video of their father coming home to show that he was a part of it. Didn't expect to get so emotional about it. This scene was perfect.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "How Your Mother Met Me", January 27, 2014, Actors: Cristin Milioti and more, The Scenes: The Mother sings La Vie en Rose & The Mother says goodbye to Max & The Mother sees Ted in the classroom
Justyna Kubica:
What a wonderful way to celebrate the show's 200th episode, dedicating it to the Mother and showing the viewers her past. It turned out to be more tragic than I expected, the loss of her first love was absolutely heartbreaking, especially the moment when she finally decided to let him go, 8 years later. I'm still quite torn about which scene I liked more, saying goodbye to Max or the Mother singing at the end, but I decided to go with the latter. First of all, Cristin Milioti was absolutely wonderful in the entire episode, she made me laugh and brought me to tears, leaving me really charmed by future Mrs. Mosby. It's so good to know that after all this time Ted is finally gonna find his love and she's pretty much perfect for him. And I actually liked how the reason the universe didn't allow them to meet earlier is because they both had to let go of the other people they loved: Max and Robin. The song at the end was very emotional, beautifully performed and the fact that Ted heard it with the rest of us was such a lovely addition. We're almost there and every moment when the two are so close feels really special. Kudos to the actors & creators for their fantastic work in the episode! Already feel quite nostalgic and miss you all.
Babar Suhail: It is unfortunate that I can only select one scene from the episode as it was full of great scenes, but this is definitely the best scene of the episode for me. Those of us who googled Cristin Milioti after last season finale's reveal (and that's basically most of the show's audience as barely anyone knew who she was at the time) would have watched her singing videos. She is a great singer and I am really happy that the EPs made her sing on the show. Moreover, Cristin proved in this episode that she is a really great actress. Not only did she beautifully sing the song, but she was able to carry through The Mother's emotions while singing. Also picked by Diana Mack
Shirleena Cunningham: I would have to go with when the Mother was talking to Max in the Stars asking him if she should move on from him and to give her a sign. I almost started to cry! The whole show was very powerful, but that part made my heart jump.
Jamie Coudeville: This entire episode was amazing. I've been wanting to see this scene ever since they mentioned she was in that classroom. I was not disappointed.

NASHVILLE, "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right", January 29, 2014, Actors: Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson, The Scene: Juliette and Avery kiss
Virginia Fontana:
This was a long time coming and a beautifully romantic moment, though I know it won't be an easy road for them moving forward.

PARKS AND RECREATION, "Ann and Chris", January 30, 2014, Actors: Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe and more
The Scene: Ann and Chris say goodbye
Justyna Kubica:
First Troy on Community, now Ann and Chris on Parks and Recreation, it's time to say goodbye. And it was a tough one for sure. I always loved the two, as the characters and the couple, and honestly, I still quite can't believe they left the show for good. I'm gonna miss them so much, especially their friendships with Leslie and Ben. I really loved the part when Ben and Chris were saying goodbye, I feel like we didn't get to see nearly enough of them together, so it was nice to see them saying they're each other's best friends, just like Leslie and Ann. Speaking of, both Ann and Leslie looked so heartbroken, it's hard to imagine them being seperated so I'm guessing their phones are gonna be extremely busy in the future. At least both of them have their loved ones to support them at all times and I think that they're gonna be okay, eventually. I like how everyone was there for Ann and Chris, everyone that mattered to them the most and it was a nice surprise to see Pawnee from a different perspective, great shot. Kudos to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe for all their great work on the series. You'll be dearly missed!
Klutzy girl: Everyone says goodbye to Ann and Chris. It was a highly emotional scene and really sad. And I'm glad Ben was there for Leslie.

REVOLUTION, "Happy Endings", January 29, 2014, Actors: David Lyons, Mat Vairo, Tracy Spiridakos
The Scene: Monroe's reaction to Charlie and Connor
Jamie Coudeville:
I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard.

THE BIG BANG THEORY, "The Convention Conundrum", January 30, 2014, Actor: Carrie Fisher
The Scene: Carrie Fisher makes a cameo (picked by Diana Mack)

THE FOLLOWING, "For Joe", January 27, 2014, Actors: James Purefoy and more
The Scene: Joe kills the priest
Joe kills the priest and becomes "dark" again. Also picked by Bradley Adams

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, "Sitting Ducks", January 29, 2014, Actors: Luke Mitchell, Madeleine Mantock
The Scene: Astrid sings for John
Justyna Kubica:
First, I have to admit there was a moment when I thought I was gonna stop watching the show, but when some storylines were put aside the series immediately got much better and I'm really enjoying it right now. And one of the main reasons why I like the show is definitely John. And Astrid. John feels like a very natural hero of the story, more compelling than Stephen, who's a good guy, just less interesting, at least right now, if you ask me. Astrid, on the other hand, is just such a lovely character, with a lot of potential and has a way of adding her own unique perspective to the story. So the idea to put these two great characters in a very dangerous situation together was brilliant. They have a very refreshing dynamics and I hope to see a friendship developing between the two. And the best part of the episode was the scene when John is close to death and starts to fade away, but Astrid's song, in a way, keeps him alive, even when his painful memories resurface, she takes care of him long enough for Cara to show up and save them. It's a very touching moment, with a powerful performances by both actors. Really excited to see more of them in the future.
Daniel van der Veer: For a moment, I actually thought that John would die. I didn't want to believe that they would kill him off, but for a few seconds it crossed my mind. Fortunately, Astrid sang for John to make him comfortable. It was a nice and touching scene.
Virginia Fontana: Putting John and Astrid together in a life or death situation was a brilliant idea and this scene emphasized the sudden flash of emotional understanding between the two. I can't wait to see more interactions between them. Also picked by Bradley Adams and Babar Suhail

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "The Devil Inside", January 30, 2014, Actors: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder
The Scene: Elena finds Damon but not in time
Jamie Coudeville:
This scene was just so beautifully tragic. Elena sort of died in Damon's arms. As much as I love Katherine, I hate her for breaking Damon's heart.

Justyna JJ Kubica
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