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Revolution - Season 2 - Mat Vairo Interview

Thanks to Philomina for the heads up.

Mat Vairo talks Connor Bennett, Charlie and Sebastian Monroe on Revolution season 2.

myFanbase: In this season so far Monroe had a very interesting chemistry with Charlie. There was definitely a spark, as impossible as that might sound. How will Connor's and Charlie's quick interlude mix things up for these three characters?

Mat Vairo: I don't really know. From my experience that relationship hasn't really been played up much. But who knows maybe they'll hook up. Would be kinda weird/gross though since he already caught his son with her. Ultimately though I think it would be kinda funny and maybe add an interesting layer to the group dynamic, but I don't see it happening. Never say never though...

myFanbase: Compared to Charlie Connor seems optimistic, hopeful, enthusiastic. Is this surprising to you considering he grew up in Nunez' criminal household?

MV: Yes and no. I think there is much more than meets the eye with Connor. He wears a lot of masks. I believe he has a big heart underneath it all, but whether or not he lets it out is going to be the question going forward; and whether or not he is actually telling the truth or being manipulative in this situation is something else to ponder. We shall see.