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Lost Girl - A Note on Season 5 Casting Scripts

Having just got my hands on the casting scripts for season 5 (cannot share these sorry), I have to say i find them really really odd!
The scenes are all set in the same Fae world as Lost Girl, but with all new characters with no mention or reference to any of the current characters or situations featured on Lost Girl. Not sure if this is a smart way of the producers hiding season 5 plot details (casting scripts for all previous seasons were normal featuring main characters), or there they are introducing ALOT of new characters in season 5 or if this is some kind of Lost Girl spinoff.
There seems to be a plot about a Fae group lead by a new character "Maeve" (could be the new Morrigan) plotting to reclaim the world from humans and no longer live in hiding, co-existing with humans under her own terms, Maeve forces a character called Alice (possibly a code name for Bo) to give her a bloodoath/swear fealty to Maeve in order to save a female human Jo (possibly a code name for Lauren)