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Looking – Episode 1.05– Looking for the Future – Review : The Patrick and Richie story

   Last Sunday, Looking continued its first season with a special episode titled “Looking for the Future”, which only dealt with Patrick, and the beginning of his relation with Richie. Agustin, Dom and Doris were totally absent, not even mentioned. Patrick always felt the main character but now it’s clearer : he is the main character.
   It was an excellent choice from Looking writers to focus on the love between Patrick and Richie’s blooming. I missed the other characters a bit but what happened was so interesting that I soon forgot about them…. (except for my girl Doris, always missing her)

   After a couple of bad dates, and an even more awkward and uncomfortable first time in bed together, Richie left Patrick. Patrick was sad, and so was I. But, after a fun day at the fair, Patrick found Richie back at the Stud’s, apologized to him and they ended dancing together.
   In “Looking for the Future”, we followed them and we watched how two people tried to get each other better, to share their history, their opinions and their little shames. It was really intimidate, during the whole episode, it felt like I was observing them but in the same time, their dialogues, their attitudes reminded me of many first dates I’ve had. I could feel that excitement and mystery when you’re getting to know someone. It was a great way to learn more about Patrick and Richie’s backstories and their feelings and thoughts

   Patrick woke up at Richie’s place. His place looks nice. It was funny to watch Patrick getting up and trying his best not not awake Richie, despite the cracking ceiling. Once again, the situation reminded of myself waking up at some guy’s and then getting ready for the day. Patrick brushed his teeth with his finger, it was cute.
  But Richie was awake too, perhaps the ceiling cracking woke him up and he took his guitar bass (sorry) to the bed so he could sing. His naked singing with “the instrument of love” was really hot… I totally understand Patrick for not wanting to go to work.
   I loved it when Patrick finally left Richie’s apartment, with Richie and his erection in it. I thought the episode will continue as usual, with Agustin or Dom. But no, Patrick decided to turn back and have sex with Richie again. I really liked how they showed the different reactions and feelings you have when you just met someone and you’re terribly attracted to him. You want to spend all the time with him, to discover and learn everything about him. It was really cute Patrick and Richie were in that state of mind.

   After Riche blew and swallowed Patrick's cum, the guys went out to grab some lunch and started to know each other better. They talked about their sexual preferences and habits, Patrick doesn’t swallow and doesn’t like being fucked. Patrick is also very frightened by AIDS and as swallowing isn’t safe, he awkwardly questioned Richie about his HIV Status. Richie is negative, but it turned out his ex was positive and it was not a real problem for him because he loved him. That was very sweet.
   As the getting to know each other was going smoothly, and Patrick didn’t act awkward and inappropriate like he used to, he decided to call work and take the day off. So he could spend the day with Richie, that was a good idea Mr Patrick.
   We learnt Richie is ashamed of his teeth (he shouldn’t, they’re kinda big true, but still they’re beautiful), Patrick has a weird taste in films (despite thinking Richie actually has), they both don’t have AIDS and they were fat when they were younger. Richie asked Patrick about his first time. I’m not sure it’s the best question to ask when you’re getting to know someone, but I really wanted to find out about it and I was not disappointed. Patrick was 15 and basically jerked off a friend, from computer camp (LMAO), in a bus while passing through Utah.

   Richie finally decided where they were heading and kept it as a surprise for Patrick. They are really so cute together. Richie took Patrick to the planetarium where Rick opened up more about himself.
   First, he chose this place because he always liked it, he used to come with his mother. The place is meaningful to him, Patrick appreciated that. Then, Richie revealed his first time with a man, when he was fourteen he used to blow one of his friends in his own room until his mother caught them. It must have been so awkward, and Patrick made me laugh so loud when he asked if Richie swallowed back then.
   Anyways, that talk led to Richie speaking about his parents and their attitudes towards his sexuality : his mother is ok with it but his father isn’t. Patrick finally revealed when he came out to his parents, during Thanksgiving, on the way back to the airport. He chose that moment so his mother couldn’t look him in the eyes. It was both sad and touching. His mother made it all about herself, she seemed like a funny woman and I’d love her to meet her now, and for her to meet Richie. Patrick will be so embarrassed, it’ll be funny.
    Because, since he came out, he didn’t really talk about it with his parents. They are okay with it, but he never talked about relationships with them. Patrick took a stupid excuse, he doesn’t want to know about his parent sexlife, so they shouldn’t know about his but as Richie cleverly pointed out, it’s not about sex or sexuality, it’s about love and family.
   And also, Patrick only had one boyfriend so that doesn’t help. He doesn’t have relationships, so he can’t really talk about it with his parents. And Patrick also gave a very good point for many people, being gay means you have anal sex. It’s not always the case and still it’s a private matter. You don’t assume what straight people do in bed.

   After the planetarium, Patrick and Richie walked down near the beach and as they reflected about the city’s past, gay marriage came in the discussion. Everything they said about it was true, now time has changed and gays don’t have to stay hidden and they can have a normal life, like heterosexual. It’s a great step and now when you’re in a relationship, you can’t elude the question. So, Patrick and Richie are both okay to getting married someday, their revelation was cute.
   But I was interested in another revelation : Patrick has a sister ! She is getting married, Patrick isn’t happy for her because he doesn’t feel her happy. He thinks the pressure from society is forcing her into marriage, not her personal desire. And now, gay people will have to deal with that pressure. I’m not so sure about it, as many parents thought their child would never get married. Maybe for the next generation, it will happen. Anyways, I really want to meet Patrick’s sister and find more about her.

   Finally, as they day together was coming to an end, Richie made a final revelation : he often visits a senora. She is basically a psychic, reading cards after turning you into a human frittata. Patrick didn’t seem to understand why Richie would see someone like that. He goes there regularly, whenever he has someting to ask and he spends a lot of money too. So apparently, from what she told him, he will have no money but he will be happy and he will have two daughters ! Fun… Patrick asked Richie if he asked any question to her about him, but he didn’t and Patrick was a bit disappointed. For Patrick, seeing a psychic is like putting your responsibilities into someone else hand and distancing yourself from what happens in your life.
   They ended up at the senora, Patrick was not reassured specially when it turned out she was only speaking Spanish and he had to ask the questions. Patrick didn’t want Richie to translate, because he will know terrible things first. It was silly of Patrick and they finally left without seeing her. Probably for the best.
   Patrick and Richie went to bed together to conclude this unique day together. It was so sweet and cute to watch them. Patrick made a promise : one day, Richie will fuck him. It was so funny and it showed Patrick is willing to make an effort and try.. I’m pretty sure Richie is a God in bed so Patrick will enjoy the ride…. And for the time, it’s Richie who is enjoying Patrick….

    So, in “Looking for the Future”, we followed Patrick and Richie spent their day together, getting to know each other and slowly falling in love together. It was very cute and sweet the way the episode was dedicated to them. I felt a bit like a voyeur, watching them so intimate but in the same time, it felt like watching a version of my first days with a man I’ve known. Looking writers are excellent at creating situation, writing dialogue that feel so real.
   As Patrick and Richie got to know each other, we got to know them also. I was glad to finally know Patrick’s backstory, his relationships with his family, his love life and what he likes. Since the pilot, we learnt many things on him but still, it felt under developed but now I’m satisfied. And of course I was very happy Patrick decided to open up to Richie and not another guy. Richie is the nicest and cutest guy Patrick has met for now. I really like his personality, how funny and calm he is but in the same time, he seems strong minded.
   “Looking for the Future” was an original episode and I’m glad we spent so much time with Patrick but still, I miss Doris, Agustin and Dom too, so I can’t wait for next Sunday to watch them all. Because, Patrick may be the main character, I really enjoy Agustin and Dom and their stories as well.

Gay quotes :
• Patrick : “You have an incredible penis”
• Patrick : “Ex fatties are nicer people”
• Richie : “Oh my god will you stop talking ?” Pat is chatty !

Gay notes :
• Jonathan Groff and Raul Castillo were amazing in this episode !
• Jonathan Groff has a very nice ass ;) And Raul Castillo a very hot body !
• How long do you think their relationship will last ? Will Agustin and Frank break up before Patrick and Richie ?

    Did you enjoy “Looking for the Future” ? Hit the comments !

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