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Looking – Episode 1.04 – Looking for $220/Hour – Preview

   Tomorrow’s night, Looking will continue its first season on HBO, with its fourth episode titled “Looking for $220/Hour”. Looking is now entering the middle of its first season and this episode is the best episode so far for me.
   The characters are well established and their personalities are quite defined, but still there are surprises, unexpected decisions and revelations. Also, this episode is clearly the funniest.

  "Looking for $220/Hour" takes place during the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, so expect to watch our characters in leather and chains. I always enjoy the atmosphere during a public party like that and even if a few scenes are taking place outside, I felt the energy of people in the fair.

   Patrick, Agustin and Dom will grow during this episode, making important decisions. Patrick will have to be careful what is doing at work and learn to be perseverant ; Agustin will make bad decisions, the guy is on a bad path, he is lost and looking for himself but I’m sure you will enjoy the ride and Dom will receive tips for his restaurant project after a confusing appointment.

So, what you can expect from tomorrow’s episode :

- Come back ! Three secondary characters we’ve met before will be back. I was glad to watch them, all of them. The story is moving on and it feels really good.
- Work is still a big theme of this episode, following last week episode.
- Drunk people on the middle of the day, fake anus, spanking, leather… It’s awesome and really funny… And kinda hot too
- Patrick will receive a harsh lecture on his attitude. It's harsh but true and it will help him.
- Dom will spend the episode separated from the rest of the gang, spending time with another character. At first I thought it was really cute and sweet but I was surprised at the end.
- Socially awkward Patrick. We’re getting used to that, every weeks Patrick meets up with a guy and acts and speaks inappropriately. Still, this week has a difference.
- Agustin has a new job ! Or at least a project, he will explain it more but I'm not sure I've fully understood.
- A vegetarian eating meat for the first time in many years… And it has repercussions.
- We'll hear about Kevin's boyfriend ! He doesn't seem fun at all....
- And finally, Doris being totally awesome as usual. That girl is something, she is slowly becoming my favorite character

 I hope you will tune in tomorrow on HBO, don’t miss a new Looking !
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