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Looking – Episode 1.04 – Looking for $220/Hour – Review : The Folsom Street Fair

Last night, Looking offered us its fourth episode, titled “Looking for $220/Hour” and it was a nice follow up. The characters are now well established and the stories are moving forward.
   The different stories told by Looking’s writers are clearer and now that I’m attached to those characters, I really want to see where they’re heading and I’m enjoying the ride with them. Patrick is the young man, balancing between his career and his love life while being socially awkward ; Agustin is the lost artist, trying to find himself, to define who he is and Dom is soon 40 and realizing he needs to do something withhis life, and it’d be a restaurant. Doris is the comic relief of the show, I love that girl how funny and smart she is. She is the best ! I hope she will get more screen time after, if there’s a second season.

   This week, in Looking, it was the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I loved that they showed it. As in Sex & the City, the city, San Francisco, is important to the show and maybe will become a character. So I’m glad to learn more about SF and its traditions.
   And I loved watching Agustin, Doris and Patrick in leather costumes. It was so funny and I must say it really suited them, specially Jonathan Groff.

Patrick : “I am not wearing leather in public” 

   Patrick really grew up during this episode. I must say he even surprised me, I didn’t expect him to react this way but he made the right moves, he didn’t mess everything up like he did in the first three episode, so I’ glad.
   Patrick started his Saturday working with Kevin. They had a presentation on the next day and still a lot of work to do. Of course, there was also a lot of flirting between them. It was cute, all the smiles, the laughs, the way they looked at each other. There was a real connection between them. Kevin even opened up about his boyfriend. They’ve been together for two years and the long distance relationship is hard to manage he confessed. It was a bit inappropriate for them to discuss it like that, it felt more personal than professional and Patrick was playing with fire. Luckily, Jon, Kevin’s boyfriend, called and Kevin went out.
   Agustin and Doris, accompanied by the useless Hugo, called on Patrick to get lunch in the fair. I loved that scene, when they all got in the leather shop and Patrick tried on a leather jacket. He was so shy about wearing it in public, with no shirt. It was cute in a way, and it showed one more time Patrick doesn’t want to look gay , it probably hints Patrick came out late, during college.
   Patrick followed Agustin meeting with CJ, the sex worker from last week and Patrick was really surprised and a bit shocked by his friend’s attitude. He seemed he didn’t understand him. After Agustin made the mistake of eating meat, for the first time in many years, he needed to go the toilets very fast. It was funny, and so they all came to Patrick’s office. Patrick stayed with Agustin in the toilets, it was really weird and disgusting.
   The meat made Agustin almost shit himself and also it made him tell the awful truth to Patrick. Agustin understood Kevin and Patrick’s game, they are flirting at work and it’s fun but at the end of the day, Patrick is alone and Kevin gets home to his boyfriend. Patrick is in a fantasy relationship with his boss, and even if it feels good for now it’s not healthy. It will be only moments, you can’t build something on a fantasy. It was harsh on Patrick but it was good for him. Agustin is a true friend.
   Of course, Kevin came back to work and Patrick stayed with him to work. The flirting happened again, clearly Kevin is a player. He had already played Patrick last week and now he continues. But Patrick, probably thanks to Agustin’ speech, turned him down coldly. I was really glad, and a bit proud of Pat’s reaction. As Kevin cancelled the presentation, Patrick didn’t need to work extra hours so he should go home or go out. They’re not dating, so Patrick left Kevin to meet up hs friends at Stud’s ! And a surprise where there for him : Richie !

   I was so happy to see him ! He was so hot… So Patrick, pushed by Franklin, decided to go talk to him. Richie was quite cold at first, and I loved his joke about still being cut. Poor Patrick, the situation was uncomfortable and he was starting to be awkward again. He made the most confused apologize I’ve ever heard but it was touching, and it felt sincere. That’s probably why Richie just smiled and danced with him. Oh, it was very sexy and cute. Patrick stopped trying to be someone else. I can’t wait to see them dating. They make a cute couple, and I'd love to see Patrick in a relationship !

Agustin : “Sex worker are people too”

   The more we see of Agustin, the more he appears to be lost and playing a dangerous game. Agustin is not a bad guy, it feels like he’s trying to regain control of his life, he was working for someone else, he is following his boyfriend in Oakland so maybe Agustin needs to control a part of his life and that’s why he’s making all those stupid decisions lately.
   He invited Patrick to the Fair, but he actually went there so he could meet up with CJ, the sex worker from last week. CJ didn’t remember him and was quite distant, I liked him better last week. Agustin tried to explain his project, but it’s not clear at all. The guy is even lost in his project, or as he said he doesn’t want to over think it but just do it. But he has no goal in mind. Patrick was surprised, a bit shocked and mostly he didn’t understand his friend. I really enjoyed how they show their friendship, how deep they care for each other. It’s a very nice and it’s kinda rare on television. Usually, when there is friendship between people, romance is hinted but not there.
   I have no idea what Agustin has in mind for CJ. But from Agustin' speech, he wants to deal with intacimacy and sex, how and when they're linked and when you can separate them. It's a great theme and I'm very glad Looking's writers are exploring it. Agustin also raised the money question : when you're paying someone, does this allow you to be truely yourself ? Because your partner doesn't want to build a life with you, then you don't have to be perfect and you can show your weakness and defaults ? But is it the point of a stable relationship, to be able to be truely yourself ? Or is it just what society wants you to think ? There are many questions ! I can't wait for Agustin to explore them.
   Anyways, at the end,  it was a big surprise at the end, when Agustin talked about CJ to Franklin. Poor Frank had no idea of what was really going on. Patrick was there to catch Agustin lied to his boyfriend about CJ. Agustin is putting his couple in jeopardy since the first episode, he is going through a crisis, and I don’t think his relationship with Franklin will survive. Frank is such a nice and hot guy, Agustin is really messing everything up, but sometimes in life, you need to make the wrong decisions, do stupid things to fully understand what you want.

Dom : “I want you to taste my chicken” 

   While all the gang was partying at the fair, Dom was MIA. He even screened Doris’s call but he had a good reason :  he met with Lynn, (Scott Baluka) from last week. Lynn put some clothes on this week - they were in a hot steam room last week.
   At first, I found it was so cute for Dom to see Lynn at his flower shop and asked him to lunch. For me, it felt like a date. They were talking, laughing, smiling at each other. Dom even opened up about his childhood, his father owing a Portuguese restaurant and him being too young to take care of the restaurant after his dad. I thought Dom was opening up, trying to date and to find something more than hook ups. I was not the only one to think alike, Lynn was too and when Dom said he invited him to discuss business, Lynn and I were disappointed.  I know Dom is not a relationship kind of guy but still, I thought he could try to build something. I guess I had too high hopes for him, I found Dom very touching and there is a somekind of a sadness in him, that I don't want him to feel. Luckily, his plans for his restaurant are very important to him and maybe that will give him what he needs.
   Anyways, after that awkward moment (Looking's writers love those moment apparently), Lynn told Dom the secret to open a business in San Francisco (or anywhere else) : talent is not what really matters, you need to have contacts, a network. When you know people in good places, they can help you. As Dom had none, Lynn was kind enough to help him through his contacts. Lynn seemed like a nice guy really, I wish Dom and him could have started something but they'll meet again for his business proposal and at the restaurant so I'm not giving up on those two !
    At the end, Dom awkwardly asked Lynn for dinner, it felt too much like Dom was trying to apologize and offered sex to say he was sorry. Lynn refused politely. So, now I really think Dom will open his restaurant by the end of the season, and I can’t wait for it. Watching, Doris and the guys are in the restaurant will be much fun I have no doubts !

   "Looking for $220/hour" was my favorite episode so far, and I think it was also the best. The characters really grew up, Agustin is on a bad path but I’m sure he will get better afterwards, Patrick finally stopped living in fantasies and came back to reality, he was himself with Richie and I’m sure he will continue and Dom is very serious about his restaurant.
   I really enjoyed this episode and the whole show actually for showing how the relationships in your life affect your career, your love life and everything. It is really nicely depicted and written. It’s all about relationships, all of them are represented : partners, boyfriends, friends, ex… And every characters feel the repercussions of their relationships. The fact Agustin is in a relationship really has an impact on his work and his art project. If Franklin wasn’t there, he probably already fucked CJ . Patrick also had a fantasy relationship with his boss, not sane and he could have stayed in that state but thanks to his friendship with Agustin, he ended up, so he could see Richie and find a real chance at love.

Gay notes :
• Fake anus, Agustin’s necklace, Doris’ outfit : so leather, so kinky !
• Hugo : the guy was pointless right ? He was good at video games though.
• My favorite line : Doris : “Get your ass down here so I can spank it !”
• Who do you prefer : Kevin or Richie ?

   Did you enjoy Looking for $220/Hour ? Hit the comments !

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