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The Tomorrow People - Season 1 - Robbie Amell Interview

On what’s coming up for Stephen

Amell explained that when the show got picked up for the back nine episodes, he went out for drinks with their executive producer Danny Cannon who asked him “What do you guys want to see? What don’t you want to see? What are you liking? What are you disliking?” Amell shared, “I said I want to see Stephen step up and start to make the right decisions and stop getting his ass kicked so much, because in the first ten episodes that’s what happens. And I understand why he couldn’t come into this world having just developed these powers, be amazing with them. You have to see him fumble with them and stumble through this world and really learn how to use these powers. Otherwise, I feel like you would have missed a piece of the process. But with everything that happens in [episode] 8 and in 9, you see that he really needs to start deciding who he can trust, who he should be helping, and who he should be fighting against. And he’s getting to a point where he’s strong enough to stand up for himself and the people that he should be standing up for. And the nice thing is in the back nine, he really does make that decision. And it becomes a battle against some very specific people. It’s no longer trying to decide whose team you’re on. It’s now, “Okay. How do we end this? How do we get to the next level?”

On the original The Tomorrow People cast member Nicholas Young being on the show (he plays the character of Aldus Crick)

“We were nervous when we heard he was coming in. I was nervous for two reasons. One was because that’s who you want to get the thumbs‑up from. And two, because he hadn’t acted in over a decade. And I was like, “Oh, man, what if he can’t act anymore?” Amell shared. “But Nicholas was, A, incredible, to hang out with and to be on set with and to work with. And B, he absolutely killed it. He is so fantastic. He’s in at least a couple episodes, and I think people are really going to fall in love with his character. He’s so likable, and he was so much fun, and he really brought a lot of himself to the character. It was really nice to have him really be interested in the show. They gave him the episodes so that he could watch them, and he read the scripts. And he said it’s a much different show than the one he was making, but he really gave us the thumbs‑up, which was the best.”
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