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The Mentalist - Episode 6.12 - The Golden Hammer - Review

NOTE: Pleae be advised that English is not my first language.

I've never laughed so much for a long time, after this episode... till the ending scene. I was expecting a cliffhanger. Anyway, in general, it was perfect and hilarious, and it shows how much the old team from the CBI has start blending in with the FBI guys.
I enjoyed how some things never changed. When Jane's reading Fisher's lips, Lisbon asks "What are you doing?" as if she was still the boss on charge. Cho simply just glares at the two and comes back to his papers. He's like the audience watching the episode. He does know some things never changed.
Jane's methods to get what he wants are always the same. Abbott tells him he now has full security clearence, then almost at the end of the episode, Jane explains to Fisher his idea about a new airstream that can possibile giving him more inspiration to solve the cases.

Osvaldo Ardiles comes back after being absent from season 5 and the first thing he asks Lisbon is a date. Ha! I believe he lied when he said it's not a date in a personal way. Anyway, I think he really wanted to tell Lisbon about his weird feeling of being watched by someone, but why not telling her by phone? Quoting Jane "He's always had a crush on you". (tho I'm not sure he was only referring to Ardiles here)
I'm glad we had some Jane\Cho interactions to show the korean agent is still a little bit worried when it comes to the mentalist's method to ger informations. Little scene, but precious was to see Cho had trust in Wilfey's computer skills. I want to see more about this nerd guy!

One of the best part was the car scene. Jane pops out from the back seat, scaring both Fisher and Lisbon. Jane is sure to have almost solved the case, but Lisbon isn't available, she tells to his face she's got a date with Ardiles! Jane looks concerned and jealous, it's obvious, he's also started to shake - you can hear his voice when he says "Uhm I-I'm sorry you-you said a date?" - then Lisbon replies as she hasn't the right to enjoy a date with someone. I think Jane just started to realize Lisbon is a single woman, people are interested in her, and he's started to act weird when he heard about the date. Maybe Jane never thought about Lisbon involved in a serious relationship. He's coming to realize Lisbon may not be always around and waiting for him and he's scared by this new situation. On the other side, Lisbon seems to enjoy the fact Jane's more interested in her date than the case. It's kinda funny when Lisbon says to Jane she doesn't know the reason why Ardiles wants to her, but "I'm gonna find out tonight", because our mentalist looks lost.
Ironic how when there are some particular intense scenes with Jane and Lisbon, Fisher is the one to be present. Did I already tell my wish to see Lisbon and Fisher discuss about Jane? I really enjoyed Lisbon warning Abbott and Fisher about Jane's methods. She knows him, she's proven to be the only person, the perfect partner who knows him better.

Then the first park scene. Jane and Lisbon have a conversation about Ardiles's intention for 'the date'. Lisbon tries to avoid the subject when Jane talks about him. She goes to take some coffee and Jane is left some time alone. His mind seems to be nowhere, maybe he feels sad - is he realizing his feeling for Lisbon?
The second park scene. Jane and Lisbon look like a couple undercover and I saw him more relaxed, because he was happy to sit next to her. All the worries he had before just has desappear because now he's with her.

Just when Rigsby and Van Pelt think they have a great case in their hands, by helping Ardiles, they realize they're wrong in every worst ways. Rigsby (and his beloved sandwich) follows Ardiles and finds out he's dead and being stabbed. Meanwhile, Van Pelt sees her computer being hacked and the old badges from the old CBI team (Jane, Lisbon, Cho and the Rigsby) appear on her monitor. Troubles are on their way and someone is coming back for revenge.

My personal note: I've always been a fan of Audrey Hepburn so when I saw Lisbon wearing that hat undercovered with Jane, I couldn't resist but thinking about "Breakfast at Tiffany's." In that movie, Hepburn's character, Holly, is a free, indipendent spirit, and she doesn't want to belong to somebody. Teresa Lisbon is kind like that. She's not the type to be involved in a serious relationship. The moment when Paul tells Holly he loves her, she freaks out, because she doesn't want to be kept in a cage by someone. Then Holly gets engaged because of Paul's declaration of love, but in the end, Holly realizes this is not what she's always wanted and came back to Paul. That made me think about Jane and Lisbon and how their react when their feelings will come out.

What are your thoughts about this new conspiracy against our heroes? What about this new side of Jane and Lisbon's relationship?
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