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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.13 - The Occupation Recalibration - Recap & Review


It was hilarious where Sheldon complained to Leonard that the university forced him to take a vacation. The other time this occurrence happened was back in Season 5 where he used his vacation to go to Amy’s workplace and annoy her. He and Sheldon argue about who’s going through a worse situation. The scene with them arguing was priceless. Leonard goes to Penny’s place. He tells her that she does not want her to break up with him but she tells her it will not happen. She is frustrated because her career is going nowhere. Leonard will support whatever she wants to do. Then, she tells him that she has been thinking that she needs to focus all of her energy on acting.  To do that, she wants to quit from the Cheesecake Factory. This shocks Leonard and tells her it’s a big step but he supports her.

Recap & Review:
It was humorous where Sheldon tries to follow Leonard to work and how he treated him like a dog by telling him to stay. I loved who Leonard kept having his head turned around while walking that make sure he does not follow him to work. Lonely, Sheldon whines like a stray dog.

Meanwhile, Stuart has no customers in his comic book store until Bernadette comes in. She wants to get a new copy of one of Howard’s comic books because she accidentally destroyed it with her curling iron. Stuart entertained me by making a sarcastic comment to Bernadette to not let the Riddler know that. However, she did not get the joke. This meant that the Riddler and Batman hated each other. Bernadette bribes him with medications if he is able to replace the copy.

Howard and Raj joins Amy at work. Bert, her co-worker comes into her workplace. He apologizes to her because she did not know she had company. It was great to finally see Amy has a friend outside of the gang. Bert makes a predictable but humorous joke where he asks them what do geologists and Bon Jovi have in common. Howard guesses, "You're both into rock?"  He answers his joke accurately. Just as Bert as about to leave, Amy notifies him that he forgot his quartz. However, he asks her to keep it. Howard and Raj think he has a crush on her. She tells them that he brings her a pretty rock every day but it does not mean that he likes her. Howard teases Amy that it’s totally okay if she wants to ditch lunch and him and Raj by hanging with her boyfriend, Bert. Amy tells them that she is not Bert’s girlfriend. Raj asks if Sheldon know if she is dating him but Amy insults Raj by asking, “Who are YOU dating?” I love how Amy insulted Raj back twice after he teases her of getting a new boyfriend. 

Penny goes downstairs and notices Sheldon is sitting on the stairs by himself. He is not happy that he is on vacation. Sheldon whines like a lonely dog, which prompts Penny take him out for a ride. It was entertaining how Penny treated him like a stray dog.

Stuart notifies Bernadette that there is a copy of Batman at Capital Comics. While she says it’s great, he disagrees because the guy who owns that place is a jerk. Stuart offers to take her to there so he can ensure that the owner does not rip her off. She cracked me up by saying he would lose business if he goes with her when she was actually the only customer there. He actually takes her to the rival comic book store.

Leonard calls Penny and she notifies him that she is at The Cheesecake factory. However, he is disappointed that she is just there to return her uniform. He does not sound very happy for her even though he says so. Penny and Sheldon later bond in the car where he tells her that quitting her job was not a mistake. He gives her advice about achieving goals and tells her that his only job was to be a “physicist”. I love how Sheldon marks that his old teacher, Ms. Pearson made him chalk monitor. Penny does not understand why Leonard can’t support her. Sheldon lets her know that they are “dreamers”.

Bert comes visit Amy at her workplace. He starts to explain that there is this rock and mineral show next week. However, Amy interrupts him because she tells him that she has a boyfriend and she thinks he is asking her to go with him. Bert does not feels that she wants to go out with him because of his off-putting personality.  He thinks he is weird and that nobody wants to do anything with him. Reluctantly, Amy tells him he will go to the show with her but later wants to change her mind. Unsurprisingly, Bert tells her it’s too late!

Bernadette and Stuart are at the rival comic book shop. The owner, Jesse teases Stuart about his gray hair. His comic book store consists of coffee and other free refreshments. She does not like the way she treats him. Therefore, she refuses to purchase the comic book. Stuart stands up to Jesse and tells him that he has better friendship than him.

Howard and Raj are visiting Amy at her workplace by trying to give her moral support. Howard thinks the mineral and rock show would be awful even without Bert. Amy was offended when Raj asked, “Prepare you uterus for his gigantic offspring?” Amy admits that even she refuses to go out with Bert even if she did not have a boyfriend. Howard and Raj go through every female that has rejected them. Amy wants to come find him and be brutally be honest. Raj entertained me when he said that he’ll probably climb up the Empire State Building and start swatting at planes. That reminds me of King Kong. Despite Howard and Raj’s immaturity, they have such a great heart when they offer to talk to Bert for her. The guys make a hilarious suggestion to notify Bert that Amy is actually a lesbian.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon and Penny do yoga together. It was hilarious where he thought “Yoda” from Star Wars was like “yoga”. Then, Leonard comes in and lets Penny know it wasn't the best idea to quit her job. Also, he tells her that it would have been a great idea for her to talk about whether she wanted to quit waitressing. She gets defensive and asks him "Would you have asked me before you quit your job?". Leonard replies, "Yes". He wants to be in a relationship where they can make reasonable decisions. Sheldon butts into their conversation because he is in the relationship as much as them. Leonard does not want to live with Sheldon forever if he gets married to Penny. He tells her that just because he can't act doesn't mean she should not chase her dreams. He tells her that she is proud of him, which makes Penny happy. They later reconcile and Sheldon wants to celebrate by the three of them sharing a milkshake.

Bernadette comes into “Capital Comics” to confront Jesse on his inappropriate comments towards Stuart. She tells him that Stuart’s store is just fine and that he is a much nicer person than him. Then, she demands to buy that comic right now and he says, “No Problem”. Also, he happily offers her a latte but she declines. Instead, she wants a cappuccino and a blueberry scone. He tells her that there is no scone available but there is chocolate chip available for her. She replies that sounds even better in a sarcastic way. I’m glad that Bernadette confronted Jesse after he insulted him. Her sassiness to other people makes this show entertaining.

The episode ends with Howard and Raj going to the rock show with Bert. He thanks them for coming but it seems that Raj and Howard are not comfortable with his awkward personality.  At the end, he annoys them by repeatedly saying, “Rock Show! Rock Show! Rock Show!”

Parts that I enjoyed the most:
  • Where Leonard knocks on Penny’s door and Sheldon trying to get him to do the “Penny, Penny, Penny” knocking routine.
  • We finally get to see who Amy’s friends are outside of the gang. The cool part is that her co-worker is similar to Sheldon except he’s more weird and quirky than Sheldon.
  • The references about the Riddler and Batman at Stuart’s comic book store.
  • Sheldon taking Leonard’s “stay” comment literally when he tried to follow him to work.
  • Penny and Sheldon’s ride together especially where he complained about not having his lemonade and referring her quitting The Cheesecake Factory as “a fitting swan song to her career as a waitress” to forget his order one last time.
  •  Raj and Howard remembering all the women’s names that refused to go out with either one of them. I loved how they made a reference about a Starbucks’ employee. They mention that the employee's name is “Arlene Russell”. She wrote “No way” on their cappuccinos.
  • Sheldon mistaking Yoda for doing yoga with Penny.
  • Sheldon wanting to celebrate Leonard and Penny’s reconciliation by sharing a milkshake. That's not the best way to celebrate but it was interesting especially coming from him.

Parts I did not like:
  • It did not make sense to me when Leonard retracted his statements about Penny’s decisions. For example, he tells her he is happy for whatever decision that Penny makes. However, he later tells her that it wasn't a good idea to quit the Cheesecake Factory. His retracted statements caused him and her to fight but they later reconciled. Even though I will miss Penny being a waitress, I am interested to see how Penny does for her acting career.
  • I did not like how the scene was cut after Jesse was on his way to get the comic book for Bernadette. I wished that the writers actually showed that he actually got the comic book and the treats he offered for her.  
      Grade: A-

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