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SpoilerTV Awards 2014 - Voting Round - Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show

Day 3 and we move towards the Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show, which contains some of the biggest shows here on SpoilerTV. This should be an interesting battle!

Basic Info:
- Polls for each category will be posted separately, one poll per day.
- You will be able to vote for each poll for three days, so at a time, three polls will be running at max.
- You will not be able to see the results until after the winners are announced, which will be done after all the polls end in a separate post.
- As with all SpoilerTV polls, you will only be able to vote once.

Other Active Polls:

- Favorite Crime Drama
- Favorite Cable Comedy

Vote for your Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show below.

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