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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 1.13 - Bad Blood (Season Finale) - Synopsis

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Thirteen years to the day that young Abbie and Jenny Mills had their first encounter with the demon Moloch, Henry Parrish wakes from a fearful dream and delivers Ichabod and Abbie a dire warning: Moloch plans to unleash the second of the Four Horsemen – the Horseman of War – tonight. When Ichabod and Abbie learn that only a witch has the power to prevent War’s ascension, they decide their only option is to try and free Katrina from her prison in Purgatory... a task that will require them to walk willingly into Moloch’s stronghold. Meanwhile, Captain Irving knows that pending DNA tests will link his daughter, Macey, to the killings at the safe house. Unwilling to reveal the supernatural forces at play – that Macey’s body was possessed by a demon intent on bringing forth the apocalypse – he instead confesses to the killings himself. Irving is relieved of command and taken into custody, but not before discovering another valuable clue in Sheriff Corbin’s archive. And Jenny makes a startling discovery when she solves one of Moloch’s riddles, but it may be too late to prevent his plans from reaching fruition.

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