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Sherlock - Season 3 Finale Breaks Twitter Record

The Sherlock finale generated a whopping 377,182 tweets, beating the record previously set by The Empty Hearse and making it the highest tweeted volume for a single episode of a drama series in the UK (second overall only to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary adventure, which is counted as a special). Furthermore, it is also the episode with the second highest tweet volume of 2014 so far, 100k Tweets behind the launch episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The peak minute of His Last Vow came a minute after the episode ended, hitting a spectacular 10,592 tweets per minute as the hashtags #didyoumissme and #MoriartyLives began to trend. The episode averaged at 1,727 tweets per minute, up on The Sign of Three’s average but not managing to beat The Empty Hearse. There were also a fair few peak minutes in the episode. The opening minute saw 3,339 tweets per minute, while the revelation of Sherlock having a girlfriend saw a peak of 3,131 tweets per minute. The moments around the near fatal shooting of Sherlock saw a peak of 3,548 tweets per minute, the highest of the episode before the final minutes. The most RT’d tweet of the evening once again came from the official BBC1 account, with 5,521 retweets of “Did you miss me?” It seems like Twitter certainly did miss Moriarty, as his shocking reappearance generated a staggering 74,447 mentions of the character and the actor Andrew Scott.

The ending of the episode caused a Twitter frenzy, as people began to tweet their thoughts. There are few shows that achieve what Sherlock has managed to do as a substantial amount of tweets were sent after the episode ended. 188,328 tweets were sent in the 30 minutes after the episode, just under half of the entire total generated.