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Scene Of The Week - January 26, 2014 - POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, "Go to Hell", January 22, 2014, Actors: Lily Rabe and more
The Scenes: Misty gives Madison a beat down & The coven takes out the Axeman
Klutzy girl:
It was pretty awesome. I'm not surprised Misty snapped after what happened to her, and the fight was really interesting. Also picked by DarkUFO
Jamie Coudeville: The coven takes out the Axeman.

BANSHEE, "The Warrior Class", January 24, 2014, Actors: Antony Starr and more, The Scenes: The fight at the Indian Reservation House & Hood and Siobhan have sex & Jason Hood confronts 'Lucas'
The fight at the Indian Reservation House
Sharon Seymour: Hood and Siobhan sex scene!
Sandi wich: Jason Hood turns up to confront 'Lucas' and asks him where his father is.

COMMUNITY, "Geothermal Escapism", January 23, 2014, Actors: Donald Glover, Danny Pudi and more
The Scene: Troy says goodbye to everyone
Justyna Kubica:
I wasn't quite sure which scene to pick. This one or the moment when Abed admits that he's not just playing, he's actually seeing the lava because he can't let go of his best friend. Both were beautifully made and acted. But in the end I went with everyone saying goodbye to Troy, it was such a great send-off for his character! And he got to say something special to all his friends. Favorite goodbyes? With Abed and Annie. With Annie, he said the sweetest thing, regretting he never noticed her in high school and that they didn't become friends sooner. And Abed... it's so hard to say goodbye, especially to your best friend. To make things easier the guys pretend to be just clones, slightly different than they were before. "I had to patch some missing parts of your DNA with genes from a homing pigeon. You may notice side effects, like a compulsion to come back." Way to get us all emotional. Also, great song in the background, a surprise guest star and the shot of him "sailing away" just made it all very special for me. Both Troy and Donald Glover, you'll be dearly missed!
Pablozky21: This episode was not only fun as "Modern Warfare" was on season 1, but it also has the virtue of adding the so needed emotional beats for Troy's goodbye. After he and Abed finally adressed his issues (and pretended to make clones of each other) Troy can finally say goodbye to everyone, and it is as poignant as you can imagine. The doors remain open for Troy's return if Donald Glover ever decided to come back, but if not, his character went on a blaze of glory.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Unpause", January 20, 2014, Actors: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and more
The Scenes: Marshall and Lily fight & The Mother and Ted at the end
Marshall confronts Lily and tells her that she is being selfish: On an episode that is as good as "Unpause" it is hard to choose a particular scene, but I went for the very emotionally affecting one, when Marshall tells Lily that she is being just as selfish as when she broke up with him and went to San Francisco. He goes as far as saying that he and Marvin and any future children they may have are just a consolation prize. And you know what? I think Marshall is spot on; Lily already told Ted in "Band or DJ" that sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mother and that she could pursue her dream of being an artist, and that hasn't gone away. I'm an artist myself, a writer, and I know how your passion means the world to you; Lily is so hurt because Marshall is right, that's why she wanted to go with Italy with them in the first place, it would mean she would actually accomplish her dream with her "consolation prize", but she is not ready to face it, so she flees. It's a powerful moment, and you may be angry at Lily (I also think she shouldn't have run away, but face it instead), but I can understand why she did it, and that makes the whole thing the more affecting.
Klutzy girl: The Mother and Ted head to the hospital to have their second child. It was a sweet moment between them and the baby, made awesome by the fact that we finally found out the kids are named Penny and Luke. I'm glad Ted got one of his Star Wars names!

JUSTIFIED, "Good Intentions", January 21, 2014, Actors: Walton Goggins, Karolina Wydra
The Scene: Mara inspects Boyd's tattoos
Geo N:
The scene with Mara (Karolina Wydra) inspecting Boyd's (Walter Goggins) tattoos was some incredible acting and revealed a little bit more about Boyd that we didn't know before. Boyd's responses to Mara were perfect each time. I think I speak for any Justified fan by saying I can't wait for some Raylan/Boyd conversations this season.

REIGN, "For King and Country", January 23, 2014, Actors: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs
The Scene: Francis confronts Bash and Mary in the dungeon
Virginia Fontana:
The tension between these three is potent and the fact that Mary has to undermine Francis' happiness to save him is painful. Bash is caught somewhere in the middle between love for his brother, his developing feelings for Mary, and his own survival. Fabulously compelling and suspenseful.

REVOLUTION, "Captain Trips", January 22, 2014, Actors: Giancarlo Esposito and more
The Scene: Neville is caught sneaking up to a house
Neville sneaks up to a house and winds up at gunpoint: This is probably one of the best looking scenes the show has made so far; Revolution has always worked wonders in a micro level, its art direction and stunt coordination are outstanding, and when season 2 added better storylines and character work these little details became even more enjoyable; seeing Neville powerless to do anything and how he is taken away from his wife is a powerful moment enhanced by how amazingly the scene was set up by the little details. Kudos Revolution. Also picked by Sharon Seymour

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "Bad Blood", January 20, 2014, Actors: John Noble, Tom Mison, Katia Winter
The Scene: The Henry Parrish revelation
Justyna Kubica:
Wow! I mean, just WOW! This show has, without a doubt, exceeded all my expectations! After only 13 episodes, I can honestly say it's one of my favorites. But what's a great show without its mind-blowing twists and revelations? Exactly. And I can't imagine anyone beating this one for a while. Henry Parrish is not only Ichabod and Katrina's lost son Jeremy Crane but also the second Horseman, War! Talk about "bad blood", good title here, guys. Did anyone see it coming? Because I definitely did not. I mean, when we first heard about Jeremy I kinda thought he might turn out to be our Sin Eater, but the writers did amazing job at making me dismiss this theory pretty quickly. And even though I did guess Henry is gonna end up being a bad guy (or at least a guy with the potential to betray the rest) after watching the promo for the finale THIS I never saw coming. Seriously impressed with the writers' skills right now. Also, I can't express how happy it makes me to have John Noble on another one of my favorite shows, it's like I got a piece of Fringe back, even if it's only Walternate. He's one of the best actors out there if you ask me and it's a joy to watch his work every single time. And in this shocking, haunting and beautifully made scene, he's joined by the very talented Tom Mison and Katia Winter, who both do a wonderful job on the series. It's hard to imagine how our heroes are gonna get out of this situation. Every single character is in danger and unable to help the others, so who can they count on to save them? I guess that's the question. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen! But the hiatus is so long... Anyway, for now, kudos to the cast & crew! Thank you everyone for the amazing job with season one, I'll definitely keep watching when the show finally comes back.

SUPERNATURAL, "First Born", January 21, 2014, Actors: Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
The Scene: Cas tells Sam that nothing is worth losing him
Klutzy girl:
That was a cute moment and they need more scenes together. I love how far their friendship has come.

THE FOLLOWING, "Resurrection", January 19, 2014
The Scenes: The subway attack & One of the "twins" dances with the dead girl
Sharon Seymour:
The very creepy scene where one of the "twins" is dancing with the dead girl.
DarkUFO: The Subway Attack.

THE ORIGINALS, "Après Moi, Le Déluge", January 21, 2014, Actors: Danielle Campbell and more
The Scenes: The Harvest & Hayley apologizes to Elijah
Justyna Kubica:
I had a bad feeling that one way or another the ritual is gonna have to be completed, but I didn't expect it go like this. The moment when Davina realizes that no matter what she's still gonna die so she agrees to be sacrificed in order to save others is just the beginning of our heartbreak. When Marcel brings her and has to let her go, while everyone just stands back when the poor girl's getting killed, it gets even more emotional. I was always guessing that she's gonna wake up, maybe not right away or something, so the fact that she didn't was easily the hardest part. I can't believe she's actually gone, I'm hoping she's gonna come back, at this point she's easily one of my favorites, but still, Marcel completely breaking down later was pretty much the way many viewers must have felt after watching the Harvest. Poor girl! It was such a powerful episode and a scene of Davina's death was probably the most intense part of it. Everyone's reactions were great. And the actors did a wonderful job, especially Danielle Campbell and Charles Michael Davis. Kudos! Also picked by Jamie Coudeville
Virginia Fontana: Hayley apologizes to Elijah. I love that her relationship with Elijah is teaching Hayley how to be a better person, not least of all by dropping her selfish and reckless attitude and admitting she was wrong.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "500 Years of Solitude", January 23, 2014, Actors: Nina Dobrev and more
The Scenes: Caroline admits her feelings for Klaus & Katherine jumps into Elena's body
Virginia Fontana:
Caroline is finally honest about her feelings for Klaus. I loved this beautiful, haunting, sexy scene! Their coming together seemed to happen outside of time, space, and consequences, but this is surely the start of a new chapter for Klaroline even though they are on two different shows. I think I may speak for many Klaroline shippers when I say, at last! I can't believe we finally got the Klaus/Caroline make-out scene we have waited so long for, and it's only too suitable that it happened as a gift to those fans in the superb 100th episode.
Jamie Coudeville: Katherine jumps into Elena's body.

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