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Revolution - Episode 2.11 - Mis Dos Padres - Review & Highlights

Mis Dos Padres, my two fathers. This was a show of competing parents, and the one we all knew would win, did. The episode that starts with Connor turning in Monroe to Nunez, the cartel leader who had become a kind of foster father to Connor after his aunt and uncle had died, and ends with Connor fleeing Nunez with Monroe with the expectation that together they will try to build back the Monroe Republic.

With the appearance of Joaquim de Almeida, the actor who played Nunez, who’s been in a lot of film and TV productions but who I’ll always remember as Ramon Salazar from 24, and Kim Raver (Julia), who of course was Audrey Rains on 24, and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost), this felt like “This Week in Television: 2000’s” for me. My two favorite shows from that decade.

In Mexico, both Miles and Rachel proved pretty inept at breaking Monroe out of captivity from a gang of Mexican thugs, by getting captured themselves. In Oklahoma, Aaron and his wife Priscilla got reacquainted as they discovered they have a son they had never realized they had. The son of course is the newly awakened AI that we learn from Grace, got its brain from computer code Aaron, Priscilla, and a friend had written while at MIT. In Texas, Charlie struggled to keep Gene out of Patriot hands but in the end failed. But it all worked out. Gene’s medical skills are needed by the Patriots for typhus outbreak it seems. And elsewhere, Tom and Julia continued their bickering and scheming while their son Jason did something unexpected. He tried to do the right thing by digging into Doyle’s plans for other reprogramming camps like the one that had messed with Jason’s head. Kids today. Always messing up your plans by trying to help people.

High Points

Although I’m really tempted to give this category to the Mexican party – who doesn’t love a good party? – I’m going to give it to the ending scene with Monroe and Connor. Connor’s acceptance of Monroe’s plan was absolutely chilling, as was Monroe’s ominous, “You stick with me. We’re just getting started.” Other nice parts were Miles getting locked in the same cell with Monroe - it was snark city in there, and more bonding and old-people jokes between Charlie and Gramps.

Low Points

I hated watching Connor whipping Monroe. Yes, Monroe more than deserved it, but I still didn’t want to see it.

Hottest Action

Team Monroe, Connor, Miles, and Rachel fight it out with Mexican thugs in the kitchen of the Mexican villa where they had been held. What made the scene were the exhibition of Rachel’s prowess in using cooking pots as weapons, and Monroe taking the time to admire Connor’s ability to handle himself in a brawl.

Best Quotes

Monroe: “Wow, your boss has really nice taste. It’s like Donald Trump threw up on Scarface.”

Jason: “Pretty much the guy who screwed me is screwing mom.”

Monroe: “What was I supposed to do, he’s my son.”
Miles: “Oh shut up. You’ve been his dad for five minutes. Now all of a sudden you’re Cliff Huxtable?”

Miles: “I can not believe the first selfless act of your life is the one that screws me too. Thank you.”

Grace: “There are more nanites than there are neurons in a brain. In a million brains. So if they learn to network …” Aaron: “That’s a big ass brain.”

Grace: “Like anybody, it just wants to know who its parents are.”

Grace: “Try wrapping your head around this. This thing is everywhere. And apparently it’s got a mind of its own.”
Aaron: “Yeah.”
Grace: “Aaron, how’s that any different from God?”

Connor: “You know who obsesses about weakness? Weak people.”

Tom: “This poker face is my face.”

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