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Looking - Episode 1.02 - Looking for Uncut - Review : "Guys are Guys"

   Last night, Looking offered us its second episode, titled “Looking for Uncut”. It was a great follow up to an excellent series premiere. The three characters : Patrick, Agustin and Dom are still very loveable and I find myself starting to get attached to them. They’re fun and they seem so real. I really enjoyed watching them last night. The stories are going deeper, and there were major character developments.

    I’ve read some bad comments on the internet after last week episode, and I did not really understand them. I don’t see how Looking is a cliché. The stories told last week are fun, well written and realistic. Okay, not all the gays go cruising, or have threeway or go to striper party, sure but some of them do… Most of them, it’s not cliché.
   I really don’t find Looking full of stereotypes. It’s quite the opposite. And in this week episode, it continues. Actually, they kinda explore this cliché side. Sometimes, when society expects you to act a certain way, you do it because it is what is expected of you. But, if you can think about and reflect on it, then it’s not a cliché.

   So, let’s dig in the episode and review what happened to our beloved San Francisco gays !

Patrick : “I’m gonna get you drunk tonight

   Patrick, Patrick, Patrick…. Oh God, you’re so terrible on dates ! Okay, last week it wasn’t your fault with the stupid doctor but lying, on the metro, to Richie wasn’t nice. This week was way worst. It really feels like Patrick wants to try new things, to be different from what he used to be but it doesn’t seem natural. You can’t pretend to be someone else for long, and pretending while dating Richie was a bad idea. I felt quite sad watching how awkward their date went.
    First, Patrick talked about Richie to his friends. They still haven’t had sex, because there never was an appropriate time. And Patrick revealed considering Richie as his fuckbuddy and not his boyfriend. Dom was shocked by this announcement, meaning it’s clearly out of character for Patrick. He’s experimenting. Agustin was so funny with his remarks on Latino and racism. He revealed to Patrick that most latinos are uncut, so probably Richie is. And an uncut cock is very different from a cut one, apparently for him. I don’t know if it was a joke or he was serious. In my opinion, he was joking because, from my experience, both works the same.

   Anyways, this idea of uncut cock really had Patrick thinking, he even googled it. Patrick can be very naïve and touching when he looks so inexperienced. That thought clearly made him lose focus on his date or maybe he felt too horny and really wanted to have sex with Richie. Anyways, his attitude towards Richie was so bad. Richie seemed like a serious guy, very nice and funny. He wanted to talk about the future, about his family, about personal things to see if they were compatible, Richie wanted to share and Patrick did not. Patrick acted like a careless man looking for a hook up. He wanted to go to his newly own apartment with Richie. Richie desperately tried to connect with Patrick and finally when they got home, Patrick jumped on him. It was fun at first when they take off their clothes, but when Patrick saw Richie’s cock and discovered it was cut he started laughing a bit and said he was disappointed… Oh god, you don’t say that right before having sex for the first time.
   Richie was fair and stopped it. They’re not looking for the same thing. Richie wants to be in a serious relationship while Patrick wants to experience new things. It was so sad, because they’re so cute together but it was so well written and acted. I could really relate to that moment in life when you met someone, you feel he is right for you but in the same time, you want to try new things, and live different experiences. So, you’re torn inside, you don’t know what to do and that feel is awful. I hope Patrick won’t be this lost for long and will understand Richie and him can have a great story together. I could feel the connection between them. Patrick needs to open up more about himself and dive in the relationship.

Agustin :"You’ve just gotta separate the two : sex and intimacy. Sex is getting your cock sucked or getting your ass licked… Intimacy is something else

   Agustin got the most interesting part of the episode for now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a relationship and he also is, but I really liked his part.
   First, Agustin moved out ! It was a bit emotional for Patrick and him, but for us viewers, not that much. We've only known them since last week, so okay Agustin is moving out and Patrick will be alone in his apartment for now. I enjoyed watching the guys driving in San Francisco and going to Oakland ! Yeah, Agustin is moving from San Francisco, so his artist work will improved without all the distractions. I didn’t expect it but it’s a great story for Looking. They’re really pushing the settling down couple thing.
   Agustin also revealed to the boys Frank and him had a threeway ! Patrick’s reaction was priceless, he’s so prude sometimes it’s kinda cute. Clearly, Dom is no prude and has no problems with threeways. He is very open about sexuality, but Agustn seems to reflect more about it than Dom. Patrick raised a good question about a threeway involving your boyfriend, how not to get jealous. And then came the talk about sex versus intimacy. I like Agustin’s point of view and I can understand it. Sex is just sex, it’s an act, something you do. It doesn’t mean you have to have feelings for your partner and want to share more with him. Intimacy is sharing with someone, your life, your thoughts, your habits. As Agustin is an artist, I think he has a different view of his body as other people, and specially Patrick. And the way you see your body reflects on your sexuality. I enjoyed how they explored the different points of view on sex and intimacy with the different characters. I think everybody can relate to one of them.

   That talk also opened up a reflection on cheating. For Agustin and Dom, everybody cheats. Mostly, guys cheat. So, maybe having an open relationship is the more honest way to have a relationship. This way there is no lie and betrayal. It’s like I wrote last week, gay couples have the opportunity to have a different relationship than straight, and fidelity doesn’t have to be one of the pillar of the relationship. If you admit you can cheat, maybe your relationship can grow stronger. And this can also happen for straight couples. Patrick was a bit romantic on this talk, maybe that’s his true nature. He doesn’t believe everybody cheats and he believes a couple can have a serious and faithful relationship. That's a very idealistic vision.
   We discovered one of Agustin’s art piece. The unicorn made of pictures of naked men was so cute and beautiful. I really liked it as Frank did and I’m glad Agustin finally agreed and put it on the wall. Frank is cute, but as Dom and Patrick discussed, I don’t think their couple will last. Agustin doesn’t seem to like Oakland first, he is used to go out and party and now he is staying in, at home with his boyfriend. It must be a huge adjustment for him and I feel he will struggle with it. He loves Frank, I can feel it but I’m not sure those feeling will be strong enough. The writers are nicely and very cleverly exploring the steady relationship. I can’t wait to see what will happen to those two next week.

Dom: “Once a crack head motherfucker, always a crack head motherfucker

   Dominic is one grumpy man ! I loved his attitude this week, he really made me laugh when they talked to Pat and Agustin. He was so grumpy because he had a date with Ethan ! I knew it since during trip to Oakland, he seemed like he had an appointment he didn't want to miss. And I knew it would be Ethan, after last week episode. I’m glad we’re seeing Ethan right away. I feared the writers would drag this story for too long, and now. Dom had coffee… refresh tea with Ethan.
   Ethan is hot but he isn’t the way I expected him. We knew he was an asshole but God… he really is that bad, right from the start. Such an arrogant bastard. He made Dom order and pay for his tea and his protein bars ; and he totally stole the conversation. He made Dom so uncomfortable. I had some ex boyfriends just like Ethan, asshole who makes you feel so bad about yourself. Ethan talked about how sorry he was about the way he treated him, how glad he was Dom reconnected and how he has grown and is better now. And he ended up on saying he wanted to be friend with Dom…. Poor Dominic… And to finish the awkward and awful talk, Ethan asked Dom about his work. Dom hated being a waiter 7 years ago but he still is one…
   I like they put Ethan as the sterotyped LA Guy. It was funny and nice opposition to San Francisco's Dom. 

  Dom tried to find comfort with the help of Grindr application. His booty call came quickly, because he actually lives in the same building ! How weird. He was even weirder when he mentioned last time he grindred, the guy had kids in the room next door. They did their affair, in front of a mirror and standing. It was sexy. I really like the way they showed nudity and sexuality on Looking. It always feels realistic and not overplayed. And I saw a bit of Murray Bartlett's ass
   Doris is quite the comic relief. Everytime she appears, I’m laughing out loud. She is so funny. I loved her comments on Dom’s fuckbuddy, how he sung and how tiny he was. Her comment on Dom’s look was brilliant. And, the girl has a big heart. Last week she was angry at Dom and last night she understood why he wanted to talk to Ethan. It’s part of his process. I could understand that, it felt so real. I had many friends, mostly girls actually, who had a terrible ex boyfriend but still they would call him once to try to reconnect. And even if it was stupid and hurtful, they had to do it. That way, they finally realized how horrible the guy was and that she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. And that was happened to Dom.
   I loved it when Dom came to the hotel to see Ethan, even if he had his clients near by. Dom’s talk was powerful and very satisfying. Ethan was such an asshole, he totally deserved it. Dom was touching, finally realizing such a fool he was to fall for this guy, who is a selfish and arrogant son of a bitch. Dom can move on now. I hope he will open up his restaurant, it could be a great place for the guys to meet up an have dates there !

Looking for Uncut” was a great installment for Looking. The writers are keeping their promise to have a realistic show with true characters. I can’t wait for next week, and you ?

Gay notes :
• So, Patrick is from Colorado ? And what’s the deal with his family ? I want to meet his parents now ! Do you think he hasn’t come out yet ?
• Who’s your favorite couple ? Patrick & Richie ? Agustin & Frank or Dom & Doris ? You know my pick!
• Are you glad we met Ethan ? Do you think he will be back ?
• When will Agustin and Frank break up ? 3 months ? 6 months ? 1 year ?

   What did you think of “Looking for Uncut” ? Will you keep watching this show ? Hit the comments !

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