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Looking – 1.01 – Looking for Now - Preview

   This Sunday, HBO new comedy “Looking” will premiere, paired with a new episode of “Girls”. It was an obvious choice to air those two shows on the same night, as “Looking” is being presented as a “Girls” alike but with gays and in San Francisco. Of course, there are similarities : a contemporary show about friends, love and sex, but after watching the pilot, titled “Looking for Now”, I’m not so sure it’s accurate actually.
   “Girls” is already in its third season, so it’s difficult to compare it to a new show, and Lena Dunham had some troubles during season 1 finding the right balance between comedy and drama. Finally, in season 2, she realized her show was more a drama than a comedy so when she embraced this path, the show became excellent. So, Looking’s writers are not going to do the same mistake, it really feels this show is a drama, but don’t worry, there are some really funny lines and scenes. The pilot is the right balance, I hope they’ll continue on this path.

   So, what is “Looking” all about ? To make it simple, it’s about three gay men living in San Francisco. Let’s meet the characters (I gave them nicknames because I’m really bad at remembering names) :
 - Patrick (played by Jonathan Groff), aka No Hairs. He’s 27, works in video games and it’s the main character of the show – he got the more screen time. Patrick is quite charming but yet single and he is looking for love. He really feels real, he’s the character I relate the most to, for now. He is changing and evolving, discovering new things. My favorite line : “It feels like I’m having a physical”
- Augustin (played by Frankie J. Alvarez) aka Beard. He is a bit older than Patrick, 30 something and he is an artist. I have no doubt writers will explore his artist side and the doubts he can have being a contemporary artist. (I’m sure many people won’t understand his first piece). He has a boyfriend, a very hot boyfriend.
- Dom (played by Murray Bartlett) aka Moustache. He is the oldest of the group. It’s a fabulous idea to add an older character to the show, contrary to Girls. His character will raise questions about how to deal with getting older, when you’re 40 and you start to reflect on your life. He’s clearly the kinkiest one, but as he is getting older, his charm is being tested.

   There are also minor characters, as it’s the pilot they don’t get much time but I’m pretty sure we will see again the boy Patrick talked in the sub, Dom’ special friend and Augustin’s assistant.

    What can you expect from “Looking for Now” ? All that :

 - Nudity…. Or not. I was quite surprised, being HBO and a gay show, I expected to see lot of naked men and some asses but no. There is not much nudity.
- Sex ! Even if we don’t see much, they keep their clothes on okay, but they kiss and it’s very smooth and sexy. Also, there is a threeway and some cruising !
- Important life moments, like getting married or moving in together.
- Awkward scenes like meeting your ex in the toilet, having a really bad first date, being rejected from a co worker or watching a weird strip tease.
- Popular stuffs as Instagram, Ok Cupid…
- Ex boyfriends ! One of the guy will try to reconnect with an ex while another one will try avoid his ex.

   Looking is more than just a show about three gay guys living in San Francisco in 2014. It really reflects on our society and on our lives. For me, it felt very real, well written and brilliantly acted. I could easily understand those characters and what they are going through. It’s a show about being gay today. A show like that was missing on television. Maybe I’m saying this because I’m gay and the stories told happened to me or to someone I know but I’d like to think there is something more.
   Of course, there was controversy when Looking was announced. I’ve read over the internet many complains about people saying we did not need a gay show, or to watch gay sex on TV. It made me a bit angry I must confess. I think we need every kind of show on TV, with every kind of people in it. And, actually it’s quite stupid to say it’s a gay show so it’s for gays, not for straights to watch. Especially for Looking, because it’s so realistic, touching, not cliché at all, funny, it is interesting for straight people to watch it. The questions, the problems, the choices the characters are facing are very common for people, from their twenties to their forties living in our world.

   I must confess this is the first time I wrote a preview for a new show, I found it a bit difficult so I really hope I made you want to watch it !
   Don’t miss the premiere of Looking, this Sunday on HBO ! … and you can find my full review right after the episode aired.

Gay notes :
• Moustache is the thing for men in 2014, right ?
• Which guys is your favorite ? (just by his look for now)
• Which themes do you want “Looking” to explore ? Adoption ? Marital life ? Sex ?

Hit the comments, straights and gays !

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