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Hostages - Season Finale - Review: Did the president die?

After 15 episodes of conspiracies, lies, murders, affairs, betrayals, double-crosses, secrets and many more things, the Hostages two-hour finale finally answered the question: will Ellen kill the president?

The answer is: no. Ellen did not kill the president, but instead saved his life during a thought-to-be terrorist attack. But that's only one of the several things that happened in the finale. Once again, I am doing this review going character by character.

Ellen saved the president's life, but she did get the bone marrow to save Nina's as well. Furthermore, she confessed the assassination plan to the First Lady. Although she couldn't forget what Brian did to her, and she even wanted to live seperately from him and her kids, she was ultimately reunited with her family (and their dog!) at the end of the episode.
Fleeing the house with Morgan, Brian quickly felt they were being followed. After stopping at a restaurant, he shot and killed the guy that followed them. They then went to Jake, only to be recaptured by Archer. And in the end, he and his family lived happily ever after.
Having known about her father's affair from the beginning, Morgan is quickly to conclude that her mom wants to live seperately from her dad. But eventually, they are a family again (and no, she didn't give birth yet!).
Not a lot to say here other than Brian and Morgan's storylines. After having faked his death, he is recaptured by Archer, but in the end walks away safely from the entire situation.
Having decided to let Archer eliminate her, Duncan changes his mind and "kindly" requests Sandrine to help him. After once again switching sides, Sandrine tries to find Nina and Sawyer but fails. However, she does save Duncan and Kramer in Blair's house which makes them even. She helps Duncan taking down Blair and then walks away to see her son and to travel around - with Kramer!
After Duncan changed his orders regarding Sandrine, Archer gets suspicious about Duncan's motives. He wants to get paid at all costs, and that only happens when the president dies, so he recaptures Brian, Morgan and Jake. When he learns the president didn't die and that Duncan betrayed him, he confronts the latter. When Archer gets the upper hand and threatens to shoot Duncan, Kramer shoot and kills Archer.
He helped Duncan get his wife and daughter back and saved Duncan from getting shot by Archer. In the end, he walks off into the sunset with Sandrine.
Duncan saves his wife and daughter by threatening Blair with Vanessa's help. After killing the aforementioned Colonel and being attacked by Archer, he is reunited with Nina and Sawyer. He says goodbye to both of them and in the end surrenders to the police.
President Kincaid
Having survived the surgery just fine (minus a bone marrow), his happiness to be alive is shattered when he learns that his wife found out the truth and that he has to pay for what he did.
Being set free by Blair, she reunites with Kramer, Duncan and Burton. She then decides to have the president's bone marrow despite firmly disagreeing with what her husband did.
With mom going back to the hospital, and dad turning himself into the feds, Sawyer might have to remain at grandpa's a little longer.
After Duncan decided to turn himself in, Burton promised to take care of his wife and daughter.
First Lady
Having found out that Ellen has been lying to her, FLOTUS confronts Ellen and demands answers. After learning the truth, she decides to help Ellen get her husband's bone marrow. Post-surgery, she confronts Kincaid and learns he killed her brother. Although she seemed ready to kill him, she tells him he is going to have to answer for his crimes.
Blair kidnapped Nina and Sawyer and tells Duncan he will release them once the president is dead. Unfortunately for Blair, Duncan doesn't take that for an answer and lures Vanessa into helping him. Vanessa once again double-crosses Blair with a trick and after having freed Duncan's family, he is killed by Duncan when he tries to escape.
La femme fatale of the show gets a gun pointed to her at the end of episode 14. Duncan asks her for Blair's location but she insists they are not working together anymore. She then offers to help Duncan take out Blair. After learning her brother-in-law didn't die, she tells her sister the truth about Peter's death.
During the crisis in the hospital (which was set up by Logan), Logan manages to get Ellen, the president and himself in an operating room without anyone else. When he instructs Ellen to make sure the president is dead, she injects him with some sleepy medication. When he wakes up, he is taken away for a medical check-up while being surprised that the president is still alive.

It was a good season-ender (series?) that nicely tied up all of the storylines for the main characters. I did have some problems with this episode, but the biggest one was the dog. Seriously, WHY? Why did we need a scene with that dog after the family reunion? It's not like we didn't know from the pilot that the dog was still alive. Also, we haven't seen this dog like 10 episodes? Totally unnecessary scene, and it kind of ruined the family reunion for me.

I also didn't really see any need for Duncan to turn himself in other than his redemption. I mean, sure, there were some bodies unaccounted for but it was not like he instantly became the most wanted criminal in the world. I also didn't like the fact that Logan and Vanessa walked away at the end, but I'd like to believe that Duncan makes sure they are arrested. Maybe Vanessa even told the assassination plan to her sister when she told the truth about Peter.

What did you think of the season (series) finale? Were you surprised the president survived? Were you satisfied by all the characers' endings?

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