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Helix - Episode 1.03 - 274 - Preview

Last week, SyFy’s new series Helix premiered with a 2-hour horror flick-inspired hunt through the ducts of an isolated scientific outpost in the Artic for a “not quite human,” infection-spreading, black-goo-dripping scientist. In a twist delivered within the first five minutes of this week’s return episode, the tone shifts.

This next installment, episode 3 of the series, airs Friday night on the SyFy Network. The series is produced by Ronald Moore, best known as the man behind the Battlestar Galactica remake. This week there’s a mix of hope, fatigue, fear, panic, and urgency, as the scientists race the clock to reach full containment and develop hard scientific data to send to the CDC headquarters during the brief period of satellite connectivity, in an effort to get some help.

There are, of course, complications. We last left Julia being assaulted in the showers by infected Peter, and the consequences of that encounter unfold as the episode progresses.

We see Balleseros and Doreen teamed up again – their quest again centered on a monkey mystery. And we learn more about Hataki and his firm’s objective.

The suspense doesn’t let up. If you enjoyed last week, the show is worth revisiting. Helix is quickly become one of my favorites, and this third episode may be even stronger than the first two hours.

I’ll be posting a more comprehensive review after the episode airs. Please come back to visit and discuss what you thought.