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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 4 - Jorge Garcia to Return as Jerry

You heard it here first Jorge Garcia is set to return to Hawaii Five-0! Jorge posted this photo below on his Instagram account (@pronouncedhorhay) earlier today outside the new Diamond Head Studios (where the original H50 and Lost was also filmed) saying 'I had to go back'. And Alcatraz co-creator and Producer and writer Steven Lilien confirmed on Twitter by replying 'The return of Jerry...' (the character that Jorge played on 4.03 of Hawaii Five-0. No mention of what episode but they are back filming this week of 4.15 or 4.16 which now Peter has confirmed that CBS has cut back 2 episoes this season by only doing 22 episodes from what Peter mentioned yesterday.

Great start with news for the H50 fans! Can't wait to see Grace returning to Hawaii this Friday night as listed as one of the Top 10 news pieces of 2013 on Spoiler TV of Grace returning.

Pics of proof: Jorge:

Steven Lilien Confirmation: