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Braquo - Season 3 - Promotional poster (and Kaboul Kitchen's)

As I roamed the streets today, I noticed a few billboards carrying this great poster and its vertical counterpart :

You could translate the tagline "À la vie, à la mort" as "In life, as in death".

BETC Paris created this for Canal+. The new season of Braquo launches on Monday, February 10 at 8:55pm. It will subsequently be released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 7, and it will undoubtedly air on FX (UK) and streaming on Hulu (USA) in the coming months.

Until Braquo comes back, there's currently a great comedy on Canal+ on Mondays, Kaboul Kitchen.

As I know there are countless fans of the show on SpoilerTV, I might as well put its promotional poster here too.

The 12-episode second season of this funny comedy series set in Kabul (shot in Morrocco) premiered on January 13 and will end next Monday, February 3.

Yep, there's an American character in the main cast (Harvey Stein played by David Gasman, on the right) because the main protagonist, Jacky Robert (Gilbert Melki, center) ends up working as an informant for the CIA in order to get his restaurant (destroyed at the end of last season, before he was kidnapped for a few months) back in business. On the left is Jacky's "friend", Colonel Amanulah (Simon Abkarian, awesome as always), who was a fan favorite in the first season (he is hilarious indeed, and yet also a very bad man). I have yet to see episode 2.03, but so far so good, the CIA plot works well (and hey, almost 2% of the first two episodes are in English!).

"Ici, c'est toujours blindé" could be translated as "Here, it's always loaded" — 'blindé' is a nickname for a tank, but it can also be used to say someone is very rich. I love puns. It matches the one from the season 1 poster :

"Ici, on a la détente facile" could mean both "here, we relax easily" and "here, we're a happy trigger", détente having several meanings.

Credits for the artistic direction/photos : Yves Charlot. His studio is also in charge of the posters of other Canal+ series, including the great comedy Platane (both season 1 and season 2), the 3-hour TV movie Flight of the Storks, and season 4 of drama series Mafiosa (ending its run with a final 8-episode fifth season this Spring).

Here's a trailer (subtitled in English) of the first season :