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American Horror Story Coven - Episode 3.12 – Go to Hell - Review : “Not the Hell, but Your Hell”

   Last night, American Horror Story Coven offered us its 12th episodes, wisely titled “Go to Hell” because we went to hell, literally.
   Usually, in AHS past seasons, the episode before the season finale is all about finishing off storylines and opening something big and new for the season finale. In season one, Vivien died giving birth and the season finale was all about the Harmons as ghosts ; last year Briarcliff was closed and we jumped in time in the season finale. This year, Coven’s 12th episode followed the same path : many twists, many deaths ! Many storylines came to an end, but it doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. I’ll express my point of view at the end, now let’s review what happened…Meaning who died and how !

   After last week episode, we were all left wondering what would happen to Marie Laveau. Well, we got the answer tonight. Thanks to Queenie, as the only black witch in the Coven now, she was the only one to care about what happened to the second black witch. She used descensum (one of the Seven Wonders !) to go the afterlife’s realm ! First, she was in Hell, but not the Hell but her Hell, aka at Chubbie’s, selling chicken. Papa Legba explained that to her ! I’m glad he is back and he got to meet Queenie. I love his eyes ! Anyways, Queenie showed him she was a powerful witch, a potential Supreme so Legba let her know what happened to Marie… And it was horrible.

   Yeah, Delphine La Laurie chopped up Marie’s body into 50 pieces. Marie gave her the idea last week, and it was a brilliant idea. That way, Marie Laveau is dead, even if she is still technically alive. She can’t do anything. Marie maybe deserved a better end as she was the Voodoo Queen, but I’m glad Delphine took her revenge on her. LaLaurie was looking kinda Dextery killing Laveau, I loved that. Delphine is a psychopath and mostly she wanted to get her revenge on what Marie did to her. It was a great revenge, a bloody one. So, goodbye Marie… Or maybe we will see you again !

   Queenie wanted to avenge Marie and she had the best idea while drinking coco with Papa Legba. Delphine is immortal as long as Marie Laveau lives, and Marie Laveau is immortal because she made a deal with Legba. But now, she is chopped up into pieces all over New Orleans, she can not perform him a service a year. So, the deal is broken, Delphine La Laurie is mortal.
   Queenie found Delphine quickly, she was not that far. Delphine was posing as the tour guide in her former home. It was fun watching Delphine trying to redeem her name, explaining Madame La Laurie never killed anyone, she was just a misunderstood visonnary. Kathy Bates was so amazing again, and I love seeing her in a modern look. Delphine finally had her makeover !

   Queenie tried once last time to convince Delphine to redeem and to repent herself. But Delphine did not. Her excuse was kinda lame I must say. Explaining what she watched on television, politics making amends for their mistakes disgusted her and made her sure she was right all along. I don’t really get it. She showed signs of remorse, she cried, she shared time with Queenie (the fast food !). Now, her tears were just disgust for our world where a white man and a black man are considered equal. It seems out of character to me. I understand many people see Delphine was a horrible racist and she deserved what she got but I don’t see her just like that. I’m not a racist, I can’t forgive racism but I always felt so much humanity into Delphine, thanks to Kathy Bates’ performance, that I don’t believe she is truly racist. She is a psychopath, she enjoys killing people but they are all psychopaths killing other people in this show.
   Madame Delphine LaLaurie had to die, that’s sure but I didn’t want it this way. I truly believe she could have repent or at least try while living in our world and maybe find peace at last. But no, she was angry and narrow minded so Queenie took a knife and stabbed her in the heart, in her attic. So Madame LaLaurie finally died, in where she killed so many. She was surprised and I loved her last word “I don’t wanna die”. And Queenie’s answer was perfect “Tough shit. Who does ?”.

   Delphine soon found out death doesn’t mean the end. For her sins, she was sent to Hell, for eternity. And as Papa Legba previously stated, not the Hell but her Hell. So, Delphine was trapped in her old attic, along with her daughters. It’s an acceptable end for Delphine. She was bad and horrible, now she is in Hell. I just wished she lived a bit much longer and repented before…
   Now, she will suffer for eternity and Marie Laveau is there to make sure of it. She will torture her, cut her throat, torture her daughters, etc. That’s when Marie realized she died too. She thought to be immortal, only to realize she was not. Her soul belonged to Legba forever, so she has to do what he wants, forever. She will torture Delphine over and over.

   Both, Delphine and Marie, are in Hell. They are stuck with their worst enemy, for eternity. It’s actually a nice end to those characters, but some way it feels kind of easy and useless. Okay, they have sinned and they are trapped in Hell forever. But they’re alone and in another reality so why should we care ?
   Anyway, Delphine and Marie died but they were not the only one. Another third main character died and it was…

   Fiona ! She died ! Like really really died…. Seriously. I’m still under shock.

   First of all, Fiona feeling her end is coming soon, decided to get her portrait done. She looked amazing, powerful and very calm on it. Myrtle came with flowers and some funny lines, even if it was short, I always enjoyed Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange' scenes together. Sick Fiona had to stop the painting when her nose started bleeding.

   Fiona explained the Seven Wonders to Queenie. Finally, we got to see what those wonders are ! I’ll deal with that later (and also, I'll publish an article this weekend about those wonders and the Supreme candidates). Fiona ordered Queenie to perform the seven wonders or die trying it. Cordelia hear the news and so she came to stop Fiona. It was probably Fiona’s plan all along, as Fiona is full of surprises, as Cordelia brilliantly stated. She wanted to say goodbye to her daughter, giving her a beautiful necklace, from her own mother. It was touching but I’m having real difficulties understanding Fiona and Cordelia’s relationship. I’m not even sure the writers do either. They keep pushing them away then getting them closer, only to make them hate each other once again.
   And when you think Fiona is doing something good, just for love, Cordelia’s power came back in or just manifested again, as Fiona explained it Cordelia always had her powers in her, to show how cruel and manipulative Fiona can be. Cordelia’s vision was my favorite scene of the episode, maybe of the season. The directing was brilliant. It showed the witches (Madison, Zoe, Misty, Queenie and Cordelia) dead, killed by Fiona in different ways (I like how Zoe died). Apparently, Myrtle survived or died before this vision. I hope she will be the last living witch ! So Fiona is planning to get rid of the witches so she could live a little longer. That is pure selfishness !

   Knowing her mother is going to kill everyone, Cordelia felt no choice but to visit the Axeman. After exposing how manipulative, selfish and cruel her mother really is, Cordelia left. Sarah Paulson is rocking this episode, really. She played the weak Cordelia for so long, I like her better as the blind but stronger Cordelia. She is more interesting and intelligent this way. But, not this time.
   Her speech to the Axeman was great, speaking from experience, Fiona is not capable of love and she was planning to fly away without him after killing the witches. Axeman was quite troubled with this revelation… Stupid Cordelia, you did not guess what would happen ?
   Well, when Fiona came to see the Axeman, he realized Cordelia’s vision was right. Fiona had been using him all along. Honestly, I don’t understand that either. They showed Fiona’s love story was her first time in love, getting closer to someone. And now, she explained it was just because she was sick and lonely, she wanted to feel anything and now she will be fine, Fiona didn't need him anymore. I don’t buy that. She seemed really happy with him, it was her first chance at love and happiness. The whole irony was she was experimenting it right before dying. Now, it turned out to be a lie, Axeman was just a distraction to Fiona. I don’t know if it’s the truth or Fiona was just protecting herself by isolating herself. We did not have the chance to find out because the Axeman killer her, with his axe !

   Seriously, I’m a bit angry at Ryan Murphy. Last week, I said I thought only Cordelia should be the one to kill Fiona. The Axeman was a terrible choice, I’d rather see Madison killing Fiona. He is just a human, he was jealous and felt betrayed by the woman he loved. That’s not what I expected from AHS. I’m very disappointed and it kinda ruin the whole episode for me. Fiona died stupidly, killed by her lover. She should have known he would hurt her after her revelation. She didn’t even try to run or to use her powers. Fiona deserved a better end in my opinion. She was a terrible Supreme, a bad mother but she was the Coven’s best enemy and also its greatest asset. I will miss you Fiona Goode.
    Oh and no hope for Fiona to come back, the Axeman gave her body to the alligators. Even Misty Day can’t bring her back.

   Yeah, Misty is back ! Not much of a surprise as it was expected. Still, Cordelia’s search for her took some time. She first interrogated Madison, the culprit. But the young witch showed some great power, using transmutation and concilium (two of the wonders !). Cordelia did not see anything while touching Madison, it really seemed like Madison controlled Cordelia’s mind and blocked the vision. Nice job bitch !
   But Cordelia did not stop and finally had a vision of Misty in the cemetery. She took Queenie along, and the girl showed some powers again ! She has telekinesis now (one of wonders...). Queenie broke off the wall and used vitalum vitalis to bring Misty back from the dead. I’m really fond of Queenie, so I don’t know if I’m partial or not but she clearly is proving herself to be the next Supreme tonight. She is smart and powerful, everything a Supreme needs.

   Back at the Academy, Madison felt lonely because she actually was alone with Myrtle. Myrtle is always so good in her scenes, I love her. When she explained to Madison Cordelia was bringing back Misty back to the Coven, Madison's face was priceless.
   Zoe and Kyle came back to the Coven ! They went to Florida, but when a homeless man came angry at them, FranckenKyle killed him ! Zoe discovered a new power (one of the wonders !), she brought him back to life. Now she thinks she is the Supreme ! No girl, every witch can do that around here !
   Misty Day came back and she beat the shit out of Madison. Lily Rabe was amazing, I miss seeing her angry and crazy like in season one or two. I’m glad Misty finally showed some character and strength. Her cat fight with Madison was hilarious and so painful for Madison. Kinda remind me of Emma Roberts’ part in Scream 4.

   Axeman came to the Academy to kill the witches, but he soon realiazed it was harder than killing one Supreme. The girls killed him, the same way witches did in the 50’s. He was stabbed everywhere and he totally deserved it. Axeman always felt kinda useless to me and now he killed Fiona, he clearly deserved what he got.
   I really like the way he dies, especially when the girls were united against him. He killed the Supreme so he had to die, Queenie was the first to point it out. FrankenKyle tried to be useful but he is not. He may be the guard dog of the Coven, it was really much better when Madison axed the Axeman and then, all using telekinesis to grab a knife, they stabbed him multiple tmes.... Like multiple multiple times. It was fun.
  Myrtle as always was delightful. I loved her comment on Cervantes. You're one of a kind Myrtle Snow.

   So, I’m kinda disappointed by this season, the start was great but it became slow and now a bit boring. It feels like there is no character evolution. From the pilot to now, only Myrtle has changed since her death and Cordelia since she self mutilated. Otherwise, Madison is still a bitch, Zoe is in love with Kyle, Queenie is Queenie, Misty Day is the same, Fiona never was a real enemy to the Coven or an true ally, she kept changing her game every week, Delphine was a racist psycho killer all along and Marie was an arrogant Voodoo Queen from the begining. Luke’s storyline with his mother felt kinda useless too. I wished they'd explore religious against witchcraft but no. Luke's mother was just a psycho, she killed her son so Nan killed her.
   American Horror Story has been really great and amazing before, it still is. This show is nothing like anything on television. But Coven is the weakest season for me. The start was great, watching witches playing with powers. Fiona and Marie were great enemies but the writers never really developed that.
   It felt like it was missing something. Like a big villain or a really dire threat. The Minotaur, the Witch Hunters are not that scary or powerful. They never really seem dangerous to the witches, and they did die quickly and easily. Past seasons there were something big, dangerous that the characters had to fight to survive. There was something at stakes. In season one, there was a curse on the house and last year was the Briarcliff institution. This year, it felt like there were small dangers but not a real big one. I’ve missed that tension. Everybody died in Coven, but they all came back. So, I think the writers needed to add more risk and danger against the Coven to make us care about those witches.

  Anyways, we will always have Myrtle Snow, and I'm glad with that. She is the highlight of the season, for me Frances Conroy gave the best performances this year. I'm really happy she is on the show, and what she has done with Myrtle is just amazing. If Myrtle wasn't there, otherwise this season would have been kinda poor.

  Now Fiona is dead, a new Supreme has to rise ! Finally ! As Fiona was a terrible Supreme, she did not take the time to reveal her successor. So, Cordelia and Myrtle had to find out which one is the Supreme. Next week, all the girls are doing the Seven Wonders ! What are the Seven Wonders, you wonder ? Here they come :

1. Telekinesis
2. Concilium (control of the mind)
3. Transmutation
4. Divination
5. Vitalum Vitalis (balancing of scales between one life force and another)
6. Descensum (a descent into the nether worlds of afterlife)
7. Pyrokinesis

   And you, what did you think of this episode ? What your guess for the Supreme ? Are you happy with all those deaths ? Put your spell books down and hit the comments !

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