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The Walking Dead - Episode 04.08 - Too Far Gone - Review : Liar

   First of all, I’m really sorry for being so late posting my review. I know a week passed since the episode aired, but it was a hard week for me between work problems and home problems, you know what they say about Friday the 13th…
   Anyways, let’s get the midseason finale reviewed ! “Too Far Gone” was a great installment, it came as a resolution of season 3 and first part of season 4. The Governor’ storyline is finished and so is the prison. At last they are getting out of there ! It was about time, we need a new setting so the characters could evolve and break their routine. The sickness was a way to change the pace and to show how vulnerable their lives are, but the prison had run its course and change is coming.
   But actually, I expected more and better from The Walking Dead midseason finale. It was a good episode but it could have been so much better. This episode should have been last year finale. It kinda mades the first half of season 4 a giant filler episode.

   The Governor or Brian or One Eye, pick how you want to call him, convinced his new people to take the prison… This ex-military group is quite stupid. The man just got here a week ago, their leaders were killed and he took over. Now, they are in to take over the prison and kill people. Okay, he told them they were murderers and thieves, they burnt his camp and hurt his eyes but still, they have no proof but his words. He could easily been lying, and he actually is !
   Well, Philip (that’s his real name right ?) took Hershel and Michonne hostages, as predicted from the last episodes. Hershel tried to convince him to stop and share the prison, but The Governor is one selfish son of bitch, he doesn’t care about people inside the prison, they are not his family so he has no problem killing them. Psycho. Michonne’ speech was more efficient : she wants to kill him. Go girl ! Also, it’s true it’s kinda hard to imagine Brian living in the prison and sharing his meals with Michonne and Rick. They can not live together, he did too much harm to them. There is no way out, no peaceful resolution for The Governor and our beloved survivors.
   The Governor’s attack on the prison happened at the right time for Rick and Daryl. Rick finally told Daryl what happened to Carol. I must say that was not the reaction I’ve hoped from Daryl. He was pissed off, and he kinda did not believe Carol would do that but he understood Rick’s decision. And when Rick started talking about Tyreese’s reaction, Daryl acted the right way : went tell Tyreese everything right away. They found him, just when he was looking for them. He found a rabbit or a rat, I couldn’t really see, opened up and studied. Rick was ready to tell him Carol was Karen’s killer and could not have opened up that animal, Brian shot the prison, with his tank !

   Yes, Brian is attacking the prison with a tank ! Clearly, not the best idea if you want to keep the prison safe. His people didn’t seem to care that much. Everyone in the prison came running outside to find Brian and his friends besieging them. When Philip showed he had two hostages : Michonne and Hershel, Rick decided to go out and talk him down. I must say Rick’s monologue was amazing. Andrew Lincoln proved he can deliver so much layers to Rick. The Governor was just too cold, no way to talk him down. He knew what he wanted, he wants to prison and he will have it not matter what. Also, he wants to kill Rick, Michonne and everyone that betrayed him.
   In my opinion, Rick found the right words. He'd convince me, if I were The Governor. But, I’m not and he is so narrow minded he didn’t even listen to Rick. He kept saying he has a tank ! So, when Rick threatened him, telling him they would fight him, The Governor cut Hershel’s head, right in front of his daughters, right next to Michonne, right in front of his people. It was so sad and tragic. I will miss you Hershel !

   After that horrible decapitation, nice make up by the way, all heel brooke loose in the prison ! Rick was shot at, his leg was injured and he hide himself so Daryl, Maggie and co could shot their assailants. I loved watching Beth with a gun ! So much improvement from season 2, she is really growing on me.
   So, everyone shot at everyone. Michonne got away, Beth was in charge of putting people on the bus, Maggie shot people with Daryl and Carol taught the children right, instead of running, little girls decided to take on guns !
   The whole attack scene was really intense. Everyone's life was at risk, anybody could die. Luckily, not many characters we loved died. I loved Alicia from last week, well Lizzie shot her in the head so… I should stop liking new characters !
   Anyways, Rick found The Governor, they fought. Rick was winning first but afterwards, The Governor got the upper hand and as he was slowly choking him, Michonne finally stabbed him and stopped him. Rick survived, Brian did not. Finally, Michonne got her revenge on him. It would like better if she fought him a little before but well… The Governor is dead, that's all mattered.

   I’m glad Philip finally kicked the bucket, but I had many problems with this episode. A lot of things did not make much sense for me. Like, during the attack on the prison, Daryl used a dead walker as a bulletproof shield… Since when bullets stay in walkers corpse ? Usually they passed through ther bodies. Also, why The Governor did not shoot Rick ? He waited and waited, choking him slowly, without checking his back. Michonne had an easy job killing him. I’m not even mentioning Megan’s mother being the one who really put an end to The Governor. She’s in the show since 3 episodes, nobody really cares for her, why choose her to end Brian’s life ? Michonne should have cut his head. She was the only one that should kill him, after everything that happened.
   Speaking of Megan, Penny’ surrogate, how stupid is her mother ? It’s a post apocalyptic world, with walkers everywhere, why do you let your kid play in the mud far from you ? You know you have to keep your loved ones close to you, literally close to you, so you can grab them and protect them right away, and not run and scream while your daughter is being bitten by a walker. Philip’s reaction to Megan’s death was surprising. I thought he would have cared more about her, he just put a bullet in her head. Also, not the best idea to walk with your daughter’s body in your arms, she could have woken up and bite you.
   Bye Bye Megan ! 

   Last time we saw the prison, walkers were all around it. Today, The Governor and his friends are alone in front of fences. How convenient. The Governor’s new group is so stupid. They followed him to the prison, willing to attack it and murder people inside. Now, they have destroyed the prison, the fences are down, the walkers are in, so what was point ? Just getting killed to accomplish someone else's revenge ? When Rick told them they could stay with them, that people from The Governor’s last group were living with them, nobody moved. If they are trusting Brian with no proof, why not trust Rick ?
   And finally, what was the point of the two last episodes ? They showed us Brian trying to change and to make the right calls but quickly, we realized he was just the same psycho, selfish and revengeful killer from Woodsbury. I’m not really understanding what the writers wanted to demonstrate. Rick changed but The Governor could not ? Why waste two episodes for that ? Or they could have got The Governor killed last year, it would not have changed a thing. There never was a real hope of redemption for him. So, why letting him live last season just to bring him back and kill him finally ? Feels like the whole first half of season 4 had no point.
   So, those things disappointed me a bit. The Walking Dead used to be more clever and careful with its writing. Maybe I’m expecting too much from it, but past seasons, there always were great and surprising finales, this one is my least favorite of all.
   And I’m not even talking about that cliffhanger : Rick and Carl got reunited, in a touching moment, but they found Judi'th seat, but it was empty and quite bloody ! Did Judith got eaten ? For her familyn, Judith is a goner. I’m not so sure. We did not see a body, or at least a part of her body, or walkers attacking her. She could be alive, taken by one of the survivors (Lizzie or Tyreese). I’m not jumping to conclusion too quickly. If she is really dead, it’s sad but it’s a baby, in that kind of world, it was expected for her not to live longer. She can’t defend herself. But, I’m not sure if Rick can accept another loose after Lori’s death. Last time he turned crazy, he was just feeling to get better so I hope for his own good, Judith is well and alive.

   What did you think of “Too Far Gone” ? Was it an awesome midseason finale or did you feel a bit disappointed as I did ? Hit the comments bitters !

Walkers stuffs : 
•  Where are you guys ? Let’s recap : Daryl and Beth are running together ; Maggie left Glenn and others in the bus and stayed with injured Bob and Sasha ; Tyreese got left alone by the children ; Rick and Carl are reunited, they will probably meet up with Michonne.
   The survivors are separated and it’s not a good thing when walkers are everywhere and attacking you. Who do you think will survive in February ? I’m not seeing Tyresse surviving alone.
• The children saving Tyreese’s life : Carol was right teaching them ! Do you think it’s the first step to Tyreese accepting what Carol did ?
• Hershel is dead ! I’m so sad he is gone, he was one of my favorite. I loved his centric episode this season. You will be missed Mr.
• Where do you think the survivors will be heading ? A new town ?
• Low body counts for a finale. Only Hershel and Brian. Did you expect more casualties ? Is Judith dead or not ?

Romain Ossust (aka Julian Denton) I'm 27 from France, living near Paris. I love a lot of TV shows, I can not name them all but here the ones that came to my mind : Orphan Black, True Blood, Dexter, Weeds, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, 24, Ab Fab, Carnivale, Lost, The Americans, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Ugly Betty, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, Grey’s Anatomy .
Otherwise, I’m also very fond of cats, I own 5 of them. I work as an administrative assistant, in one of the greatest place to work in France. I also enjoy sunbathing, reading and having fun ! I hate doing sports !

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