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The Tomorrow People - Mark Pellegrino Interview

Thanks to Swarley for the heads up.

TVLINE | Now that Jedikiah’s captured John, what are his intentions?
It’s an interesting thing that Jedikiah’s captured John. I’m just speaking from an interpretive point of view here. It’s true, canonically speaking, but it feels like it was accidental almost. Like, “I wish it didn’t have to happen, but it happened.” It happened just because he brought me to the surface and they were tracking me and they got to him. But it’s a regretful thing. And now that John is in the clutches of Ultra, Jedikiah’s got to negotiate some very strange territory. It’s not just him at Ultra now; there’s The Founder looking over his shoulder. So even if he wanted to protect John, he can’t. And then there’s the further complication of me loving somebody who’s a Tomorrow Person, who’s a possible chip in the game that Jedikiah’s caught in between the Tomorrow People and Ultra.

TVLINE | Jedikiah and John had a strong bond at one point, and even in last week’s episode, Jedikiah said he wanted him alive. Does Jedikiah have it in him to really hurt or kill John?
Jedikiah’s shown himself to be a person of very strong will. In his life, he’s acted against his emotions over and over and over again to do the thing that he thinks is right. I think he does have the strength to do something like that, as much as it would break his heart. But he could, if it was for the greater good.

Source: Full Interview @ TV Line

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