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The Mentalist - Episode 6.10 - Green Thumb - Review

NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.

Did I already say I like The Mentalist 2.0? Well, I'd say one more time. Daniel Cerone added his magic touch too with this episode. In the end, it's clear that Patrick Jane hasn't lost his mojo at all.
At the beginning of the episode, he's in jail because Agent Abbott didn't agree to his terms so he preferred detention than working with the FBI - without Lisbon and his couch, since he got his tea. Agent Fisher asks Lisbon for advice on how managing Jane. Maybe she understood that Jane only works with Lisbon. She goes to visit Jane in his jail and, for whatever reasons, he's convinced to join the FBI investigation. Lisbon might like her job as sceriff but the truth is she misses her old employment. I really enjoyed the reunion between Jane and Lisbon with Cho. The good old Ice Man has never been so happy to see his former co-workers.

Speaking of Kim Fisher, in the previous review I said I hadn't an opinion about her yet. However, "Green Thumb" didn't help me to figure her out completely. When she is investigating on the murder with Jane, Lisbon and Cho, Fisher is like out of place - which is true. The three of them have been known each others for more than 10 years. Agent Fisher is latest addiction to the team. She tries so hard to understand Jane's methods, but she fails. On the other hand, Jane has already figure her out. She's the person he met on the island, not the bossy and composed person who works at the FBI. I agree with him. He's never wrong about reading people. I think we need to know a little more the Fisher woman on the island. As if she can't find a way to it, Kim is forced to turn to Lisbon for help on how to control Jane. What surprise me is the question she asks Lisbon, "Were you two ever involved?". Lisbon doesn't deny neither says 'no', she's simply speechless. I think Fisher is interested in Jane but not in a romantic way. I think she just wants to know how to teach him to be a good cop\consulent\whatever. I bet she's accostumed to be a strict person who follows the rules, that's why she doesn't know how to handle Jane. That question seems logic. Jane and Lisbon have such an incredible chemistry that only two people who've been together can have: a relationship based on trust, looks, control, faith and love.

I think Fisher thinks she can have everything under control, but when Cho corrects her because she made a mistake during the investigation and let Jane escape from that roof, she smirks and take a step back. I'd like to see more scenes between those two in the future.
The episode also see the introduction of a new character - and I hope he will become a regular very soon - who is supposed to be a replacement of Wayne Rigsby. Wiley, the geek blonde guy who tracks down Jane in New York, so the FBI can reach him. Cho recognizes his skills, and Abbott promuoves him with a new desk next to Cho, who's not very open at jokes. The "Wiley Coyote" thing was absolutely amusing!
If you thought Red John was over, you're wrong. It seems that Jane has been plaining all long to get his terms accepted. Even writing a possible list with names of the poeple belonging to the Blake Association. (remember when Van Pelt decoded that list on her computer? Anyway, am I the only one who didn't miss Rigsby and Van Pelt in this episode?)

One of the best scene of the episode is Jane and Lisbon on the plane. I like how the authors decide to bring back their feelings. I want to see them discuss about their possible future together. Lisbon is sincere; she wants answers for his behaviour. She's afraid to lose him again and this time forever. Jane answers he's been thinking about her, that's why Lisbon is on the top of his terms. How can you blame her? How can you trust and start a relationship with someone who comes and goes whenever he wants? They're not together yet, Jane and Lisbon act like two people who are dating. I think Jane needs to figure it out if he wants Lisbon as his partner or something more. There's no sense to keep them apart, otherwise it's a way to get to know themselves without the other one. Because, in the end, if it's love, it will find its way to turn back.
The ending scene was simply perfect. In the beginning of the episode, Lisbon noticed Jane didn't wear any socks, so what surprise did she give him? Besides her new job in the FBI - Jane's threats for Abbott worked - she bought him a pair of socks! He couldn't be more surprised than a child.

Are you enjoying The Mentalist 2.0? What do you think about Kim Fisher? Is she interested in Jane? What about Jane and Lisbon's future? Do you miss Rigsby and Van Pelt?
Share your comments below.
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