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The Big Bang Theory – Episode 7.10 – The Discovery Dissipation – Review & Recap

Main Plot:

The episode explains about Sheldon being irritated with getting the attention from people by discovering a super heavy element and Raj irritating Howard while staying at his house by trying to be a better husband than he is. Sheldon is forced by the university to go to NPR for an interview for discovering a heavy element but he walks out of the interview by calling the host, Ira a bully. The way that Sheldon had that meltdown embarrassed President Siebert but it was also hilarious. President Siebert is mentioned when Sheldon talks to him on the phone but does not appear in this episode. It’s not a lie that Sheldon does not want to get recognized of his “so-called” achievements because he discovered an element that he made by mistake.

Later at Sheldon’s apartment, Amy comes over to his room and invites Wil Wheaton to try and cheer him up. I loved how the actor, who is played by himself made references about his character from Star Trek, Wesley Crusher. Despite that people made fun of Wil growing up because of his character, he was able to overcome those obstacles. Now, he notes that he is now a public speaker, author, and has a webpage about board games. He did well in trying to cheer him up but Sheldon asks him to leave. The entertaining part about this scene was where Sheldon asked Amy if there were any cookies but she said, “No”. However, he lets her in anyways because he does not deserve cookies!

Later, Sheldon’s wish comes true by Leonard rerunning the test in his lab and finds out that Sheldon’s element that he discovered doesn’t exist because a person in China faked the results. You would think that Sheldon’s happy but Leonard irritates him even more by robbing him of his greatest achievements. It was funny how Sheldon told Leonard he would rather hear a joke about a koala and an otter becoming unlikely friends just like him and Leonard. Then, Penny makes a funny comment by asking if Sheldon’s “7 friends” only includes hobbits and superheroes!! The way where Sheldon kept counting down and up his friends was hilarious. He could not make up his mind on how many friends he has!

I’m glad that I got to see Barry irritate Sheldon at his own office. What surprised me about their conversation was where Barry pretended to get his feelings hurt after Sheldon mimicked Barry’s speech impediment. Then, Barry joked about him being hurt and took the opportunity to insult Sheldon again by calling him a “re-tractor”.

Things could not get any worse for Sheldon as he finds out that Raj brought his dog to the apartment and refers her as “Jurassic Park”. This implies that he is not a fan of dogs! The hilarious part about this scene was where Penny tried to make Sheldon feel better. However, Sheldon didn't think it would make him feel better and Penny kept her mouth shut to not start an argument with him.

Sheldon comes to NPR without permission and apologizes for his behavior at NPR. Being the selfish that Sheldon usually is, Ira asks if he wants to something (meaning an apology), but the host refuses. This interview is supposed to be for Leonard. Not surprisingly, Sheldon tries to make the interview all about himself and this causes a fight between the two. At the beginning of the episode, Sheldon mentioned about yodeling to Ira, the host. Coincidentally, he interrupts Leonard's interview by yodeling on the radio.

The ending is what makes this episode one of the best written episodes of the season! While listening to their boyfriends argue on NPR, Penny marks that if she and Amy did a shot every time they said something embarrassing, it would be an epic drinking game. Even though Amy thinks it's too early to drink, she leaves the computer to get herself and Penny the vodka.


Because of termites, Raj has to stay at Bernadette and Howard’s place for a week. Raj volunteers to help clean around the house, which makes Bernadette happy. Later, she lectures Howard on how she should be a better husband to her. This causes Howard to be angry at Raj for trying to make him look bad in front of her.

After Raj interjected into their marriage many times, they kicked him out of their house. Poor Raj forgot Cinnamon’s toothbrush at Bernadette and Howard’s house after he arrived at Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. I bet he was afraid to go back there after he was kicked out!

I’m glad Raj had more screen time this week as his awkwardness towards people makes me laugh especially when he tried to barge into Amy and Sheldon’s relationship. It was entertaining where Raj brushed Cinnamon, his dog’s teeth on the couch!

Favorite Quotes:

- "Cooper, maybe physics just isn't your thing. Have you ever considered a career in retail? Then you could take things back for a living." – Barry Kripke

- "Well, if you wanted to make me happy, you could have told me a joke. Or shown me a cute video of a koala and an otter becoming unlikely friends." – Sheldon

- Here comes the Embarrassment Express. It stops at Fraudville, Wonder-Blunder-Berg and Kansas City, because it's a hub. - Sheldon

- “I can fight my own battles. Isn’t that right, “Bawwy”?" - Sheldon making fun of his speech impediment.

- "But none of you know what this is like. Being celebrated for something you wish you never did." - Sheldon
- "You clearly haven't been with me at Mardi Gras." - Penny

Verdict: I found this episode to be one of the funniest in the series especially with the plot with Raj butting into Bernadette and Howard’s marriage and Sheldon always being irritated even when Leonard and the rest of the gang try to cheer him up!

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