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Scene Of The Week - December 22, 2013 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

Just a reminder that you can still send your picks for our holiday article. You have time until December 24! More details here: Memorable Scenes From Past Shows

ALMOST HUMAN, "Arrhythmia", December 16, 2013, Actor: Michael Ealy
The Scene: Dorian takes away DRN-494's case memories
Darth Locke:
Dorian takes away DRN-494's case memories, but yet he still remembers the little boy Philip.

HAWAII FIVE 0, "Pukana (Keepsake)", December 20, 2013, Actors: Scott Caan, Teilor Grubbs and more
The Scene: Danny and Grace return the little girl's box to her father
Klutzy Girl:
It was a highly emotional moment that made me want to cry. I'm glad they did that.

HOMELAND, "The Star", December 15, 2013, Actors: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis
The Scenes: Carrie's last phone call to Brody & Carrie draws the star on the CIA wall
Carrie's last phone call to Brody.
Sharon Seymour: Carrie draws the star on the CIA wall.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Bass Player Wanted", December 16, 2013, Actors: Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti and more, The Scenes: Ted steals the scotch for Barney & The Mother buys a drink for Ted & The Mother freaks Marshall out
This scene is memorable not because of the robbery, but because what it leads to; Barney and Ted make peace and as Barney wonders why can't the three of them be together while Lily & Marshall are in Italy, he realizes how hard it would be for Ted to be around them while his feelings for Robin are still strong, thus he thinks he needs a fresh start. It's a powerful moment filled with emotions on an episode that's both funny and emotional.
Babar Suhail: The mother freaks Marshall out by "guessing" things about Marshall. This was a hilarious scene. I love The Mother already, and this scene shows that she will easily gel with the gang.
Klutzy Girl: The Mother buys a drink for Ted. The fact that it was the first drink she ever bought him was sweet and awesome.

LOST GIRL, "Of All the Gin Joints", December 15, 2013, Actors: Zoie Palmer, Emmanuelle Vaugier
The Scene: Lauren kisses The Morrigan to get a DNA sample from her lips (picked by Nana Lobo)

NCIS, "Homesick", December 17, 2013, Actors: Rocky Carroll and more
The Scene: The last scene
Daniel van der Veer:
Everything in the episode was solved in the final scene, which had that beautiful song playing in the background. Nothing more was needed for a lovely Christmas episode!

NCIS: LOS ANGELES, "Merry Evasion", December 17, 2013, Actors: Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah
The Scene: Christmas gift from Hetty
Sylvie C:
The Densi Christmas gift from Hetty. It was sweet and I love how Kensi and Deeks react to the phone call. It was the perfect ending to a great episode.

NIKITA, "Bubble", December 20, 2013, Actors: Noah Bean, Melinda Clarke
The Scene: Ryan jumps to his death
Justyna Kubica:
RYAN! I have to say, I actually expected to see Ryan's death, even before the episode started, but I would never guess how it's going to happen. In the end, it was absolutely heartbreaking, yet so fitting, to see Fletcher making the ultimate sacrifice, to make sure the truth will prevail. The scene hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. It was painful and very emotional, especially knowing that Ryan did such a brave and awful thing for the greater good. Absolutely incredible work by Noah Bean! And what a powerful episode! To see everyone telling the entire story, for the first time, and actually getting a chance for a normal life, just to end up realizing the illusion, the bubble is just too good to be true. A real tragedy for our heroes. It's such a shame to see a show like that ending so fast, but I expect an amazing series finale. And hopefully, at least a beacon of hope for the remaining characters at the very end. I don't think I could possibly handle another devastating conclusion for one of my favorite shows.
Bradley Adams: Ryan tries to escape and jumps out of the window. Personally I found this to be a much more powerful scene than when he died a few minutes later. I knew it would be him to die when he got kidnapped by Amanda, but it was still highly emotional. The fact that he almost died twice before jumping out the window just made this a brilliant scene.
Jamie Coudeville: A very brave move, considering he knew he wouldn't survive it. This scene hit me a lot more than his actual death scene. The way he sacrificed himself for the truth. The writers better not kill off anyone else (except for Amanda, they can kill her).

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Going Home", December 15, 2013, Actors: Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla and more, The Scene: Emma and Henry say goodbye
Justyna Kubica:
It had to be one of the saddest fall finales this year. The curse, Rumple's "death" (I refuse to believe he's really gone for good) and all the goodbyes. From the moment we learn that Emma and Henry have to leave and forget their family and friends it's hard not to be emotional watching the episode. But it was truly beautifully done. For starters: "You're not a villain. You're my mom." For the first time since the beginning of the show, I actually believed in Regina's chance for redemption. I can't imagine ever forgetting what she did, but forgiving her may not be so far away anymore. Why? Unlike all those times before, where she teamed up with the good guys just to help Henry or stop something that she started in the first place, this time she chose to help everyone, even giving up what she loves the most, to keep them safe. And she admitted to her mistakes, finally starting to regret them. I'm really proud of this character's development and can't wait to see more. Also, the goodbye between Emma and her parents, and Regina giving Emma her best chance: a good life and memories with her son, was so beautifully acted by everyone. And I loved the dialogue in the scene. Some very meaningful words there. And then there's Neal, I have to mention him, cause I don't think there's anyone I feel more sorry for than him, the guy loves exactly three people in this world, loses them all in the matter of hours and somehow still remains hopeful that it's not over. I was quite impressed with how strong he tried to be in this episode, I really hope Rumple comes back soon. So, to sum up, great work by cast and crew. Kudos! March, come soon!
Pablozky21: The first half of the season ends on a strong note when everybody decides to accept their fate of returning to the Enchanted Forest while letting Emma and Henry leave Storybrooke so that they can have their happy ending. It's especially poignant how Regina parts ways with them, she wants the best for Henry and she is finally ready to give him up. After all we've seen in "Save Henry" of how Regina came to love Henry, I must say a tear passed through my cheek.
Klutzy Girl: Emma and Henry's goodbye to their family. It was sad and emotional, and I can't wait for their reunion. Regina did a great thing by giving them new memories.
Virginia Fontana: Hook's farewell to Emma when she was about to cross over the town line. His determination to keep loving her despite all obstacles is fantastic, and part of what made me come around to liking his character after initially not really caring for him last season. I'll keep shipping "Captain Swan" in 2014 for sure!
Jamie Coudeville: Lana's acting in this scene was phenomenal. I could't help but cry. Regina has come so far.
Also picked by Darth Locke

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Lethe", December 17, 2013, Actors: Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel and more
The Scenes: The Control is revealed & Reese and Fusco talk in the bar
Justyna Kubica:
Person Of Interest chose not to take a break from action and big stories this week and I'm so glad they did it, because that was such a brilliant episode. Just when you think nothing can surprise you or that things can't possibly get any crazier, you find out something like: there's a second Machine! Also, even though I immediately guessed that Claypool's wife is somehow connected to the bad guys, I would never even think that she could be the infamous Control! That's what I call a great twist. Not to mention the fact that Harold and Shaw ended up in a life threatening situation without any back up. I expect Root to come and save them (funny how things have changed), maybe with Bear and then, everyone (including John and Fusco) teaming up later. But I honestly have no idea what can happen at this point. The possibilities are pretty much endless now. Two Machines! I'm still not over that. Did anyone else think about Skynet and Terminator at some point? I sure did. Still miss that. Anyway, I love how this show never stops creating more complicated, fascinating plots and keeping us all very much confused and excited. Brilliant acting in the scene, as usual. And how great was it to see Saul Rubinek playing Artie! It's always good to see someone from Finch's past cause I enjoy learning more about his story. Can't wait to see what's next when the show comes back from winter break.
Bradley Adams: Claypool's 'wife' is revealed to be Control. This really shocked me. I didn't even realise when we saw Hersh, only when he said "Ma'am". What a fantastic scene. Also picked by Darth Locke
DarkUFO: Reese and Fusco in the bar as Fusco tries to persuade Reese to return to the team. Also picked by Sharon Seymour & Virginia Fontana

REVENGE, "Exodus", December 15, 2013, Actors: Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler
The Scene: Daniel shoots Emily & Jack accuses Emily of taking everything from him
It doesn't get more intense than that! The fact that the man Emily used for Revenge ended up taking her down is ultimate poetry; the transformation Daniel has gone through the whole show to make him able to pull the trigger has been great and this moment was both shocking and intense, just what Revenge needs.
Jamie Coudeville: As a Daniel/Emily shipper this scene got a "noooooo" from me, but I also kinda love it. Definitely not who I expected it to be. And you could see that right after he shot her, he already regretted it. Considering everything she's put him through, I can't really blame him. And he doesn't even know half of it. However I am concerned as to what this means for Daniel's fate on the show. Also picked by Sharon Seymour
Virginia Fontana: The scene between Emily and Jack where he accuses her of taking everything from him, even the chance to say goodbye to her the way he wanted to. I love the incredibly complex levels of angst that are woven through their touching relationship, not to mention the romantic chemistry. I can't wait to see what will happen with these two when Season 3 returns!

Justyna JJ Kubica
21. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Fringe, Person Of Interest, Arrow, Psych, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, Sleepy Hollow etc.) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy&SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.

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