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Scandal - Season 3 - Guillermo Diaz interview

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What was it like having to lick Katie's face and torture Quinn?

It just goes to another level of craziness with Huck. He's never tortured someone that he loves in the family. Katie and I love each other and it was really tough and strange shooting that. There was a really interesting energy when we were shooting it because it was so odd, and we just went for it. We feel so comfortable with each other, so it was easy to be close and get into it without worrying about the other person's comfort level. Poor Katie was naked and tied up in tape and already in a vulnerable position, and I had to stick this iron rod in her mouth. It was just nuts! I kept saying to the director, "I can feel her teeth!" He kept telling me, "Get the pliers way in there!" Katie was just like, "Just go for it!" She was such a trooper.

After seeing Quinn enjoy drilling into someone in the season two finale, what was Katie's reaction to being on the receiving end of that torture treatment?

We sat next to each other during the first table read of this episode and were both really emotional. We didn't expect Huck to be torturing Quinn. I thought he'd flip out and get in her face again, but I never expected Huck to tape her up and torture her. I wonder if Katie was thinking about being exhilarated or excited a little bit because Quinn does enjoy torturing people from that Billy Chambers situation.

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