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Revenge - Season 3, Episode10 - Exodus - Review

Tonight was the wedding we have been waiting for ever since they showed us the shoting of our favorite revengeress at the beginning of the season. “Exodus” was the last episode before the hiatus caused by the holidays. It was an episode of goodbyes. Goodbye to Jack, Goodbye to Charlotte, Goodbye to Nolan and even so, Goodbye Amanda Clarke.

Last week, a series of events happened which would most likely derail Emily’s plans for her big night. It’s hard to frame someone for your murder if that said person is not even present. Also, Lydia is back in the Hamptons, and she’s found some incriminating pictures of billionaire Emily Thorne posing as the help some years back. Emily’s a mastermind, borderline genius, and we know she will somehow spin most of this to her advantage. But, the plan can’t go without a hinge because then, what would become of our favorite show? She leaves and lives happily ever after with Aiden? No way!

Getting Victoria to attend the wedding proved to be easy enough, but, hey, who ever doubted Emily could turn around on a dime? If I recall well, last week I mentioned Patrick would be a great way to get Victoria to attend the wedding. Guess my mind is as convoluted as Emily’s. I thought she would emotionally blackmail Daniel though, not Conrad. She is very good with the guilt trips. She’s back in the game with her acting (after last week’s poorly executed fake -surprise when the paparazzi met them at the doctor’s office) I know Conrad’s a bad man, he’s done some awful things, but I pity him. He just doesn’t get it, he’s as clueless as Daniel most of the time. Plus, he is genuinely nice with his family; he just desperately wants to be loved.

Now that Victoria is back on board thanks to mommy’s dearest, the plan is a-go. That plan was pretty hard-core, almost as hard-core as taking your own blood, while entertaining a conversation. What can’t she do? With a con that size, the thing is, sometimes less is more. The more complicated a plan is, the more chances it has to fail. You need to stick with the basics (Yeah, learned that from Leverage!) First, Ems makes a distraction and slips away. She has to make sure Victoria goes to the bathroom alone so Aiden can lock her in. She shoots the gun and pours her blood on deck just before jumping overboard. All this, hoping no one will follow her or anyone else involved in the play. With that extremely short opportunity span, there’s almost no margin for error. Lastly she needs to find the scuba kit, and go met up on the beach. Yeah, nothing can go wrong there. Emily, you should have had a plan B,C…M. Come on Ems, you’re better than this!

Jack was seriously pissing me off. It’s time to say bye bye Jack. Please, Emily, let go of Jack the childhood fantasy. He isn’t worth your time, he clearly isn’t that person anymore. He’s so judgemental. He’s lost a lot, yes, but he can’t put it all on her. He needs to get on with it once and for all. Everything always needs to be about him, it’s annoying. Then, during his conversation with Sarah, I understood. They’re annoyingly the same. They don’t want to forgive fearing they’ll be left behind by the one they “love”. He’s afraid once Emily doesn’t feel guilty anymore, once she’s been forgiven she will not come back. At least at the end, I feel his character grew. Maybe in the near future, he’ll stop being such a brat. (Sorry if I’m so harsh on Jack)

Notrick or Palan? I’m happy they finally have a love interest for Nolan, but how long will this last? Patrick found the case and you just know he’s going to run straight to mommy. The Graysons seem to be pulling ahead guys, do something!

Two enemies unite, Victoria and Lydia. Lydia is so bent on destroying Emily I just don’t get it. Victoria and Conrad destroyed her life. Conrad’s bodyguard even threw her of her balcony, yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem with them. Why is she so harsh on Emily? Sure she’s a psychopath, but she hides it pretty well, doesn’t she?

I was wondering all episode who would be the one to shoot Miss Thorne now Grayson. Lydia would have been too obvious, Victoria too easy but drunk Daniel was good. He shot the women he thought he loved, the women he thought he was going to have kids with; then, just shook it off and went back to the party. He didn’t even question why Aiden drugged his mother and swept her off her feet. I don’t think he was seeing things that clearly though. He was drunk, really, really, drunk. The drunk you barely remember the next day. I’m kind of with Josh Bowman on this one, kill him Daniel already, he’s just so hard to follow… Plus, if he doesn’t die, know that he knows the truth; he will sooner or later kill Emily, for real this time. And, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

PS. That wedding Chapel was gorgeous, how much do you think that cost? The dress was nice, but I preferred last week’s.
PS2. Emily and Daniel DO make a very cute couple. (When they aren’t scheming against one another or shooting each other.)

And now I’m excited again. I can’t wait for the next episode, even though there doing the whole losing her memory thing, which I hope she is faking. I don’t think showing the shooting at the beginning of the season was a mistake. I thought I didn’t care for the show anymore, but the fact that I literally can’t wait for “Homecoming” determined that was not true.

How in the hell did dying Emily undress herself? Badass.

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