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Quote of the Week - 22nd December 2013

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV this past week.

Almost Human: 'Arrhythmia'; 16th December; Michael Ealy/Karl Urban
Darth Locke:
Dorian: "He's grumpy on the outside, and morose and malcontent on the inside."

Dorian: "When I was decommissioned, the second before it happened I just kept thinking 'I really hope there's someone there to wake me up again.' I just want to be a cop, man. I just want to be here. And then you woke me up. It was you. You were that person for me, John." John: "Well, we all make mistakes." Dorian: "I want to be that person for him."

Homeland: 'The Star'; 15th December; Damian Lewis/Mandy Patinkin
Brody: "I never expected to get this far"

Saul: "When it's over it's over. Pull down the shades and go home."

How I Met Your Mother: 'Bass Player Wanted'; 16th December; Cristin Milioti
Babar Suhail:
The Mother: "There are real villains in this world. But they don't always get real justice, do they? You want to believe karma's gonna get them. But karma doesn't always come through. I guess you have to accept that sometimes in life you just don't get that knockout punch."

NCIS: 'Homesick'; 17th December; Michael Weatherly/Mark Harmon
Bradley Adams: Tony: "OK Mr. Scrooge. Not that you're stingy or cheap in any way. I was just.. because of the.. Christmas.. This is a relief, good job everybody."

Tony: "Leroy Ebenezer Gibbs, did we just agree on something?" Gibbs: "Hey, Bob Cratchit, find Patient Zero." Tony: "And a playful movie reference, it really is starting to feel like Christmas."

Nikita: 'Bubble'; 20th December; Maggie Q
Bradley Adams:
Nikita: "It's me. I know you're not alone right now but I really need to talk. I'm supposed to let it go but I can't. They don't get to win, not like this. When we came here, I thought it was finally over. No more running and hiding and lying. I really believed that the truth was going to free us. But now I'm trapped in an even bigger lie. The world doesn't know that Amanda is alive but I do, because Ryan believed in the truth. He died for the truth and I can't let that be for nothing. Going after her means breaking some promises I made but I don't see any other way. I can't trust the system, not with this. It's failed me, all of us, too many times. Jones and his cronies, they need to pay. I want them to die with the whole world watching so everyone knows who they really are and what they've done. Taking them on, I can't do it alone. I know it's asking a lot but I need you. I need your help, one last time. We started this fight together, just you and me. A lot has happened since then, but I know this is how it's supposed to end. It's time to finish what we started." Perhaps Nikita should take up inspirational speaking. This was a brilliant speech, and just set the tone for the final episode next week.

Once Upon A Time: 'Going Home'; 15th December; Lana Parrilla, Jared Gilmore/Colin O'Donoghue
Darth Locke:
Regina: "I cast a curse out of vengeance and I'm a villain. You heard Mr. Gold, villains don't get happy endings." Henry: "You're not a villain. You're my Mom."

Hook: "Not a day will go by that I won't think of you."

Person of Interest: 'Lethe'; 17th December; Camryn Manheim/Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman/Michael Emerson/Chris Bert/Saul Rubinek
Bradley Adams:
Diane Claypool/Ma'am/Control: "One of you is gonna tell me what it is I want to know. And whoever does will be the one who gets to leave here. Alive." What an unbelievably fantastic cliffhanger to leave the episode on.

DarkUFO: Reese: "How'd you find me?" Fusco: "What do you think, I won my detective shield in a poker game? All right, Glasses helped a little."

Finch: "Miss Shaw, I am sure there are ways to get to Claypool that do not involve any kind of combustion."

Darth Locke: Teenage Harold: "If they don't want you to get inside, they ought to build it better." This quote was also picked by Sharon Seymour

Arthur: "The truth fears no questions."

What were your favourite quotes this week? Leave them in the comments!

Bradley Adams
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