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Psych The Musical Review

Psych The Musical finally aired on December 15th.

Right from the start we were thrown into to musical theme with Shawn and Gus singing in the Santa Barbara sunshine.
Loved the line said by Henry (played by Corbin Bensen) when invited to sing "Not going to happen" it was so his character.
Everyone else was in on the act, giving us a mix of talking and singing throughout the episode.

The main story of a killer who was an escaped mental patient, and was now out for revenge was a standard one but had a few twists and turns thrown in.

A killer meets a man in a park and tells him all about a murder a fire at a theater where he was working on a play of Jack the Ripper, and of himself, with the man asking why is he being told this as he does not need to know, but the killer Z (Zach), says yes he does as it will make what he is about to do make sense, we cut away from the scene.

When Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassie get to the scene we see evidence of a crime probably murder, as the escaped patient is a killer this makes sense.

The doctor from the hospital is at the scene and says the killer talked with another patient at the hospital and if they want to find out what he said they need to talk with them.

The patient in question is of course Wang, who is now obsessed with Shawn and Z, and demands a day out for information.
Then take her to the old burned out theater where she makes them all perform and sing to her but says she has given all the information she can and refuses to say anything else. Shawn finds a door which has been covered with ballons and finds a list of names inside which we assum is a list of people the killer is out to kill.
Following one of the names we find out the play is being remade and this seems to be a motive for Z to come after certain people.
One of the people is an actress from the original play who they give police protection too, and then stake out her home, Lassie and Juliet chase after a man running from the house only to find its the man from the park, who is not dead, Z is inside the house, Shawn and Gus get into to house but find the actress well and Z running away Shawn chases after him, when he finds him the man says he is innocent before hitting Shawn and running away again, meanwhile Wang has excaped and is now on the run.

Shawn now believes that they are looking for an innocent man and someone else committed the murder and started the fire before.
Wang meanwhile skypes Shawn, she wants him to sing to her and he wants information.
Shawn makes sense of some clues she has given and he and Gus head back to the mental hospital and find letters in a room addressed to the actress from Z who is in love with her but she does not love him. Turns out she never got the letters as its not Z room its Wangs and since she was in love with Z she never sent them.

After one of their video calls Shawn sees images in the background he recognises from the old burned out threater, figuring out that is where Wang is hiding, Shawn and Gus go there and find her, during their conversation Wang reveals Shawn has been followed by the killer who then appears and tries to hang shawn, Gus, who had gone off to explore the threater, tries to get back to Shawn when he realises what is happening meanwhile Wang attackes the killer who fatalliy stabs her, as she dies she imagines Mary and they sing a duet.

After putting some clues together Shawn and Lassie return to the new threater which opens that night with a performance of the remake of Jack the Ripper.
They believe its the producer who is the killer and the intended victim as he was having an affair with the actress at the time of the fire, but this proves wrong after someone attempts to kill him.
Again returing to the threater, we find Shawn finally putting all the clues together and working out who the killer is, he chases him down and confronts him as Z holds a knife to his throat, soon Lassie and Juliet arrive, with Z threatening to kill the Killer, he sings what he wants to do but in the end lets the killer live and both are arrested.

Of course no story in Psych which involved a mental hospital can ever be complete without the appearance of Wang played by Ally Sheedy who again gives us a memorable performance, where you are never sure where its going until the end.
Wangs death i think was right for the show at this time, but she did save Shawn in the end, and we see an appearance from Jimmi Simpson who played Mary in the Wang episodes before his character was killed off.
Which was an entertaining throwback.

Some memorable quotes

"Not going to happen"
"Are you still surprised"
"Find out when i can retire but still get benefits"

The new season of Psych starts January 8th.

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