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Nikita - Episode 4.05 - Bubble - Review: Truth is stranger than fiction

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First of all, a big shout out to the writers of Nikita who have come up with pretty hillarious episode titles for the final two episodes. Not only do the titles refer to the fate of the show in its entire run, but they also have a meaning within the show's storyline. After having been on the bubble for years, the show was eventually canceled (although some will prefer to say that the show was renewed for a final season). And that's the reason that we had the penultimate episode of Nikita last Friday, and the final one is tonight!

Now on to the meaning of the title in the storyline's context. Nikita, Michael, Sonya, Birkhoff and Ryan all live on a military base, with Alex on her way back. For the first time of years, there is no mission. There is no more Division. No more Percy. No more Amanda. No more The Shop. It's like a perfect ending for our heroes.

Ok, so there is one last mission. But that one only includes Sam and Alex. Alex told Sam to deliver her diamonds to her contact in France. When she tracks him down, she is surprised to learn that he actually is in Paris. Unfortunately, he is captured by the guy he owes money to, and he takes the diamonds from Sam. However, these diamonds are fake so Alex has to come up with the real one if she wishes to see Sam alive. Alex travels to Paris and delivers the diamonds. But of course, Alex still has a fight left in her so she takes down the bad guys, with the help of Sam. Oh, and they kiss!

While the couples are happily together and each one is telling his or her story, Ryan is not convinced it is over yet. So after having told his story to the committee, he demands some time alone with Jones. However, Jones has friends in prison and they take out Ryan before he can ask him anything. Ryan is then taken to Amanda, who will alter his brain so that he won't see the patterns that no one else can see anymore. Ryan then escapes, is wounded by guards, shoots most of the guards, but is eventually drawn into a corner by Amanda. Knowing that he can't escape, he decides to sacrifice himself in order for the truth to come out. So he jumps through a window, effectively killing himself. With his last breath, he tells Nikita the truth in the hopsital: Amanda is still alive and MDK is still active. Against everyone's wishes, Nikita then sets out to take down MDK for good. And even though she is and will ultimately be the lone wolf that she is, she decides to partner up with her very first partner: Alex.

This was a really compelling episode that nicely set up the storyline for the very last Nikita episode. Ryan's death sure was very emotional, but I am glad he went out the way he did. Even in the end, all he wanted to do is expose the truth, no matter how strange that truth sounds. I am very much looking forward to tonight's series finale, but I am also very sad that it will be the last and very last Nikita ever (or maybe hope for a movie someday?).

What did you think of "Bubble"? Did you find Ryan's death emotional? Are you looking forward to tonight's series finale? Be sure to check out the promo/sneak peek/producer's preview elsewhere on the site!

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