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NCIS - Episode 11.10 - Devil's Triad - Review

     Following in the footsteps of the past episodes with Gibbs and Fornell's mutual ex-wife, "Devil's Triad" featured lots of extreme coincidences, but an equal amount of hilarious moments. After starting the episode off with the cheesiest death scene ever, "Devil's Triad" was able to capture the golden nature of a comedic, entertaining NCIS episode.

      I honestly didn't think NCIS could get any funnier than when Gibbs and Fornell caught McGee "sleeping" with Diane last season. God, was I ever wrong! Of all the things I would’ve guessed would be behind that door, Diane and Fornell were certainly the last people on my list. After seeing Fornell getting shot in the ass and, later, about to jump into bed with Diane, I think I've seen about all I want to see of Fornell… if you know what I mean.

     Having Fornell and Diane's daughter show up at Gibbs' house felt a tad awkward, but what's not awkward about the entire relationship between these people. Poor Emily just wanted Uncle Gibbs to make the fighting stop. As funny as Diane and Fornell's bickering was in this episode, you can't help but sympathize with the daughter stuck in the middle of things. All she wants her parents to do is get along, whether they are married or not.

   After the second episode with special agent Eleanor Bishop, I think it's safe to say that the NCIS team has found a quirky, yet extremely capable new agent. The only thing that worries me about Ellie is her photographic memory. Many shows (Suits for one) have overused the "photographic memory" claim in the past. NCIS writers need to be extremely careful not to overuse this feature. If used with caution it can come in handy, but only 2 episodes in and Ellie has referenced this unbelievable memory 5 times. You can bet that I will be sure to keep count in future reviews. On a side note, seeing the confused look on the new probie's face when piecing together the Gibbs/Fornell relationship was extremely amusing.

     I loved Gibbs's comment about starting a club made of people who have divorced or otherwise been scorned by Diane. I know Gibbs wasn't the only one thinking it. I wonder how many different U.S. Intelligence Agencies she can wrap up? Check Diane's record at the bottom for more info on her current status. 

     Back to Fornell in a final comment, was anyone else both amused and saddened by the horrible fake punch when they captured Elijah in the end? I loved that Fornell was there to punch him, but it was so awfully executed it was almost not enjoyable. Withstanding this stain on an otherwise excellent episode, Devil's Triad continued to offer great entertainment.

Diane's Relationship Record

Gibbs (NCIS)->Fornell (FBI)->Sterling (Homeland)->Eddie (Secret Service)->Fornell (Again?)

The promo: Is this not the worst promo ever? As Cathy astutely commented on the extended promo, "it is a mix of clich├ęs and disease". I don't want to say too much on this subject because I truly enjoyed the episode, but this promo was just terrible.