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Lost Girl Episode 6 Season 4 Review: ''Of All the Gin Joints''

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

Another week, another Lost Girl's episode surprises me! I'd never thought it was possible to see two of my favorite things on screen, together! I LOVE Opera ( yeah, I used to sing it when I was younger, No... I'm not an ET) and I'm addicted to Lost Girl, soooo... I'm happily dancing with it (Doctor Lewis style!)! Thank you, again, Writers! And I mean, Thank you for blowing my mind!! Really?! Kenzi and Hale, Evony and Lauren, Ianka (Lara Jean Chorostecki), more dancing!!! I'm starting to be a Happy Lost Viewer!
I don't know if it was because of the classical music or what, but we didn't get much action in it. But we got a lot of good stuff to recap about!

It starts with the Opera singer (Ianka, an Alchemist fae) singing an aria to just one man, sitting on a trone, after finishing it, she runs away of his guard, using her voice's power to turn him down.

At the Dal, Bo and Kenzi are talking, Kenzi reading a note from Tamsin saying shes going to explore the world and the Succubus complainning about her problems when the singer shows up at the Dal, speaking Russian and luckily, Kenzi is there to translate it to Bo. The thing is, she's there because the Succubus, somehow, told her to. Bo doesn't remember anything about meeting her before.
Ianka needs to rest and, while that,Bo meets Dyson, who tells her he found out Lauren went to the Dark and Bo tells him that she, indeed, is dark now. They kiss, and the wolf says they can't do it because they're from different lignes, but Bo, loves the forbidden and leads him to a private place...

Trick finds them, asking them to leave the place and handles Bo a water bottle so she can go talk to Ianka.
The singer tells Bo that she sang an aria to her before, she doesn't know where was it, but The Succubus is her inspiration to be free. She starts singing and Bo has some memories back, however they're all vain. She stops singing, Bo asks for more, but she'll only do it, if the Succubus help her getting free. Ianka convinces Bo that they've met before asking her to read a note in the handle of Bo's knife!
The singer's freedom starts with her desire of performing a famous aria in public. Her owner, shows up asking for her, but ends up accepting her to perform.

At the Light Fae-Doctor Lauren's apartment, the blond is there,graciously dancing, while packing, and The Morrigan walks in to help her, bringing pizza and beer.

Evony shows Lauren some journals from the dark fae archives, they're from Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Charles Mayo. The doctor looks at them amazed.
They talk about medical researches while drinking beer and the blond tells The Morrigan she'll work for the dark only if, on her own terms.

At the Dal Riata, someone stops Ianka's performance, with a bomb. The bomber guy and her "owner" have always been fighting over owning her.

Lauren and Evony are talking and drinking beer when Kenzi walks in asking the "Alternate Reality Lauren", where’s the Real Lauren so she can have the liquid argon to nullify the explosive qualities of Ianka’s necklace. Lauren asks her about Bo and Kenzi answers that everyone is missing the doctor.

The Bomber guy runs away with Ianka (yeah, they're in love)... and traps her to sing the death note to exterminate the people who owned her before, but she sings it to kill her lover, but it kills her as well, but, just in time, she gives Bo a music box.
Hale takes Kenzi out of the place, to save her from the death note, and they (finally)have an adorable moment!

At the clubhouse, Bo opens the music box, and it plays an aria sung by Ianka, which brings her memories and she remembers about being marked by The Wanderer.

The Morrigan gives Lauren a key to the Dark Science and Research Facility and a key to her new condo. Lauren tells her she won't sign anything and will never trust her, but gets up and pulls Evony for a kiss and says "Pizza is our secret"!! (Crazy, confusing nice scene)

The Morrigan likes it and says it could be the begining of a new "something", tastes the kiss and tells Lauren is Dark, leaving the Doctor who goes to her desk and, with a pair of tweezers starts peeling something off her lips, saving it. Lauren smiles and toasts the air saying “To it beginning”!

It cuts to some Dybo time and the Wolf asking Bo to look at him. She gets angry and yells "Don’t tell me what to do!!" Falling in her knees, she looks at the mirror and sees a print on her. She realises that The Wanderer is probably her father. The Una mens show up looking for Dyson and it ends up with some growls.

It was a surprisingly different episode. I loved the Opera part! They rocked it! Lauren's character is growing each day! It makes me so happy! And again, I'm waiting impatiently for the next episode! I want it to be a nice one, as a Xmas Gift! ;)

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

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