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Lost Girl Episode 5 Season 4 Review: ''Let The Dark Times Roll''

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

Another week and I'm Lost, you're (probably) Lost, Bo is Lost, Dyson is Lost, Lauren is Lost... DAMN, everyone seems to be Lost! Just the writers know it all and I bet they have so much fun watching us watching the show! How confusing! Well, maybe if I buy a GPS or a compass I'll start driving through the right path...
The best thing about this season is, we are getting to know better the characters! This episode we got to know more about Vex and Trick. It makes everything even more interesting!
This episode I may say, made me feel (even more) deeply in love with Lauren Lewis/Karen Beattie/Zoie Palmer. I can't describe how much I enjoyed watching her acting.
A FREAKING AWESOME episode! Yes it was!!! And you know?! That's why...

-Bo and Lauren kind of got back together (sorry, I'm such a Doccubus shipper!)
-Dark side party!
-Vex mesmerizing and talking about his backstory!
-More dancing scenes ( and I mean TWERKING scenes ;) )
-No Dyson (love you Kris Holden-Ried, but Dyson is acting like a douche lately)
-Bruce (or BRUSHI?!I just love that big guy!)
-Evony rocking as Morrigan and clitblocking with the help of a waiter and a nice scissoring talk!
-69 scene (not exactly what you're thinking, but, yet, so COOL!)
-Doccubus making out (sorry, had to list it again)!OH BOY!
-Getting to know a little bit more about The freaky Una Mens and Trick!
-Lauren (Zoie Palmer) looks gorgeous in every way, arms, hair, smile, shoulders, just perfect!

Well, let's recap it, because images speak for themselves. And to be true, all I can think about is Bo and Lauren scenes. I'll try not to post the Doccubus scene frame by frame, and, Oh Boy, it's so hard!

The episode starts with an angry Bo, still with the Una Mens, trying to figure out the "being dark fae thing", cause her "label" is "The Unaligned Succubus". They warn Bo that they're going to kill Lauren and Kenzi, because the humans are "Fae enemy". Bo gets really mad and sucks their chi, but the chi go back to them, making her weak. So, the Elder tells Bo she must present herself to the Dark, otherwise she dies.

It cuts to a scene where Kenzi is drinking a milkshake in the Morrigan's Highrise waiting room, taking a number to meet Evony, all the number she takes are "69's". Behind her, Bo shows up getting out of the ladies' room with a couple, fixing their clothes, showing that they were "playing around"! Kenzi, as usual, makes a joke about the succubus and Bo tells her that the Double D's batteries are recharged, even without Dyson around. The succubus tells Kenzi that The Wolf is away, looking for Lauren.

Inside the Morrigan's office, Evony welcomes Bo to the Dark, telling her how glad she is that Bo joined their group. Bo and Kenzi are surprised to see her, they thought she was dead. The leader tells Bo she has to bring her Vex, and invites them to a "Dark party" to give the succubus the instructions!

Trick is at the Dal, talking on the phone with someone and wanting to know more about The Wanderer. Someone shows at the Dal to tell him, The Una Mens want to see him.

At the Dark Fae Party, Kenzi, Tamsin and Bo meet Evony. The Morrigan tries to make Bo feed of a human and she denies it.
The Succubus and The Morrigan go outside and Evony, trying to gain Bo's trust to go hunting Vex, shows her Lauren, coming to meet her. (Beautiful, emotional scene! )

Trick is with the Una Mens and they tell him they're going to test his blood to make sure he is the Blood King.

Back to Lauren and Bo, they go to a room to "talk" about their problems. But all they can really do is to Make-out like teenagers! (I'm not complaining about it, but they REALLY need to talk!). Hot, steamy with an amazing chemistry scene and a voyeur server (Sorry, but I would do the same). The couple see him and ask him to get out, not without leaving the tray of mini-quiche.

The Una Mens talk about the betrayal of the Blood King to Trick.

Back at the Dark fae Party, Tamsin and Kenzi are getting sushi when they see Bruce, as a living sushi table. Kenzi calls him BruSHI and tell him to get out of that place and tell him to get a shirt and some dignity. She finds human bodies down the table and realises that the Dark fae killed a couple to occupy their Wedding-Party.

Bo and Lauren are, still, making out (you can take all the episode if you need) and start talking about why they're at the Dark Fae party, they just can't stop kissing, but The Morrigan comes to the room and says the best quote of the episode! "Boring!What's next?! Are you gonna brade each others hair?! Scissor already!" (LOL)
Then Evony tells the couple, they're going on a mission to find Vex with the help of a Scavenger fae (Pietra), Charlie's angels style! And The Morrigan and Pietra leave the room to give the couple some moments to colect themselves.

Kenzi convinces Tamsin to master Bruce, and the Valkyrie does it. The Morrigan says that a challenge has been made and they're going to duel to have Bruce.

Bo and Lauren try to talk about their things, again, but a woman, mesmerized by Vex, hurts Pietra and she starts screaming for help. Bo follows the mesmerized one, to find Vex.

Bo finds Vex and tells him that he has to undo the Dark fae agreement that he did with the Wanderer,to make Bo join the Dark.Vex jokes about it, like The Wanderer was just a legend.
Vex is making an anhestesic potion to cut his hand. Poisoned by The Una Mens.

At the party, The Morrigan tells Tamsin to choose a way of combat and she says she just wanna dance! So, they have to dance to the death!

Bo tries to convince Vex not to amputate his hand, and the Mesmer tells her how he is the last of his kind and how his family was killed.

The Dance Duel starts, Tamsin dances in a funny way and uses her Valkyrie power to make the other doubt herself, so she falls breaking her neck. Tamsin wins and masters Bruce.

Bo tries to change Vex's mind, but he ends cutting his hand of and running away.
Bo reaches him and he convinces her the has to talk to Morrigan's archivist and she just gives his hand to the Dark leader.
The archivist gives Bo a piece of his skin (yeah, disgusting!) with Bo's signature and a Sponsor' signature, his name is Rainer, and the Succubus doesn't have a clue about him.

The Una Mens tell Trick he is the new acting Ash.

Bo talks to Lauren, asking her to come home, and the Doctor says she's not coming back to the Light Fae. So, Bo gets sad and tells her to say "the word" when ready to come back to "her real family", the succubus walks out the door crying.

The Una mens get Bo's Dark declaration and find out who her sponsor is, saying "No, never again!"

and this wast the episode. I'm so dizzy about it. Maybe because Doccubus scenes made me feel like this. Let's see what the next episode will bring us! Let the Dark times Roll!:))

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

Ravana Lobo
From GoiĆ¢nia Brazil, Ravana has been selected to review Lost Girl. She went to law school, loves old movies, books, travel,Tv shows, Sandra Bullock and music. Her favorite shows are Lost Girl, Friends, Rizzoli and Isles, Orange is the new Black.

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