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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.08 - Miracles - Review: I Believe in Miracles

[NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.]

Clearly this was the best (and worst) way to put us, fans, anticipating the further events of the series that unfortunately only returns January 13th. All the events on this week’s episode attached to the ones revealed in the new promo for January 13th’s episode (we are going to return here later) will probably make us bite our nails in anticipation and tear off our hairs in anger. But first things first, let’s begin…

Zoe, Joel and Wade the Wilkes

Zoe finally had an interesting, compelling plotline this week and what is the most appropriate theme to use as the holiday season begins? Family, of course. We were almost certain that the Wilkes were coming back for a round two eventually so it was not a surprise that when Joel’s grandmother, Silver, comes to visit, Zoe is hit by the desire of make amends and mingle with her family.

The opportunity eventually showed up when her uncle Marlon injured himself and had to go see a doctor so he could heal his squirrel bite. Marlon seems to be wiser and kind so Zoe makes her move and invites him to lunch. It’s funny how that lunch evolved into a torrid romantic affair between Silver and Brando (sweet!).

The lovebirds went missing during a long part of the episode making Zoe and Joel chase them and involving Vivian – Zoe’s cousin – in the searches as well. Finally we got to see Joel upset with Zoe, I’m really sad that it’s because of something that was really out of her control. (Well, Joel is going away so, sooner rather than later…)

In the meantime, Zoe finally had time to catch up and make amends with her cousin, Vivian. She has no easy life that’s right, her husband left her and she has to share the custody of her son so I understand some of the behavior she showed towards some of Zoe’s attitudes and tries to bond. We had the opportunity to witness another moment that will have huge impact the show for sure. One word: Wade. So, eventually the two of them were acquaintances from school days and now something is growing between them (sorry for the nasty joke!) .

It was more than predictable that something like this was meant to come along as Zoe/Joel romance goes further and further into the season. Right now I don’t really know if I like or dislike Vivian but I’m positively sure that one thing this event will bring up are Zoe’s deepest feelings for Wade. Is commonly said that you don’t value what you have util you lost it, well in Zoe’s case, she doesn’t value what she has until another woman comes and take it with her.

I have to highlight the kiss between Zoe and Wade, I need to point out all the chemistry, the desire they showed to us fans and even though Wade was under the effect of some serious drugs they completely left us wanting more and now I am really curious to see where this will lead.

Lemon, Brick and broken hips

Lemon was really preoccupied with what Brick could probably do know that he knows Shelby’s pregnant so she assembled the perfect team to try and find him and isolate him from any contact with Shelby. George Tucker that dragged Lynly (who made me burst into tears of laughter when she said “She’s got a sugar daddy”) were not as successful as the intended to because Brick ended scheduling a date with Shelby and planning the best way to propose to her.

Of course Lemon couldn’t stop so she called her last weapon and that’s how Grandmother Breeland returned. Once again Lemon’s plans failed because her ally ended supporting Brick in his idea of marrying Shelby- But not because she likes Shelby, no,no because like any other Breeland Woman she has her own secret agenda.

The marriage falls apart (and grandmother Breeland does too injuring her hip in the proccess) when finally Shelby reveals that she was artificially inseminated. I don’t really know if I believe in this theory it just seems a little sketchy to me. Anyways I’m happy to see Shelby again cause even though she is not one of my favorite characters in the show she can still be pretty amusing and funny.

Now that Grandmother Breeland leaves to heal her broken hip she drags Lemon with her to watch over. It’s a good way to say “see you soon” to Jamie King that will be off for a brief period of time now that she is a mother in real life, for the first time.

Packing our bags to January 13th with nothing but an upsetting promo

So, Miracles was this season mid-season finale episode and it left us with nothing but a new romance growing, all the old romances (well, the important ones) returning from the ashes and an upsetting promo for what is to come.

If you don’t really want to know what is coming up that will for sure shake Bluebell’s ground, then stop because you are entering a [MAJOR SPOILER ZONE].

Remember Joel? Yes, of course, Zoe’s perfect, kind and supporting boyfriend that is clearly better than Wade because he is a writer and he is from New York. Well he will be spotted kissing AnnaBeth.
Guess who will be really upset? Zoe, you’re right.

Finish Line Thoughts

Zoe finally bonded with her family through her cousin Vivian but I really don’t know what the possible relationship between her and Wade can mean to the bonds they have created. Will they last? Will the cousins turn each other’s back once again? I’m really curious to know.

So Shelby’s been artificially inseminated, well I don’t really buy that so I’m willing to know how much of you don’t buy it either. Who do you think is the real father, Brick some kind of Sugar Daddy, Meatball (kidding)?

Tansy is back if you didn’t notice so maybe this means Lynly and George will have a rough patch in their relationship soon, I was already predicting one but please, Tansy again?

After watching the promo I’m really upset they make Joel kiss AB, I don’t know I’ve always liked her affair with Lavon so I don’t like they’re ruining it as an excuse to make Joel leave Zoe. Please, please,please god make that girl somebody else other than AB, I ask you.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you expecting Brick to be Sheby’s baby father or were you sure he wasn’t from the beginning? Were you happy to see Zoe finally bonding with her family? How did you react to all this new relationships coming to light? And to the new promo? Are you really wishing Santa Claus to bring January 13th faster? (Don’t need to answer the last one, we know you are.) Share your thoughts in the comments, they exist for that, and don’t forget to tune in Monday January 13th for the return of Hart of Dixie.

Rui (aka Rucax)
Rui is a 16-year old student from Portugal, currently studying sciences in a public school. He started contributing to SpoilerTV in August 2013 writing to Hart of Dixie. Before it, he wrote reviews to a Portuguese fan site of The Mentalist. Some of his favorite shows are: GoT, Arrow, Gossip Girl (R.I.P.), Hart of Dixie (of course), Under the Dome, AHS among many, many others.

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