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Grey's Anatomy - Mid Season Finale Predictions - Preview

I have some headline thoughts about tonight's mid season finale. So below is my prediction of how this episode will pan out. (I don't have a great track record of predictions but here goes anyway)

April will be dumped at the altar by Matthew - nicely...he will do it very nicely. Why? Because it's the right thing for him to do for him and for her. He will find the insight to do this before her. April is one of my favourite characters and it will be a defining moment. 

Arizona will have a complete meltdown. She's due a meltdown so very badly. Too long she has held it together, stony faced while her life tumbles and fumbles around her. Something, possibly comments from April's sisters and/or a confrontation with Leah where Leah declares her undying love in front of Callie too, will trigger her and she will reach the bottom of the pit or the start of the realisation that she's at the bottom of the pit. Callie will realise just how big a problem Arizona has.

Meredith and Cristina will break up. They haven't really broken up yet. Yes they've argued and ranted and walked on each other in a myriad of ways and yes it's very much both of them causing the issues rather than just Meredith (Shonda is nothing if not even when she tries). This fight will be of EPIC proportions. A volcano of larva will rain down on these two. Whilst the writers have brought us slowly down and down they will really show us why tonight. 

Derek will be offered a job somewhere else. A big fat job that he won’t be able to turn down. 

Owen will comfort Cristina, (almost taking her side possibly against Derek) and do so in front of Emma. Poor Emma. Is her name Emma?

Bailey will take out her frustrations, or possibly suffer the side effects of drugs, on Ben to the point where he leaves, probably his own decision. OR he will really try to stay because he loves her so very much and he's a wonderful husband, whilst she is pushing him away hard. If the latter, then I might have to marry him myself. 

Alex will have a violent confrontation with his father. It will leave him broken and ashamed of himself but probably stronger. Jo will not recognise the man she loves.

Jackson will go to the wedding with Stephanie. He will watch the public break up of Matthew and April. Stephanie will get a bit worried.

Richard – honestly I can’t figure this story out, but hopefully he is still there for Bailey.

Shane – leaves.
(okay, that last one was my wish rather than what I think might happen)

Over to you folks. Agree? Or do you have your own ideas?

Maxine (aka Brouhaha) is a Grey’s Anatomy devotee, from the very beginning and through the dark period of George and Izzie as a couple. Her other TV 'loves' include the British series Foyle's War, Criminal Minds and TBBT. In real life she's a new mum, self-employed and can often be found arguing about politics or current affairs, attempting to write fiction and buying hair products. Maxine reviews Grey's Anatomy. Got a question - go to Tumblr ask!
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