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The Walking Dead – Episode 4.07 – Dead Weight – Review : “I Don’t Want It”

   After last week Governor-centric “Live Bait”, all new “Dead Weight” continues his story. The episode begins right where we last stopped : The Governor is reunited with his old lieutenant Martinez. And now they are back together, Brian’s desire to change and be a good man is put to test.
   That was the main theme of last night episode. Last week, I believed Brian could be a good man and make the right calls. How wrong I was…

   Martinez welcomed Brian, Megan, Tara and Lilly (finally been able to catch their names) to his camp. Yeah 1) he has a camp, a big one actually, full of ex army people and 2) he is the leader of this camp. His number one rule : no dead weight. Girls, you gotta show how strong you are.
   Then, Brian went on a little trip with his new mates. Mitch and Pete are introduced. Mitch really reminds me of Shane, I don’t like him at all. They came across decapitated bodies with paper on them, reading “liar” or “rapist” and a last one “murderer”. The guy probably shot himself. He carried a family picture just as Brian’s. Is that a parallelism with The Governor ? This is what could happened to him ? He already killed his last crew but he did not kill himself. He is not that desperate.
   While searching the house for supplies, they found walkers. Only two, but they came across something much scarier : zombies heads on the floor. Those nasty things can bite you. Luckily, One Eye is one hell of a killer. At night, drinking beers between guys, Martinez noticed Brian has changed, he is different. He even agreed. But can you really trust that guy ?
   The next day, after a nice lunch with beers (again !), Martinez and One Eye started a little golf game. You gotta find ways to spend time in this new apocalyptic world. But when Martinez started talking about risking to lose loved ones and wanting to share the crown with Brian, his reaction was really surprising and shocking. I could have not expected more from The Governor, still I was shocked. He hit Martinez’s head with the golf club and then he pushed him in the zombies’ hole. What a horrible death, being eaten alive from his head. Poor Martinez. Brian said he doesn’t want it. He made his point.
   So, after killing the leader, Brian did not have much choice left. Go or be the new leader. Oh, by the way, I love how they fast concluded Martinez’s death was an accident. Silly army boys. Pete was made new leader by himself, and Mitch supported him. They went on a new trip with Brian and found a new camp of survivors. They argued what to do : steal their stuffs and kill them or keep searching for other supplies. Pete made the right decision : they don’t kill people. But only when they came back, the camp had been attacked. Who attacked them ? Did Brian had enough time to do it ? or did Carol kill some new people ? I don't know. I guessed it was Brian's way to tell them they need to stop argue and do anything to survive.
   Anyways, when night fell, Brian took his new family (only girls!) and they tried to escape. It could have been a good idea, expect there were many walkers trapped at the exit. Now, Brian has only one choice left to survive.
   On the next morning, he paid Pete a little visit. He didn’t say a word and stabbed him directly in the back ! Oh The Governor, you are back ! As he xplaned to Mitch, he has to protect this camp now, because he has a new family. And according to him, there is no right or bad decisions, the only thing that matters is survival. You do what you have to do. His logic is terrible but I can understand him. But that means no justice in this world anymore, it’s every man for himself. It’s not evolution, it’s devolution. He made his point to Mitch with a childhood souvenir from his brother and himself. His brothers made the right thing but it doesn’t mean things got better. It can happen but if everybody stops trying, stops caring about others it’s the end of humanity. Brian, you are a bad man.

   But on the other hand, The Governor showed he has a softer side, he has feelings, yet he is human. He cares for Megan as she was his own daughter, he has romantic feelings for Tara. He is not all that dark and cold, but the effects of his love are terrible. He is willing to kill anyone just to be sure, in his mind, that his family is protected. Pete's decision did not threaten Tara and Megan. He is clearly deranged. I can’t wait to see how Tara will react when she finds out about the real Brian. Megan stated her father was a bad man, violent. So is Brian. I'm guessing this will end their fling.
   I really enjoyed the underwater scene with Zombie Pete. It was so much fun. I’ve never expected that, actually I’ve never wondered what happened to a corpse tied to a rock after being thrown into a lake, so I enjoyed watching Zombie Pete trying to reach out of the water. The Governor kept looking at him, looking at what he did and clearly his conscious was not too heavy. He could have put a bullter in Pete's head but he chose not to. He is so cruel. I kinda like him but still, I can't wait for Michonne to cut his head.
   At the end, Brian took his car and went right to the prison ! He watched Rick, Carl, Hershel and Michonne and then aimed his gun ! Bastard ! Guess the old Gouvernor is back, he is the same, killing innocents to “protect” his family. He already lost one family and a village, he should understand by now he is on the wrong way. But no, he is still acting the same.
   So, what will happen next time ? It’s the mid-season finale ! Things will be crazy I’m sure. It’s the big showdown at the prison between The Governor and Rick. I hope it will be the last time we see the prison ! And maybe The Governor (I don't care about this rumor of him being back for season 5!)
   Finally, I just wanted to state that Alicia is my favorite new character. She is damn funny and strong, I like women like that ! And it was missing on The Walking Dead. Lorri shown only strength in her last moments, it was powerfull but kinda late, Andrea kept making stupid calls, just when Carol got darker, they made her go. Luckily Michonne is still here, and now smiling and talking. Alicia can be another great addition to the cast. And I like her relationship with Lilly, it’s really nice to see them together.

   What did you think of Dead Weight ? Did you think it was awesome or just a filler episode before the mid season finale ? Hit the comments !

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