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The Walking Dead – Episode 4.07 – Dead Weight – Preview

   After last week Governor-centric “Live Bait”, all new “Dead Weight” continues his story. The episode begins right where we last stopped : The Governor is reunited with his old lieutenant Martinez.

   They will be playing some golf ! Nice, but be reassured, it won't be the only thing to happen. What can you expect to happen next ? Here is my list :

 - A new camp, with new survivors ! Yes, Martinez was not surviving out there all alone. Quite the contrary. And there is a logical reason why they are all together now. They made a really nice and safe camp. (Still, the prison is the best place !)

- New camp means new leader, and when The Governor comes in, well, it changes the dynamic a bit. It doesn't mean he wants it but he has a reputation. So yes, there will be a leadership battle.

- Some of the survivors will search an empty house and of course, it will scary and disgusting.
I’m just saying : H E A D S.

- Also, there is a weird avenger killer who murders people and writes their sins on them, like : “rapist”, “murderer”, “liar”.

- This new camp is full of alcohol ! Beers, whiskey ! At least, they know how to keep the fun going… But is it really a good idea to drink that much in a zombie apocalypse world ? … No, it’s a terrible idea.

- Megan, Brian’s adoptive daughter, will be attacked by a walker ! Will Brian lose another child or will a hero come to her rescue ?

- There will be blood and deaths ! Two minor characters will bite the dust.

- Do you miss Rick, Carl, Hershel and Michonne ? Well, you can be relieved : they are back in this episode ! But I’m not saying more.

- Three new characters will emerge from the new group : Alicia, Mitch and Pete. I’m liking Alicia, she is a strong woman. After Lorri and Andrea’s deaths and Carol’s exit, we need new women on this show ! As for the boys, Mitch and Pete, well... One of them reminds me of Shane and the other is also annoying for now, so I'll wait and see.

- Some people will try to escape from the camp… Only to find walkers waiting for them at the exit.

- Brian’s desire to change and be a good man will be put test. And by the end of the episode, you will know if he has changed or not at all.

- My favorite scene from “Dead Weight” : underwater ! Very cool and fun.

   Overall, it was a nice installment but frankly, for me, it was the weakest episode of the season so far. Probably because I’m not a big fan of Brian The Governor. Anyways, it was still a good episode with a few shocks and the end was absolutely cool !

   Don’t miss “Dead Weight”, it will air in the UK on Friday 29th November, on Fox ! And tonight, in the US, on AMC.

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