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The Walking Dead – Episode 4.06 – Live Bait – Review : The New Governor

   This week on AMC’s The Walking Dead, titled “Live Bait”, we got to spend some time with The Governor… actually a whole episode and I must say, I did not like it much at first. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Governor. For me, he is just a creepy and psycho guy who only wants power. I dislike people like him so it was kinda hard watching this episode at first.
   But then, it’s where the Walking Dead magic happens, watching the episode, I started to care and to understand him better. I’m still not liking him but he has changed. He is a new man, a man who had everything and lost it all. He tried to build a society, to cure his daughter but he failed. And what a failure. He completely lost track of his idea and became so violent and selfish. He turned into a dictator in Woodbury. Now, he has to face the consequences of his acts and redeem himself. I’m not sure he can but the least he can do is try.

   So, we all have been wondering what happened to the Governor, tonight we found out !
   I often like it when they change focus to a special character, leaving the main characters behind, but watching “Live Bait”, I really miss Michonne, Rick and the group. I think it would have been a good idea to insert some moments in the prison, during those 30 days without an accident. I’d like seeing Rick, Carol, Daryl and Hershel being normal, living normal lives. But no, it was only about The Governor. So what happened to him ?
   After killing his crew, The Governor spent the night with the only remaining member, only to discover in the morning that he had left him. Probably too scared of him, I know I would be. He lost everything and everyone. He is all alone. I felt some pity for him.
   Soon enough, he found a new group of survivors, made up of two sisters, their sick father and one daughter. They managed to survive in their tiny and shadowy apartment, which means they’re quite good and fit to survive but, as she mentioned, it's the most boring way to survive a zombie apocalypse. The Governor took a new identity, stealing a name from a wall he saw earlier : Brian Heriot. That was his first toward changing. New name, new identity. But for me, he is still the same.
   But clearly, I must admit, Brian The Governor has evolved from last season. He doesn’t kill walkers unless he has to, he helped the girls to get a new oxygen tank and brought them back a new game. The Governor can be nice ! I’ve never guessed that softer side from him, even when he was with Andrea. It was touching. But when he was walking around in the hospital, the zombies were not frightening at all. Sick patients, tied to their beds or using a wheeling chair, made pretty terrible zombies. The Governor did not kill one of them, he just had to walk and run to get out of this. I missed some zombies actions.
   Of course, The Governor took the little girl, Megan, as a surrogate for his daughter. Even Megan mistook him for his father when he arrived. The father left them so Brian can replace him. It was kinda obvious The Governor would care for Megan as she was his daughter. He always has been hung up to her souvenir. It was also sad when he hid himself from the family portrait he carries with him. Maybe Megan can be his redemption, if he can protect her and save her, what he couldn’t do for his own daughter, he can really change for the long run and become a better person.
   Things were good, quite calm but boring though. The Governor played some chess game with Megan. But then, the sick father died and quickly turned into a walker, attacking his own daughter. The Governor had to kill him in front of his whole family, using an oxygen tank to crash his skull… Quite a shock for them. They have been surviving for so long together and now, right after Brian’s arrival, one of them is dead. Poor Governor, bringing death with him wherever he goes. But they understood why he did it and no grudges were hold. Actually, being the last man standing, he kinda became the new father figure and their natural leader. The girl even told him they were the closest thing to family and they were stuck together. It was nice, watching someone stepping up and opening to lonely Governor. He is not alone anymore, he has a new family to protect. They decided it was time to get out of this shady building and hit the road. Destination : the prison of course !
   Getting back to the prison is a bad call. Ok, The Governor has changed, he found peace and maybe he can manage his anger and murder thoughts, but after everything he did to the group (killing Andrea, kidnapping and torturing Glenn and Maggie, attacking the prison, attacking his own people...), nobody can trust him now. I find it hard to forgive him and accept him. If they can do that, they can easily forgive Carol for what she did. What she did was a lot less terrible than what The Governor has ever done.
    Anyways, on the road to the prison, during a quiet night in the back of the truck, The Governor had sex with one of the girls. Lucky Governor, he’s the lone TWD character to get two love interests. Must be the eyepatch ;) It was a bit disturbing to watch them cuddle right next to her sleeping sister and daughter. The next morning, when the truck was down, they hit the road to meet some walkers ! A lot of them actuall, at last. I was afraid one of the girls would die. She is injuried and can't walk but we don't know if they survived. Megan was terrified and could not move. I like how The Governor waited for her to run to him. He carried her and they ran away from the walkers... Only to fall in a zombies trap and who came to rescue them ?
   Martinez ! From last season ! Guess he manages to survive with The Governor !
    So I’m guessing everyone is coming to the prison and things will get complicated. I really don't know how Rick and the others wil react when The Governor shows up. And what about The Governor's group, what will they think of him after learning what happened in Woodbury ? And what wabout this new group of survivor ? They seem to be poorly prepared against walkers. They need the prison. Will The Governor attack the prison, again ? Can’t wait for next week !

 Walkers thoughts :
• No Rick, no Daryl, no Michonne… I really missed them tonight. Did you ?
• The Governor : do you believe in his redemption ?
• 3 more girls ! After Lorri and Andrea’s deaths and Carol’s exit, it’s nice to see they’re bringing new female characters. Girl power !
• The walkers were not that scary tonight. But the Governor is one scary walkers killer. I mean take off a throat. Disgusting… And then a handmade decapitation. Kudos to you !
• For me, “Live Bait’ is the weakest episode of the season so far. What do you think ? Hit the comments !

Romain Ossust (aka Julian Denton) I'm 27 from France, living near Paris. I love a lot of TV shows, I can not name them all but here the ones that came to my mind : Orphan Black, True Blood, Dexter, Weeds, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, 24, Ab Fab, Carnivale, Lost, The Americans, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Ugly Betty, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, Grey’s Anatomy .
Otherwise, I’m also very fond of cats, I own 5 of them. I work as an administrative assistant, in one of the greatest place to work in France. I also enjoy sunbathing, reading and having fun ! I hate doing sports !

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