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The Walking Dead – Episode 4.04 – Indifference – Review : There’s No Place Like Home

  Indifference was a nice change of set. It’s already episode 4 and I liked seeing Rick, Daryl, Michonne and others outside the prison for a while. I enjoy the prison, I think it’s the best place in the post-apocalyptic zombie world, it’s safe (until the flu starts killing people inside), it's built so people can't get in or get out, but watching our beloved characters going outside the prison, risking their lives was so powerful. It was exactly what the show needed. The first episodes showed how dangerous it can be to be inside the prison with the sickness and all, now it whowed it's even more dangerous outside.
   In last night’s installment, after losing their car to the zombies attack last week, Daryl and its group tried to find a way back to prison, they got attacked on the way but they found a new car, so they are riding back home and Rick dealt in a surprising way with the aftermath of Carol’s revelation : she is cold murderer… (or not, she’s Carol for God sake).

   So, after spending the whole episode to make her point, Carol finally got Rick’s answer : he doesn’t want her near him so she is not coming back to the prison ! Wait, what ? How can he ? It’s Carol, she is here since the beginning, she has this thing with Daryl, she… No ! I'm still in denial.

   Let’s go back to what happened first. So, Carol made a beautiful speech to sick Lizzie. It was really touching when she called Carol mom. I instantly thought of Sophia. She showed Carol she was not weak, even if she still thinks walkers are some kind of people. They are just moving corpses girl ! Anyway, Carol cares for her and she cares for her. It was a beautiful moment. Carol is still human.

   And then, Rick decided to take Carol with him on his trip to get medicines and some foods. Of course, taking Carol was an excuse to get her to talk and explain what she did. It was powerful. Melissa McBride was really perfect in her speeches. Carol acted quickly, she wanted to save more lives so she eliminated the threat. That is what you do in this world... even if it means killing young boys. I do not really agree with that, but I could clearly understand Carol’s point. After everything she went through : being beaten by her husband, losing her daughter, she really has grown from a silent wife to a powerful woman. She is not a scared women living in the shadows, she makes decisions and takes action for her survival. Rick didn’t really answer her at first, so we thought he was okay with it. He had troubles accepting it and he knows it’s a different world and sometimes you have to make wrong things for the right reasons. This sickness is a real danger and Carol tried her way to stop it.

   After meeting with a stupid young couple, who rather stay hidden in the bathroom for two days than kill a single zombie (I loved it when the walker fell down the stairs ! LOL), Rick and Carol decided to trust them and to bring them back to the prison… Except, it’s a dangerous world now, and they did not make it. Poor couple got eaten by two walkers. (Well, not her at least). The point of them was only to show us how vulnerable you are when you are separated from your group. So, afterwards, Rick decided it was time to tell what he had on his heart about Carol's action : she is not coming back to the prison, he can not trust her anymore, not around Carl. Shocker ! It was a hard choice Rick made. Carol killed a boy, she made a bad decision so now, it’s over, she is no longer a part of the group ?! I’m really hating Rick right now… What I hate more is I kinda agree with him. It’s terrible. I’m very fond of Carol and I also understand her point, but sure, I can understand how Rick feels about it. She has gone too far, she acted alone and went behind Rick's back so how can he trust her now ?

   So, what will happen to Carol ? She can not survive much longer alone out there. Will she find another group ? (aka The Walking Dead spin off ?) or will she meet up with someone we already know (The Governor) ? I’m sure Daryl will not happy about this and he will get her back. Do not drive too far away Carol ! Daryl will come for you next week !

   Elsewhere in the country, Daryl and its group were facing danger while trying to get the medicines and come back to the prison. Luckily, Daryl and Michonne are badass zombies killers, so they got rid of most walkers around. Tyresse is really starting to annoy me. He reminds me of Shane. He is always angry, making stupid decisions and putting others in danger. He feels lost because Karen has been killed, but man, it’s the walkers world now, you lived worst than that and he should have expect Karen to die sooner than later. Okay, being murdered inside the prison was surprising but in this world, it’s not that surprising. Get over it Tyresse ! Or he will end up as Shane, dead and walking for three seconds. Michonne’s speech to him was great. I love Michonne last season but this season, she is even better. She smiles, she talks. She is finally human and real. I hope she convinced Tyresse, it did look like he was better by the end of the episode.

    Now, Bob is starting to be annoying as well. He has a drinking problem, I got it, but risking his live for one bottle. It’s one of the stupidest things someone did on The Walking Dead, and we all know how stupid some characters can be. He also still feels guilty about the zombies rain in the first episode. He got that dude from Veronica Mars killed when the shelves collapsed but, drinking scotch won’t help it. He should have understood drinking is useless now. Being drunk when walkers can jump on you anytime is not the best idea. He better work on his drinking problem or he will die too. And by the way, pissing off Daryl is not a great idea either.

    At the end, Daryl got the car ready and they all jumped in. Everybody survived, they got the medicines, so everything looked fine but Tyresse and Bob are two ticking bombs, Daryl will explode when he finds out about Carol and Michonne is still holding her grudge over the Governor. I really thought at the end that Daryl would find Carol on the road or maybe Rick but no, the three cars drove away, two back to the prison and one to the unknown.

   What did you think of this episode ? Are you angry against Rick or do you understand him ? What about Carol and Daryl ? Is Tyreese getting on your nerves too ? How long do you think before Bob bites the dust ?

   Hit the comments !

Romain Ossust(aka Julian Denton) Writer

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