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The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.06 - Sorry For Your Loss - Review: Love Triangle

This week saw the love triangle between Stephen, Cara and John began when the latter assisted Russell in returning home for a personal matter. Meanwhile, Stephen and Cara track a new breakout with an interesting family.

Ever since the show began, there was the potential of a possible relationship between Cara and Stephen. Her relationship with John obviously complicates things, but it was made much easier for something to happen since John was away for a few days. There has been some problems between the two recently, what with John being able to kill, so it's not surprising that something happened.

While at first it wasn't planned - a quick reaction to avoid being killed - Stephen most certainly enjoyed it. You could see it on his face that he enjoyed it, while Cara seemed to brush it aside, despite clearly having similar opinions to the act. The two then flirted for a while, both telling each other about past relationships. It seemed abundantly clear at that point that Stephen's brutally obvious feelings were reciprocated by Cara. The conversation about the telepathy leading to more intimacy was yet another part of this episode that showed Cara's feelings.

"You're the best person I've ever met." While the two attempt to talk about them making out, Cara made it clear to Stephen about her feelings, which resulted in more kissing and probably... well, you know. Obviously, this is going to cause a lot of problems between John and Cara. John isn't Stephen's biggest fan anyway, so I can't begin to imagine how he'll react to this.

Meanwhile, John accompanied Russell to his father's funeral, after the group learn that he has died. It was nice to have some backstory of Russell (I'm reluctant to say Russell-centric since it wasn't), especially since he's the only one we so far know little about. His piano talents are incredible, and it seems as if he was well on the way to becoming a professional.

The relationship he had with his dad was complicated at best. Despite trying to do the best for his son, Russell wasn't particularly happy with his father's methods. While Russell didn't always appreciate the efforts that were made for him, his father's noble acceptance of the brutal torture inflicted upon him to save Russell was a fantastic moment. It really showed that in spite of Russell's objection to the extensive piano training, he was still his father, and did everything he could to protect him.

The next breakout appeared, encountering Stephen and Russell at a pool hall. Stephen's total lack of intelligence at trying to telepath with Russell so Piper couldn't hear was humiliating. Better not tell Cara. While Stephen and Cara attempt to track Piper, she had appeared on Ultra's radar, who were also after her. After some good direction from Cara, she managed to get away and return with them to the subway.

While this should be a good thing, it very quickly became very bad. TIM finds a connection between Piper and Darcy, and it turns out they are sisters. While Cara is totally opposed to the idea of allowing the two to reunite, Stephen manages to persuade her to let it happen. As with all things Ultra, it was a trap. Yawn. However, I really did not expect Darcy to sacrifice herself to save Piper. The connection between them, particularly from Darcy's side, is obviously very strong; similarly to that of Cara and her sister.

Darcy's death continues Stephen's need for a new partner. This'll be the third in six episodes at Ultra, so the next person to be partnered with him might want to buy a gravestone now. Maybe write a will, get an insurance policy. You can never be too careful.

Some odds and ends:
  • So Stephen gets to see what Cara means by the enhanced intimacy. 
  • Irene came back from the hospital, albeit for 30 seconds and only to go and pass out (or so she says). Still, it's nice to have her back.
  • Nice fight scene at the bar. Other than that fights were a little lacking this week. Which, considering the heightened emotion, isn't such a bad thing. 
  • "Is he (TIM) your leader?" "He thinks he is."
  • Jedikiah was seldom seen this week. When we did see him, he met with a Tomorrow Person, who he has apparently forbidden from using her powers. His connection with her seemed strong - perhaps she is his wife?
  • How does Astrid play into this love triangle?

All things considered, this was a good episode. I don't think it quite hit the standard of the last three, but it kept me very intrigued the whole way through. I found it interesting that they're already introducing the love triangle, but I'm sure there's a point to it. Looking forward to seeing how John reacts to the whole thing. 7.5/10

Promo for next week (then we have a week break):

What did you think of the episode? Are you a fan of the love triangle? Give your thoughts in the comments!

Bradley Adams
15 year old in England. Love Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, NCIS LA, Person of Interest, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Nikita and Arrow, and the new The Blacklist, Hostages and The Tomorrow People. I am reviewing Person of Interest and The Tomorrow People for Spoiler TV. Aside from TV, a keen cricketer.

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