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The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.05 - All Tomorrow's Parties - Review: Breaking Protocol

It seems to be a common theme with the CW's Wednesday night shows, in that both show's episodes are better than the previous week's. This week was no different, as The Tomorrow People delivered a fantastic episode, one with twists, turns and the exposure of dangerous secrets. 

I like Stephen's rebelliousness, even in the training routine. He's the most empathetic character of them all, and the Tomorrow People need that. Jedikiah, obviously isn't too fond of this aspect of his nephew's personality, yet there isn't much he can do to prevent Stephen from being like this.

His disobedience lately; things that have resulted in mission failures mean that he has been asked to be seen by the people behind Ultra. As we've previously discovered, there are people behind Ultra, dangerous ones at that. I found it cool that the boss of Ultra is a Tomorrow Person. It was a nice little twist - especially since the boss used his powers to get into Stephen's head. He may have been able to block out Darcy, but he can't block out him.

While his empathetic side is flowing, his relationship skills, although not as strong, are still working. His interactions with Astrid after having been seen using his powers were good, as he managed to steer clear of discussing his teleportation, and instead invited Astrid to Homecoming. When he was called away by Jedikiah, his patching up of their friendship fell flat on its face, as she tries to follow them.

My reaction to Stephen teleporting Astrid was a quite literal shout of "Woah!" I genuinely could not believe that he has now shown her his powers straight up. Having attempted to tell her in the Pilot, he has managed to show her some of what he is capable of. She seemed just about as shocked as I'd expect, for someone who has just been teleported. I love how this show has taken the Arrow approach now of using up their best storyline now, and dealing with it later. It's the best way to do things, because if a show isn't delivering it's best possible episode week-on-week, what's the point of watching?

Another thing that the show has copied from Arrow is using the success it has had with the introduction of Felicity Smoake, as The Tomorrow People introduced its own geek - Irene, a genetics expert. Although not as funny as Felicity, she is exactly like her in the respect that her mind is connected directly to her mouth, leaving Stephen with a lot of complicated information to wrap his mind around.

Kurt - yes, we see Kurt back, and he's causing problems. No, he isn't robbing banks, but he is visiting his house to see his mother. As John rightfully explains, that is an incredibly dangerous plan. If it wasn't for the fact that Stephen is risking his life just by working at Ultra, his theory on the travesty that is Stephen living in the human world would have some traction.

However, despite John's misgivings about Kurt's 'betrayal', Cara does suggest that a night out would be useful. I agree with her - what is the point of surviving if you have to live in a dingy subway 24/7? That isn't living, that is dull. Of course, John decides to blame Cara's change on Stephen joining the group. I find this harsh on Stephen, as this is probably the kind of person that Cara was before her breakout (or would have been had it not been for her deafness).

Strangely enough, Stephen is on John's side in this dispute. Yet, John still seems to find a way to blame him for this. Supposedly it's his fault that this is happening - making the rest of the group think that they can and should live like humans. The ultimatum that Stephen gave John left his speechless, which I think is one of the best things a show can do.

Her offer to fight John for the right to go to a party was fantastic. I love how the other Tomorrow People reacted when she said this. No Stephen, it's not just you who thought it was boring. Well, until the fun started. In actual fact, the fight was fantastic, and sparked an uproar of happy Tomorrow People. They're going to a party - without John, who is in a continued state of abhorring the party idea.

Cara and John's relationship appears to be breaking down on some levels. I'm not sure what reason there is behind this, but I'm sure her connection with Stephen has something to do with it. The potential for a love triangle between the three of them isn't an appealing storyline, but it's one I feel they will go down. Especially after Stephen highly complimented Cara's dress. Ouch John.

The party actually seemed fun at first. I liked John's sudden appearance. It's nice to see whatever problems they are having, they are only minor bumps in the road. However, the fun didn't last long as Russell (who was more widely featured in this episode) couldn't use his powers to impress a girl. Unfortunately, it took until Cara couldn't use her powers for something for the penny to drop. The whole thing was a trap.

Jedikiah's ambush, intending to kill all of the Tomorrow People, was far too much for Stephen. Again, using his powers to help his kind is a real testament to his strength. Yet, he wasn't the only one to use his 'strength' as an advantage. I was shocked to see that John killed someone while Cara was there. His big secret isn't so secret any more. And, as with last week, he wasn't happy about having to kill.

After John's explanation of his killing abilities, it's understandable that he had kept it secret for so long. His reasoning behind the lies was right, yet Cara still wouldn't accept it. Strange that Cara said her anger was due to the idea that he kept the secret - not what the content of it was.

With Christmas fast approaching, if John was to be like Santa and make a naughty and a nice list, I would expect Stephen and Cara to be on the secret third list - Super naughty. Not only was it Cara's fault that three people died, Stephen broke protocol in a massive way by refusing to let Irene die. As I said earlier, his empathy towards others in incredible.

When John suggested that there was a traitor who gave the party up, I immediately looked towards Stephen. It wasn't his fault that it happened - it wasn't exactly a willing conversation of "Yeah, so my Tomorrow People friends are having a party tonight, so I'll tell you where if you want to kill them." Or so I expected to be the case. In actual fact, it was down to Kurt. Had it been Stephen, who had no control in the matter, I'd have been sympathetic. But Kurt's willingness to give the group up actually made me agree with Cara's punishment for him.

This showed Cara's violent side, and a violent side indeed. I'm surprised she is so violent, considering her gentleness before her breakout. I'm hoping we see more of this side of her - especially if someone betrays them again. However, after that display, I doubt anyone would betray the group now. What Russell was preparing to do was probably nothing compared to what Cara did (or what John could have done).

Some odds and ends:
  • Russell was fantastic in this episode. He managed to pull off a couple of great quotes: "FRESH OFF OF WINS AGAINST.... everyone.." and "Except for Irene, who's having some sort of seizure. Oh wait, that's just her dancing. Now she's twerking. I can't watch."
  • "Normal couples talk through their differences you know"
  • How did Astrid get changed into different dresses so quickly? Can she share the secret with all of us to reduce our getting dressed time?
  • I'm starting to believe the idea that Stephen's father is actually dead. Although, it could end up being that he is the big boss behind Ultra.
Wow. Just wow. And I thought the last two episodes were good. 'All Tomorrow's Parties' was a fantastic representation of what this show is capable of. Everything about it was just fantastic. I really hope that they don't let this quality slip. 9.5/10

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Bradley Adams
15 year old in England. Love Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, NCIS LA, Person of Interest, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Nikita and Arrow, and the new The Blacklist, Hostages and The Tomorrow People. I am reviewing Person of Interest and The Tomorrow People for Spoiler TV. Aside from TV, a keen cricketer.

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