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The Mentalist - Episode 6.08 - Red John - Review

NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.

Last night's episode concluded the Red John saga after five and a half years.
This was Jane's episode. It's his catch, his revenge, his fight against Red John. This episode not only marked the end of an era - a sad Lisbon walks throught the empty CBI - but also the beginning of a new story - with next episode.
Agent Dennis Abbott has only appeared in two episodes but I'm already positive about his character. I liked his interaction with Lisbon. For a person who had spent some time at CBI, Abbott can feel the bond between her and Jane. "I think your boyfriend is colluding with a dangerous fugitive." That made me laugh. "He's not my boyfriend", "That's a damn shame." I'm still trying to figure this out.

Let's talk about Lisbon and her team. After ten years, they become family, they share respect (even when they got fired, they still call Lisbon "boss"), trust and unity (Jane is missing, but Lisbon warns her team they better go on their way; neverthless, Cho asks where he is). Even in that intense situation, Rigsby and Cho can make fun of each other, giving the episode a bit of humor. The CBI doesn't exist anymore, but a family can leave also without a roof above their heads.
Speaking of trust, Lisbon gives Jane her gun, just as prop. Some years ago, she wouldn't have lend it to him. Teresa Lisbon is always the good cop, trying to make things right without violence. But that behaviour came out spontaneus; she trusts Jane.

Gale Bertram had his own part in the story. He's a wanted man, but he wants to come clean with Jane, so they arrange 'a date'. What a better place of meeting like the chapel in front of the cemetery where Angela and Charlotte Jane lie? Too bad, Jane's hunt is interruped by Abbott and the FBI. In a desperate action, he kneels down, like he's begging to let him go. The man who killed is family is so close and he can't reach him. Saint Teresa helps Jane to escape, "Take my car". Another unusual gesture from Lisbon. Did you remember she never let him drive in the past?
In a thrilling race, Jane leaves behind the FBI and reaches the chapel. Bertram and his right-hand man are waiting for him, but ex former CBI chief has something to say: he's not Red John, he's a member of the Blake Association, but he doesn't know who Red John is. Apparently there's some secrecy among the members of the cult. A plot twist is coming when Bertram's man kills him, then another guy enters the chapel and kills him.

"Hello, Patrick." "Hi." Enough said. Sceriff Thomas McAllister - or should I say, Red John - appears. He seems confident and his voice doesn't deceive him... yes, that creepy voice you might heard on the phone previously. The confrontation is here, it's like they have been waiting for this moment for all their lives. He faked his death in the explosion! But someone is more smarter than the other one. While Jane gives McAllister some bread crumbs, he reveals a pigeon out of his jacket and attacks McAllister. He falls, he's lying on the ground, then he looks above the Virgin Mary statue: the pigeon stands there, watching him, observing him. Why did McAllister was looking at that pigeon on the Virgin Mary statue? Because Good has beaten Evil into God's house. Pigeons are always been there, from the very beginning of the season: like protective angels, for istance, they didn't let Lisbon to get killed by Red John (episode 6.01).

The last minutes of the episode were superb. It showed how Red John was only a myth behind a coward man. McAllister has afraid of height, he's afraid of pigeons, and he runs from Jane like a poor man. Red John is just a mask he created to protect himself. From whom? The world? The others? Or himself? Don't we do the same all day? Remember this line was supposed to be in the first episode of the season: "Hell's other people".

Jane couldn't think about a fairy confrontation. I mean, if you were him and you meet the man who killed your family, what would be the first thing you'd do? Have a little chat? Nope. Jane acts instictively. He follows his animal instinct: kill the monster. A man like Red John may be deserve death? According to Jane, he does. McAllister is injured, he can't catch a breathe; it's time for Jane to strangle him but not before he makes him say he's sorry for murdering his wife and daughter. Even a serial killer deserves riddance?
After he killed him, Jane calls Lisbon. He says it's over and he's gonna miss her. There's no answer from Lisbon because her mobile phone - and Van Pelt's, Rugsby's and Cho's - had been confiscated by the FBI. From her sad look, you can tell she knows it's Jane calling her.
In case you missed, I think there are some deep thoughts about last scene. Jane's running away from the murder scene, while in the background there are some people: a mother and her daughter holding hands (maybe they rappresent Angela and Charlotte finally happy and free, maybe heading to Heaven); a man plays with his son in the park (there's a new life after death); a married old couple walking (it's never too late to start to live and love again).

I know there are some of you who didn't like the episode, but everyone has their own opinion, so feel free to share it without judging or offending. Are you satisfied with the end of Red John? What's coming next for Patrick Jane?
Thanks to and for the gifs.


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