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The Big Bang Theory – Episode 7.07 – The Proton Displacement - Review

NOTE: Spoilers are ahead. Read this review at your own risk.

This humorous episode explained about Sheldon and Leonard running into Professor Proton again. Bill Nye, the science guy makes a guest appearance!

Sheldon is so excited to see Proton again but realizes that he chose Leonard to share his paper with instead of Sheldon, which upsets him. In retaliation, he brings Bill Nye as his idol. Professor Proton doesn't like him for stealing his idea from his own show! Another entertaining part of the Sheldon/Proton plot was where he gets not one, but two e-mails from Professor Proton only to find out he was just asked that to get Leonard’s e-mail! The other e-mail from him was that he said, “Never mind, “I found it.” What an insult to Sheldon! What was funny about this episode was where Sheldon kept asking Amy if he was annoying, but she refused to say it to save the relationship. The reason this happened was because Sheldon found out that Proton decided to show his paper to Leonard instead of him. It's implied that Amy thought it was because Sheldon annoyed him at the drugstore by asking him inappropriate questions. Next, he goes to Proton’s house at 7:30 at night and tries to apologize to him for what happened at the drug store. While Proton accepts his apologies, Sheldon continues to annoy him and even dares to asking him if he's annoying. Not shockingly, Proton replies, “You’re annoying!” Proton thinks Sheldon is like a dog after Leonard describes that he tried to bite him once after saying he is loyal and trustworthy. I'm glad that Leonard can put up with Sheldon's quirks. Kudos to the writers for writing a great joke like that and for showing a picture of him and Bill Nye having smoothies with him not having as fun as Sheldon based off the photo!! When Proton agreed to let Sheldon look at his paper, this made his day. Later, Sheldon reveals that he earned a restraining order by Bill Nye and admits that he hacked into Proton's account by reading his paper. Although Proton almost left the apartment, Penny saves the day by inviting him for tea!

Meanwhile, Raj hangs out at Bernadette’s house for ladies night but gets made fun of by Howard!!! I’m loving that Howard is becoming even more amusing when he doesn’t know how it’s possible that Raj is comfortable with his masculinity because he’s hanging out with only ladies. Amy makes a hilarious comment about Penny is being clueless about using the glue because she ditched pre-school!! Then, Penny makes a comment that it was because she was dating a 2nd grader! I would not be surprised if that 2nd grader was Zack Johnson from Season 4! Howard sang Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls Just Want to have Fun” to make a mocking out of Raj! For ladies night, the ladies and Raj are making necklaces and bracelets. It's useful that Howard came to ladies night to give the ladies and Raj better equipment to use for making the jewelry.

Later at Penny’s house, the ladies and Raj continue to make bracelets. Penny makes a cool reference about Target buy saying she bought some earrings there for $4.99. Raj makes a bracelet for his mother because his parents are fighting because his father can’t stand her voice!

Later into the episode, Raj complains that Howard keeps on ruining ladies night. He explains he goes to ladies night to share his feelings and they feel he doesn’t make fun of him. Howard apologizes and did not realize his sarcasm hurt his feelings. Amy makes a witty comment by saying that Sheldon and she will have sex but not before Raj and Howard! Raj gets a belt buckle from Howard back at Raj’s place. In exchange, Raj shows him that he also got a belt buckle with a light saber sword in it, which unintentionally irritates Howard. I'm glad we finally got to see the reasoning why Raj often hangs out with the ladies.

I loved Sheldon has a great memory especially when he talked about his “eighth favorite episode” of Proton’s show, which involved the Alka-Seltzer rocket. Sheldon jokes about firing Alka-Seltzer in Bill Nye's house if he stays more than 500 feet away from his house based on the restraining order! Proton was comical towards the end when he asked Penny if her grandmothers are single! Although she told him that they were happily married, he was even happier for them!

Memorable Quotes:
“How do you not know how to use glue? Did you ditch pre-school?” – Amy
“Yea, but only because I was dating a second grader?” – Penny

“The fact that you (sings) just want to have fun (sings).” – Howard

“Of course you woke me, it’s 7:30.” – Proton (After Sheldon does his knock three times to call his colleagues' names.)
“Well, I would have been here sooner, but for some reason your home isn’t on the map of Hollywood Stars.” - Sheldon

“Sheldon just sent me a picture of him and Bill Nye getting smoothies.” – Leonard

“He (Sheldon’s) also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together.” – Leonard
“You.. You know you’re describing a dog.” – Professor Proton

“So you have any single grandmothers?” – Professor Proton
“Sorry, they’re both married.” – Penny
“Good. Mmm. Happily?” – Proton

Grade: A. I'm glad to see Professor Proton again. I liked him when he went to see Sheldon and where Sheldon sang him "Soft Kitty." A great cameo appearance from Bill Nye! I watched him growing up! I can't wait to see more of Sheldon and Amy in the future episodes. I'm looking forward to finally seeing Lucy next week and the usual Sheldon getting what he wants by outsmarting people. In other words, next week's episode features Leonard having to wear some itchy clothes by the request of Sheldon.

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