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Shows as They Stand: Reviewing Various Shows

Off the back of Jimmy Ryan's 5x5 article, I've decided to give my thoughts on some of the shows I watch. So, without further ado...

I have actually been really enjoying Hostages. A limited series such as this allows certain differences from a full season order, particularly that all the episodes are connected and there are no deviations from the show's basic storyline. I enjoy this format, but it can be annoying for people trying to get into the show, needing to watch every episode.

While the ratings aren't working in Hostages' favour, and many suggested that the show wouldn't be able to tell many stories, the writers have done a good job of keeping things going. While the endgame is for Ellen to kill (or not to kill) the President, what happens in between is enthralling. Developments such as Duncan being assigned to the Secret Service's missing persons case of Angela, Morgan's pregnancy or Sandrine's money problems have made what could have been a very boring show into a thrilling tale.

While I still think that Toni Collette's acting is the worst aspect of the show, Dylan McDermott does a fantastic job as Duncan. I really enjoy his interactions with Ellen. He brings a controlling feel to the character, which perfectly suits the role. Without him, I could be saying something completely different. 8/10

The Blacklist
NBC have done fantastically well with this show. It is fun, unpredictable, and just generally brilliant to watch. James Spader is utterly fantastic, and does not do anything wrong. Megan Boone does a good job of backing him up - she isn't the best, but she plays the role well. Also, the music featured in the show has been fantastic.

I've really enjoyed the manipulation that Reddington has inflicted upon the FBI. Despite continually withholding information until the last moment, I think he can be trusted. He knows what's going on (even if he doesn't admit to it) and so the FBI should start listening to him, without questioning him.

I liked episode six because it brought out more details about Tom. I had been unhappy about the slow pace that the story was taking to reveal details about his past. I don't want the show to rush it, but at the rate it was going, we would have known the whole story by about season eleven. I'm looking forward to finding out who is spying on the household. 8/10

Obviously, the loss of Cote de Pablo has affected this show. As much as I still love it, and the storylines are still fantastic, it's not the same without Ziva David. This has showed, particularly in Tony. Michael Weatherly has done a superb job over the past four episodes. Clearly, the loss has hit hard with Tony, leaving him not what he was before her departure. Hints are occasionally dropped that the real Tony is still there, but it rarely shows.

Ziva's final episodes were handled brilliantly. The lack of Cote de Pablo in the premiere was irritating, but her farewell in 'Past, Present, Future' was fantastic. It was an emotional rollercoaster for NCIS fans, and while 'Tiva' fans may not have gotten the conclusion they'd hoped for, the resolution of the storyline was enough for me.

Despite this, NCIS is still enjoyable. Good storylines and a level of humour only matched by its counterpart NCIS: LA have made this season great to watch. I've enjoyed the backstory that has been presented over the past four episodes. Delving into Gibbs' past with Mike Franks, Tony's time in Baltimore and CGIS Agent Borin's rough experiences have enhanced this season. I like when shows look into character's backstory - it helps us get to know them better, and can be easily connected to the present day. 7/10

After the horrific events of 'Descent', the first portion of this season has been focused on Deeks. Concern for him has been the main theme, and when his co-workers aren't expressing concern, he is still the centre of attention. This has been good, as Eric Christian Olsen is a great actor, and the storylines the writers give Deeks are fantastic. Really enjoyable.

The show has increased in its humour levels, which I think is fantastic. Although I'm not a great fan of comedies, I love the comedic value that the shows I do watch provide. I love the banter between Callen and Sam, and between Deeks and the rest of the team.

Having hated him since first appearing in season three, I've actually been disappointed at the lack of Granger in these past few episodes. After allowing Callen to "make it (killing the Chameleon) clean", I now like him. With a main cast role, I think the show would benefit from including him more. 8/10

Person of Interest
This season literally has not given viewers a moment to catch their breath. With the show being as complicated as it is, adding action and humour into the storylines make it almost impossible to keep up with.

The addition of Shaw has been brilliant, as she adds to the witty banter between Reese and Finch. I've also really enjoyed the Carter-HR storyline. It's good that the show has this flowing through the episodes, even in small portions. It's interesting to watch, and as we saw in episode five, can be connected to the main storyline.

Amy Acker has been fantastic as Root. I have loved her this season, as she's the perfect mix of evil while also allowing me to root for her (pun intended). It was inevitable that she'd break out of the mental facility, and she did it in incredible fashion. I'm still unsure as to her stance on the Machine, since she helped Jason Greenfield this week, I'm doubting whether she's still trying to hijack Finch.

I've loved the introduction of the group 'Vigilance'. Person of Interest is at its best when it has multiple recurring villains, and this is what it now has. I'm looking forward to them reappearing along the line, and it'll be interesting to see how Reese, Finch and Shaw are able to stop them.

Very little Fusco has been annoying, but like most people, I have suspicions that he will be killed off. With two other male leads, and three female, Fusco's absence could suggest that he isn't needed any more. Story-wise, it'd make sense for HR to kill him, but we'll wait and see. 9/10

I cannot speak highly enough of this show. If you aren't watching Arrow, you need to be. Even if you aren't a comic book fan (such as myself), you may not understand all of the references, but this show is too fantastic to use that as a reason not to tune in. Stephen Amell does an impeccable job while his supporting cast, in particular Emily Bett Rickards, can do no wrong.

Arrow gets progressively better each week, something that stems back to the back end of last season. I have really enjoyed Oliver's new mentality against killing, while the change in targets has been fantastic. In fairness, the last time anyone on the list was targeted was in 'Trust but Verify', so this isn't a major change in the show - although it is a confirmed one.

Felicity's awkwardness is still a joy to watch. While some consider it overkill, I think that she is fantastic because she is easily relatable. She does what almost everyone does in odd situations - she speaks without thinking. She is, without question, one of the best parts to the show.

The flashbacks in the first three episodes were fantastic. They are a real strong point for the show. Being able to tell two stories at once, while connecting them at the same time is a brilliant aspect of the show. However, I was a little disappointed at 'Crucible's flashbacks. They didn't have the same enjoyment that previous flashbacks have had. I think that the lack of Slade and Shado were a contributing factor to this.

I've really enjoyed the Canary storyline, although knowing her identity prior to the reveal left it being slightly dull. Had we not known beforehand, Sara being alive would have been a much bigger event than it actually was. That being said, I think it's fantastic that she is still alive (although this means we'll have to deal with Alex Kingston's incredibly poor American accent). A partnership between her and Oliver would be fantastic, although I have this feeling that she's going to be killed off in 'League of Assassins'.

Laurel's story has become weird, and in all seriousness, rather annoying. Where last season she had a purpose, she was in a good place, this season she is nothing. They've built her up and knocked her down to the ground. I think the point is to show us what Quentin was like when Sara died, but it's really not very good. Perhaps if Sara reveals herself to be alive, she might perk up (but if I'm correct and Sara does die, Laurel will once again be crushed). 9.5/10

The Tomorrow People

Originally the only Fall show I was interested in, the CW reboot of the UK series hasn't disappointed. Multiple revelations across the four episodes have left me on the edge of my seat, particularly John's ability to kill.

Where the show had potential to be fantastic, there was also the possibility that it would fall flat on its face. Fortunately, the writers have managed to make the show entertaining, adding in twists and good backstory. I have loved seeing Cara and John's past, as it has given me more of a feel for the characters.

I've enjoyed Stephen's interactions with Jedikiah, and I particularly liked the awkward dinner between them and Stephen's mother. Her implication that Stephen doesn't know everything about her has led me to believe that she is a Tomorrow Person, which I think would be an interesting twist. Maybe it'd be a way of finding Stephen's father.

I'm not so sure about the potential love triangle between Stephen, Cara and John. It's really not needed, and when you take Astrid into consideration, the whole idea of it becomes pointless. I hope they don't go down that route. Other than that, I've really enjoyed these first four episodes. 8/10


Jonny Lee Miller is still sensational as Sherlock. He plays the role impeccably well, and is superbly supported by Lucy Liu. I love the interaction between the two of them and how for they've developed since we first met them last year.

The show continues to have comedic value, with Sherlock's strange methods usually the cause of hilarious arguments between him and Watson. I liked Sherlock's brother; I thought that Rhys Ifans was fantastic and his confrontations with Sherlock were hilarious. I'm glad that we will be getting him back. I've also really liked Sherlock's conversations with Bell and Gregson, where again it seems to always result in humour. 8.5/10

Hawaii Five-0

I've had mixed feelings about Hawaii Five-0 this year. On one hand, I'm incredibly glad they didn't go down the route of Steve and Wo Fat being half-brothers, while on the other hand I'm disappointed that they are yet to clear up the connection between Doris and Wo Fat. It's irritating that they're leaving it hanging on edge this long. Also, the show is yet to mention whether or not Fong is alive.

However, I've liked the bromance between Steve and Danny. It still carries on at its usual level, particularly when they were discussing Catherine's job with Billy. I'm glad that storyline is over, since it didn't really interest me. It seemed a way of creating the potential affair and giving more for Danny and Steve to argue about.

Jorge Garcia's appearance in episode three was unbelievably brilliant. Having never watched LOST, I now understand why fans love it so much. I hope they bring him back at some point, because he was fantastic.

I'm enjoying the Kono/Adam storyline, despite the fact that they're stretching out a very limited story across multiple episodes. I appreciate that external circumstances have forced this to happen, but it needs to be wrapped up soon. Obviously, events in episode six are putting things into place for this to happen, but it needs a conclusion sooner rather than later. 7/10

Bradley Adams
15 year old in England. Love Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, NCIS LA, Person of Interest, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Nikita and Arrow, and the new The Blacklist, Hostages and The Tomorrow People. I am reviewing Person of Interest and The Tomorrow People for Spoiler TV. Aside from TV, a keen cricketer.

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