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Scene Of The Week - November 17, 2013 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Hub", November 12, 2013, Actor: Iain De Caestecker
The Scene: Fitz vs the door
Jamie Coudeville:
It's been a while since I last laughed that hard. I read that it was improvised which makes it even more amazing.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, "The Axeman Cometh", November 13, 2013, Actors: Danny Huston, Emma Roberts and more
The Scenes: The Axeman meets his match & Madison comes back from the dead
The Axeman meets his match as the witches trick him and all stab him.
Jamie Coudeville: I had been waiting for this ever since they killed her off. Loved the "I need a cigarette line". Please let it be permanent. Also I can't wait to see Fiona's face.

ARROW, "Keep Your Enemies Closer", November 13, 2013, Actors: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Michael Rowe
The Scenes: Oliver and Felicity talk in the end & Diggle and Deadshot meet again in the freezer
Jamie Coudeville:
Oliver tells Felicity that because of his life, he can't be with someone he really cares about. - My Olicity heart. I loved this scene so much. The acting was great. I never thought the writers would go in that direction.
A Dahne: Diggle and Deadshot locked up in the freezer together - This was a powerful scene for me because here was the man that Diggle had been searching for for so long and yet he was physically unable to do anything about it.

ATLANTIS, "The Furies", November 16, 2013, Actors: Robert Emms, Juliet Stevenson
The Scene: Pythagoras goes to see the Oracle
Sandi wich:
I'd like to pick most of Pythagoras' scenes as Robert Emms' performance this week really blew me away, but I'm going to go for the one with the Oracle. Juliet Stevenson ups anyone's game on screen in my opinion and this one was no exception, the emotion and hints at dark secrets were spot on.

ELEMENTARY, "Blood Is Thicker", November 14, 2013, Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
The Scene: Sherlock and Watson discuss their living arrangements
Justyna Kubica:
I always enjoy seeing these little moments between the two. When Sherlock seems more emotional and vulnerable. In this particular scene, Holmes not only explains the problem he has with his father to Watson, but also admits just how important she and the rest of his friends in New York are to him. And how much their support means to him. As always, Jonny Lee Miller is exceptionally good when he has to show more of Sherlock's emotional side, without it being too much. He also works so well with Lucy Liu. Someone did an amazing job casting these two together. Also, I'm glad we got to hear the reasons why Holmes didn't want to return to London. Not yet anyway. And they were very good ones. It's pretty important to me, cause since the beginning of the show the one thing that I always thought that was missing was the apartment 221B on Baker Street, London. It feels like a home for these characters. But for now, I'm happy with how things are. And this beautiful scene shows me exactly why.

GLEE, "The End of Twerk", November 14, 2013, Actor: Matthew Morrison
The Scene: Will throws stuff around
CJ Allan:
Will has a Sue-sized tantrum and throws stuff around. Had to watch that scene 15 times and still funny.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", November 14, 2013, Actors: Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw
The Scenes: Arizona tells Callie she's pregnant & Arizona cheers up Callie with their daughter's drawing
Klutzy Girl:
Arizona tells Callie she's pregnant. That was a cute scene and I loved Callie kissing her stomach. I'm still surprised this storyline even happened at all, though, and it makes me wonder what else we missed off-screen.
Diana Mack: I liked the entire episode dedicated to Callie (she's one of my favorite characters of the show). If I need to pick a scene, I'll choose the one with Callie in the bathroom, struggling with her tights, and then Arizona appears and shows her a drawing made by their daughter to make her happy. Arizona smiles. That was a sweet scene!

HOMELAND, "Gerontion", November 10, 2013, Actors: Mandy Patinkin, Tracy Letts
The Scene: Saul locks Senator Lockhart in the conference room (picked by Sharon Seymour)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Platonish", November 11, 2013, Actors: Neil Patrick Harris, Cristin Milioti, Josh Radnor and more
The Scene: Barney finishes the story & Barney meets The Mother & The Mother encourages Barney to be honest with himself
Justyna Kubica:
I'll start with saying that I never really was a fan of Ted & Robin. Since we've learned back in episode 1 of the show that she is not the Mother, I always thought that their story is just standing in a way of Ted finding his one true love. So when I read that this episode is gonna be about them (again), I didn't expect to like it, at all. But then the Mother showed up, things got quite interesting and by the end of the half-hour, I realized it was really beautifully made. And I loved the moment when Barney finished telling the story and completed his task of winning Robin's heart. Such a lovely scene for the two. But what made this part powerful and emotional for me was the look at Ted's face, right there, at the very end. When matched with the words of a wonderful song (which I can't stop listening since Tuesday): "why would I stop loving you, a hundred years from now?", the moment made me feel so bad for Ted. Poor guy, he just can't let go of the girl, unfortunately there's no off switch for him. And it hurts. I just can't wait for him to meet the Mother.
He's really a good guy, a romantic, who deserves to find someone incredible. And knowing she's so close, yet still so far is heartbreaking at the moment. But all of these scenes make me think that once the two meet, it is gonna be, like Barney would say, legendary. Without having to wait for it, not anymore. Brilliant work by the cast, especially Josh Radnor!
Klutzy Girl: Barney and The Mother have a conversation during which she encourages him to be honest with himself. I love that this was the catalyst for proposing to Robin.
Babar Suhail: Barney meets The Mother.

MISFITS, "Episode Four", November 13, 2013, Actor: Joseph Gilgun
The Scene: Rudy One and old Rudy Two reminisce about the truck lost at a beach
Sandi wich:
The scene between Rudy One and old Rudy Two where they reminisce about the truck lost in the sand at a beach when he was younger was very sweet. Love that Joe Gilgun got to show another side to his character.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND, "Heart of Stone", November 14, 2013, Actors: Michael Socha, Emma Rigby, The Scene: Red Queen de-stones Will
A Dahne:
Red Queen de-stones Will and slips away before he realizes it was she who helped him - Red Queen is by far the most intriguing character on the show and I love how she is obviously torn by Will's reappearance in her life in this scene. The backstory is really working for me.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Endgame", November 12, 2013, Actors: Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman and more
The Scenes: Carter's showdown with HR at the end & Reese realises Carter used his rocket launcher & Carter talks to Fusco outside the precinct
Sharon Seymour:
Carter's showdown with HR at the corrupt judge's house.
Virginia Fontana: Carter gets help from Reese when she's confronted by the H.R. baddies. She showed her independence in many ways throughout her H.R. takedown plan, but I'm glad she finally turned to her friends when she needed them most.
DarkUFO: Reese and Finch realise it was Carter who took down the drug truck.
Bradley Adams: Carter talks to Fusco outside the precinct.

SCANDAL, "Everything's Coming Up Mellie", November 14, 2013, Actors: Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn and more
The Scenes: Mellie walks into her and Fitz' bedroom after being raped & Fitz's father attacks Mellie & Abby hugs Olivia & Mellie announces she's pregnant
Klutzy Girl:
Mellie walks into her and Fitz' bedroom after being raped by her father-in-law. It was horrific, but Bellamy was amazing during this scene. The horror on her face and the trauma in the aftermath of what happened definitely showed. Bellamy deserves to win all the awards, and I look forward to hearing more about Mellie in the future.
Jimmy Ryan: I cannot go past Scandal this week. This episode changed the series yet again. The best scene for me was Mellie being raped by Fitz's father, not because I condone it, but because it's remarkably rare to hear rape mentioned on television these days, let alone see it played by actors. This scene will definitely be one that Scandal fans will never forget, regardless of their opinion of the
character or storyline.
Virginia Fontana: Abby hugs Olivia. What a cute and funny expression of friendship between these two who are often outwardly cold and standoffish.
Diana Mack: In the flashback episode, after being raped by Fitz's father, Mellie announced she's pregnant. What a twist! I like Mellie's character, but I think this moment will change the show and the storyline forever. I agree with Jimmy Ryan on this.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "The Midnight Ride", November 11, 2013, Actors: Tom Mison, Daniel J. Roberts
The Scene: Ichabod disputes the tour guide's Paul Revere facts
A Dahne:
Originally I was going to pick when Captain Irving first sees Headless, but the history teacher in me had to go with correcting bad information. It was hilarious as well.

SUPERNATURAL, "Heaven Can't Wait", November 12, 2013, Actor: Misha Collins
The Scene: Cas sings a lullaby to baby Tanya
Virginia Fontana:
Cas sings a lullaby to baby Tanya: the theme song from Greatest American Hero! This was adorable and heartwarming.

THE BLACKLIST, "General Ludd (No. 109)", November 11, 2013, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone and more
The Scenes: Reddington and Sam talk about Liz & Red and Elizabeth see the plastic surgeon
Diana Mack:
Reddington is at Sam's bedside because he's sick and he's going to die. Reddington tells him that Liz has become an incredible woman thanks to his adoptive father (which is Sam). We learn that Reddington is Liz's real father. Plot twist but for me, but I had my suspicions since the series started! Bradley Adams: Red and Elizabeth see the plastic surgeon. What a fantastic scene.

THE MENTALIST, "Fire and Brimstone", November 10, 2013, Actors: Simon Baker, Michael Gaston, Xander Berkeley and more
The Scene: Jane confronts the Five Suspects
Justyna Kubica:
I have to admit, I almost forgot about this scene, not because it wasn't memorable (it definitely was!), but simply cause I was planning to pick it a week ago, when I actually watched the episode. Obviously to avoid spoiling everything to US viewers, I thought we could do this later. And what an incredible scene (and the episode) it was! So much tension and breathtaking interactions between the characters. And the mystery. We're so close! Only three more suspects left. Including the one I was betting on, back at the end of last season. Although, considering some of the recent spoilers, I'm very conflicted about who I think Red John is, right now. No matter how things are going to end, it's been quite an intense journey. Or in other words, great television! This scene, where Patrick threatens everyone at the house with a gun and discovers that not one, but three of them have the same tattoo, the one Red John has, was so well done! I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. And that explosion! Did anyone else felt like their heart skipped a beat? I have to say, Season 6 of the Mentalist for me is definitely must-see TV right now. And if you're not watching, you're missing out!

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, "Sorry for Your Loss", November 13, 2013
The Scene: The end scene
Bradley Adams:
And thus, the love triangle begins. It was a good scene though.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Internment", November 10, 2013, Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs
The Scene: Rick and Carl machine gun the Zombie breach (picked by Sharon Seymour and DarkUFO)

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