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Scandal - Episode 3.7 - Everything's Coming Up Mellie - Review : Four Women

   This week ABC’ Scandal was exactly what I love about this show: dirty secrets, revelations, murder, conspiracy and surprises ! Yes, everything packed in an hour. Shonda Rimes you are a genius (and you too Peter Nowalk who actually wrote this episode). What I also love on Scandal is that it’s all about women. Oliva, Mellie, Quinn and Sally were all put in complicated and dangerous situations. So, let’s see what happened to our four beautiful ladies.

The Lonely Woman :
   She is one strong woman ! And we got to discover how she became the woman we know. I have always loved Mellie’s character and Bellamy Young is just so perfect at playing her. It’s easy to hate her because she can be bitchy, manipulative and she is the main obstacle between Fitz and Olivia, but yet she is just so human and sometimes fragile, I can not hate her. And after discovering what happened to her, I really like her. God, she is strong.
   We flashbacked 15 years ago, when Fitz was preparing to run for Governor. His horrible father was there to push him. Fitz and Mellie got to meet Cyrus for the first time. He was hairer than today. It was really nice to see how they met. Jerry and Cyrus wanted to use Fitz’s military career for the campaign but of course he refused. We know why : he had to shoot down a commercial flight. His father was against his decision to join the Navy, so they argue... again.
   Cyrus was the one to open Mellie’s eyes : if she really wants Fitz to run for Governor and after for President, she has to give up her work and take care of her husband everyday. She has to sacrifice her career and she has to be here for him everytime of every day. She only took a couple of seconds to think about it and she agreed. I bet she had no idea how far she would have to go. At night, Mellie and Jerry were talking, Melliewas trying to convince him to help his son but being drunk and a total jerk, Jerry raped Mellie. I was so shocked to watch this scene. Bellamy Young was so powerful in that scene. It was awful but Mellie used her rape to blackmail Jerry into supporting his son and apologizing to him. That’s how far Mellie is willing to go to make Fitz succeed, and he had no idea.
   Back to the present time, Mellie is trying her best to repair her public image. Apparently, the American people hates her and questions her sanity because she told the whole world her husband was cheating on her. I can understand. So, now she is trying to appear charming and warm, it was so funny to watch Mellie acting like that. She was kinda convincing but still, we know how Mellie is : she’s a bitch.
   When Fitz doesn’t show up for her TV interview, she is enraged. I love that scene where she asks him to be her friend. It was so touching. Mellie was opening her heart, expressing how lonely she is feeling. She knows her husband is in love with someone else but still, she is in love wit him and she needs him. She has done many sacrifices for him and she keeps making them. So, when he finally showed up for the interview, I cried a little. Not only he really showed up physically, but when the journalist attacked Mellie, President Fitz showed up and defended her wife. It's very good for their public image.
   But, with Scandal, we kinda get used those situations, one character finally makes a move toward another untill he discovers a new terrible secret. Fitz makes a gesture towards Mellie, but a new secret waits…. Mellie found out she was pregnant with their first son sometimes after her rape. OMG !
  Question is : is her son actually Fitz’s little brother ?

The Betrayed Woman :
   Olivia is still struggling with the revelation of how her mother died. She is shutting Grant from her life, he killed her mother so that’s understandable. But they are in love with each other but it seems they can’t be together. That is so sad, even sadder than Meredith and Derek from Grey’s. I really want them to be a couple but I admit it’s so entertaining to watch them getting closer and then going apart only to get closer again. This cat and mouse game is well written, usually it always turns out to be boring to watch but in that case, Shonda Rimes knows how to keep it interesting, and I'm loving this twisty love triangle.
   Then, Olivia decides to reveal everything sh knows about Remington to her fellow gladiators. They know Olivia’s father gave the order to Fitz to shoot the plane, leading in the death of Maya, Olivia’s mother ! They were quite shocked. They investigated the plane crash and found one interesting storyline : one of the passage was taken out of the plane before it took off. So, this Omar guy is the only witness to their case. They looked for him and finally found him. Jake arrived at his work only to find him dead ! We already know who killed him : Quinn ! OMG !
   Finally, at the end, we followed Ronan, Olivia’s father, to a maximum security prison, visiting a prisoner who turned out to be Maya. Yes, Olivia’s mother is alive ! OMG ! Second shocker of the night. Why is she in prison ? I can not wait to see how Olivia will react to the news ! It kinda reminds me of Alias, when Sydney found out Irina. The Pope’s family is one messed up family, as the Bristow's.

The Trapped Woman :
  Quinn killed an innocent guy and now belongs to B613 ! Wait, what ? How did that happened ? Let’s go back.
   Quinn tried to spy on Charlie, the B613 guy. Of course, he caught her and he kissed her. That was unexpected and kinda gross I must say. I really don’t picture them together. Quinn seemed quite charmed by that and when he called her to meet at night, she agreed. They met up and he gave her a simple task : put a security guard to sleep. She was so fierce when she put the needle in his hand. I love her look ! She quickly lost her smile when it turned out she just murdered him… And that was Omar. She ran away to be found by Charlie who welcome her to B613, aka Wonderland.
   What a big evolution for Quinn. She started as a simple paralegal caught in a conspiracy and now she is a cold assassin working for a secret organization ! OMG. It was not her choice really, but she has shown so much interest for this world, so she knew troubles would wait for her. Huck should have been there for her I’m sure he will regret what he had done. He shouldn’t have kept her like that those past weeks. It was a bad call because, as she told him, she is interested in the spy world, she is good at it, he could have taught her. She guessed right that something was off with Olivia’s father and B613. He should have keep her by his sides so he could have protected her. Now, she is just like him, a B613 assassin. I can't wait for her first mission. Who will she asked to kill ? President ? Olivia ? !  Let’s hope B613 will be over by the end of mid season. They are scaring me.

The Desperate Woman :
   I have always liked Sally’s character and I feel she is kinda underused. I always want to see her more, but this year, if she is running for President, my wish will come true 'cause presidential candidate means more screen time ! Kate Burton is so convincing, she gives depth to Sally. She could be just a conservative and cold politcal woman, but thanks to her interpretation she is so much more. She desperately wants power but whenever she is close to get what she wants, it's taken away from her.
   Our two favorite schemers, Cyrus and Mellie, are ready to destroy Sally's dreams to become the first female President. They are targeting her husband to ruin her image. Family is her big value and she is going to use it for the campaign so her hubby needs to behave. Mellie and Cyrus' plan is simple : get Sally away, bring an sexy escort (love how Mellie picked her) to a party and let the magic happens… Only, they were quite surprised to discover, and so was I, that he is more interested in Cyrus’s hubby than an escort ! Oh poor Sally, her husband is gay. That’s not very conservative.

Gladiators notes : 

• Not much of Harrison. When will he get a decent storyline ? Or just kill him already…
• Cyrus with hair and beard ! LOL
• Maya is alive. Surprise or was it expected ?
• President Fitz finally learning Ronan is Olivia’s father ! What will happen next ? Will they reunite again ?
• How is the father of Mellie’s first born ? Fitz or Jerry ?
• Did you miss Lisa Kudrow ? I’m really fond of her character and I kinda miss her this week.
• Quinn & Huck : B 613 couple ! Will he protect her ?
• Abby’s hug to Olivia, that was touching.
• Sally : will she run for President or not ?

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