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Revenge - 3.08 - Secrecy - Review

This episode was all kinds of great. After the mostly Nemily centric episode last week, not that I’m complaining, who doesn’t like watching Gabriel Mann and Emily Van Camp together on screen? It was nice to move forwards with Emily’s grand plans for Victoria, and get closer to the wedding. I am sorry Nolan, but Emily’s takedown are a couple of notches ahead of yours. How am I ever going to be able to wait 3 weeks? I hate how addicted I get to this show.

Thumbs up for a great opening of Revenge’s eighth episode to it’s third season. A Daniel getting out of the shower scene is always a welcome sight. Anyone else thought : cold shower, after the flashbacks we were presented seconds before? Seriously, someone needs to make a countdown of the male characters getting out of the shower scenes. If memory serves me well, Nolan, you’re next. The last episode ending the way it did, we knew Emily would have to win her groom back. Daniel really is not good at acting as though everything is fine. Secrecy is not his strength, is really a Grayson? He would never, ever be able to handle a mistress.

Speaking of mistresses, it seems this is a tradition passed on from Grayson men. They even have their private house, with a manservant and everything. Conrad just became all new levels of creepy. If he really thought Queen Victoria did not know about his little piece of property, he doesn’t know the women he calls his wife, at all. She’s all mighty.

I was afraid of what Emily would do to Sarah in this episode. She is just a sweet girl, only a pawn in Victoria’s games. This episode only cemented the fact that Sarah is way too good and innocent to be a part of their mob of fairly screwed up individuals. Those Grayson sure are persuasive though. First it was Victoria, then Danny. I actually enjoyed the fact that Emily didn’t go all red-sharpie on her. She went for the softer method, which would of worked effectively had it not been for the mother and son duo. Crying on demand is a very valuable skill.

Lot's of arguments for Jack in tonights episode. Jack’s been acting like an ass, and it’s great that Emily has finally stopped protecting and called him on his bullshit. All this tension though, you now is going to evolve very hot passion, sorry Aiden. I am happy they finaly came to realisation, they don't know each other.
Jack and Aiden also had their disagreements, but I’m on Jack’s side for this one, he is acting like a total Psycho.

Now that Aiden and Nolan are rooming together, and that Aiden is now up to speed with Nolan’s housing rules, aka no fish for breakfast, a new relationship can be explored. I am eager to see Nolan and Aiden interact. They’ve never been the closest of allies and I’d really like to explore why they haven’t made up yet.

Emily is always one step ahead of Victoria. I didn’t understand last week, what all the buzz about Miss Thorne’s first husband, I stand corrected. I kind of freaked out when seeing Emily’s first response to the Queen’s surprise. I should know better, I am aware. Turns out they were both schooled in Revenge, but Emily actually married him. She can be a decent human being when she’s not plotting to take down a increasingly big group of people. Rohan was actually able to find happiness after revenge, but I am not sure if that really is an option for our protagonist at this point. Nolan quote of the episode: No brag after a shag.”

Since none of Emily’s more passive approaches seemed to work on Daniel, she needed something big. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that Victoria, knows she and Daniel are on rocky grounds. Isn’t the timing of this “pregnancy” going to ring some bells? Especially since this is exactly the kind of scheming Victoria would do.

Also, Lydia’s back. I am starting to think that plane never really crashed. I wasn’t that surprised with the reveal. When Conrad mentioned Lydia, may she rest in peace, I am betting everyone kind of figured out who would be coming back. The big question here is how did Marguaux get to the middle of this, when our Ninja-spy-warrior Emily Thorne did not.

Will Daniel continue seeing Sarah?
How long till Emily and Jack hook up?
Were you surprised to see Lydia come back from the dead?
How did she manage to do that?
What is she up to?

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